Interesting – Exploding Skateboard Wheel With A 60,000 PSI Waterjet Cutter – Slow Motion Cutting

Interesting – Exploding Skateboard Wheel With A 60,000 PSI Waterjet Cutter – Slow Motion Cutting

(gunshot) (scary sounds) – We’re back here with
our friends, Bodyguards. Hi Bodyguards. And today, we’re gonna be doing something a little more pink. We got a skateboard. We’re told this is a primitive skateboard. (exciting music) And then, we’ve got some matching shoes that we’re gonna cut in half. And once again, we’ve gonna be borrowing the Bodyguards’ impact camera. We’re gonna use that
camera, take high speed of this wheel spinning at
the speed of death about. – Yeah, 2400 miles per hour. – [Host] Cause that’s
how you measure rotation. – Yes, miles per hour. – [Host] Okay, so let’s
strap it up and do it. (water shooting wood) (pop)
Whoa! – Holy crap! – [Man] It hit the
nozzle and broke it off. – [Host] Oh my gosh! – [Man] It expanded out
it was going so fast. – I was not expecting that.
– Oh my gosh! (fun music) – Hey, well we’ve tried looking for like five minutes and the wheel
is nowhere to be found. It might have gone through the ceiling and is in the building next door. – I’m thinking it went
into another dimension. (laughter) – [Host] And we even managed to break our nozzle off so, just snapped it. Luckily we’ve got a spare. Smash that, and now we think that it flipped off and maybe went up there. We don’t know, we still haven’t found it. And we think that hole
right there is where it hit. It’s gone. (exciting music) There is is, a little rough
based on the distance, but yeah the further we get the
nozzle away from this bottom part and the more air that’s in there, the more that breaks up, but
that’s still pretty good. (upbeat music) There it is, we got half a skateboard, one of the wheels
disappeared, or it’s up there. And now, we’ve got half
a shoe and a toe shoe. – They’re better than those shoes that go in between your individual toes. – Once again, thanks to Bodyguards for making this video possible. If you go to their website and
wanna check out their stuff, you can use this promo code, waterjet, and you’ll get $10 off your order. And, yeah, say something witty. – Don’t bet on a one-legged horse. (laughter) – [Narrator] Protect your
device with Bodyguards. (upbeat music)

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  1. I wanted those same exact shoes and I can’t have them because I have to pay other stuff, and you’re destroying them…

  2. I can quess that thw wheel became more maluable because of the frition and the PSI of the water jet…. One sicencie boiiii… XD

  3. Don't use the cutting abrasive. See how big you can get it to expand without breaking. Also you need to fab a nozzle guard for stuff like this

  4. This waterjet would come in super handy in the event someone was trying to take you for half of everything.

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