Installing SVE Drag Wheels on a Fox Body Mustang

We’re going to show you what it
takes to put a set of SVE drag wheels on your ’87
to ’93 Fox Mustang. First thing you’ll
need to do is convert to five lug using something
like our Fox style rotor and drum five lug
conversion kit, available at The 15 inch wheels will bolt
right on over the Fox style rotor conversion, along with
the SN95 ’94 to ’04 V6 and GT brakes. If you’re running
SN95 Cobra brakes, you will need 17
inch front wheels. To fit a 15 x 10
with a 275 50 15 tire on the back
of your Fox, you will absolutely have to
remove the quad shock. Then you can mount the wheel
up and lower the car down to ride height, and check the
inner wheel well for clearance. Every car is a little
different, and on ours, we did have to massage the front
inside of the wheel well. The outer fender lip
will need to be rolled. There’s several different
ways to do this. Pick your poison. Just be sure not to
mess up your paint. Bolt your wheels up, and
enjoy the aggressive look that set of SVE drag wheels
will give your Fox Mustang.

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