Installing a ROOFTOP TENT on my New Tacoma!

Installing a ROOFTOP TENT on my New Tacoma!

[Rock music playing] Today is a good day! I’m adding a modification to my 2018 Toyota
Tacoma that I’ve been wanting to add for a super long time- a tent over the truck bed
right here. It’s like a 2-level, second story tent that
just unfolds in minutes and then a ladder pops down and you can just go camping anywhere. It’s awesome. I will link everything that I purchased down
in the video description. Most of it I got off of Amazon and eBay. There are these metal racks right here that
go over the truck bed so that you can still use the space underneath the tent for storage. And then the actual tent itself, which is
right here, I think it was around $900. The price is in the video description with
that link. But, yeah, let’s install this thing and take
it for a spin. Let’s get started. [Intro] Alright, so one thing that I want to point
out, this is a 3rd Gen 2018, but right here we have another Tacoma, this is a 2nd Gen.
And the racks and the tent fit both of them. So right now my buddy Braxen is unboxing the
racks here, which these ones are the cheapest ones I was able to find on Amazon. There are some pretty expensive racks that
sit in the back, but realistically I’m probably not going to be camping that often. I just want the option, so I didn’t want to
spend, you know, thousands of dollars for that metal rack of a tent. One cool thing about these racks though, is
that there’s this metal little clip thing right here where I can put one of those jacks,
or like a shovel in between the two bars when they are mounted on the truck. And the hardware here kind of look like this. So this little niblet right here will sit
inside of these bed rails, which both the 3rd Gen and then 2nd Gen have. And then the bolts right here will just connect
to the rack itself and hold it in place. Alright, we’ll set those into place for now
and unbox the tent. [Braxen] I think there’s…is there a pad
in here too? [Zack] Awesome! That opened right up! So one thing I’m worried about right now is
that it doesn’t have a ladder or a cover…or at least I can’t see anything. Cuz like in the pictures on Amazon it has
the ladder place and the cover when it’s mounted on a vehicle. So we’re going to open this thing up and see
if it’s inside, but I have my doubts. [Braxen] Oh yeah, it’s in there. [Zack] What do we got, Brax? [Braxen] It looks like a cover for when it’s
on the top of the truck. [Zack] Perfect. [Braxen] And here’s the ladder. [Zack] Perfect. Alright. Turn’s out we do have everything. Good. In the tent for the first time. It has a pad inside which is pretty nice. I’m about 6 feet tall. Let me see here. With my legs completely at one end of the
mattress, I have room to reach my arm completely up to the top. It’s pretty spacious. We could put like backpacks and stuff up here
and still have room for plenty of space down at the bottom. The tent does say it was designed to sleep
2 or 3 people. I would say 2 very comfortably. Three…normally, I would just put 2 in here…or
like 2 people and a kid or something like that. Okay, so right here we have the rail sitting
on top and then this is what’s going to mount the tent to the rails. We’ll get to that in a second. And then right here we have the ladder. I’m currently mounting the hardware into the
frame that connects to the ladder, which will drop down from that second-story position
above my truck. And so I’m using these bolts right here with
one large washer sticking through the bottom with the washer on the bottom side, the tent
side. Once those are in I’ll be able to bolt the
ladder on and then we can lift the whole thing up into place after we mount it to these rails. [Braxen] So I’m going to interject here for
a second on Zack’s video. When you’re mounting the rails to the bottom
of the tent, the bolts that you want to use are the smaller bolts. So there are two sizes of bolts: you have
the smaller one, and then these larger ones. These larger ones are going to mount the tent
to the bed bars. The smaller ones you’re going to put through
right here, and then that’s going to mount into those holes. [Zack] To get access to these bolts, you do
have to open up the tent a little bit and go underneath the mattress. There’s a door on either side of the tent,
obviously. And then you can find these little holes and
then stick the little bolts through. Now we’ll put on that silver rail. [Braxen] So when you’re sliding the nuts into
the rail to mount onto the bottom of the tent, you’re going to slide the nut in this rail
right here. It’s going to slide up to the mounting point. And then you have the washer and the bolt
on the backside. [Zack] Alright, so that’s one of the rails. We’ll do the same thing for the other rail
down at the bottom, and then we’ll plop the whole thing on top of the bed mounts…the
bed rack. Alright, hardware for these rails are actually
pretty simple, it’s the same on all 4 sides. I’m just going to take this little black metal
bit and slide it into the rail to the point that I want it. Move it straight forward and then I can drop
this down over top and bolt it in from this side. And it’s done. So they’re loosely tacked into place right
now, so we can still make some minor adjustments once we get the tent installed over there. Because we’re not exactly sure how far we
want it situated in relation to the tailgate and the cabin of the truck, but we’ll figure
that out. Alright, so I think that thing weighs about
120 pounds and that’s without the ladder installed. So 2 people is probably a good idea to put
that into place. Alright, so we have it up. And as far as the bars go, I wanted the tent
to be pretty well centered on the racks right here, but I also wanted the racks to be the
same distance right here and on the other side. So I think I have 8 inches here and then 13
inches here. So we’ll tighten everything in and then secure
the bottom of the tent with the circular bar. Got Braxen inside the truck. And then right here we are mounting the tent
to the bed rails. Now the thing…the bed rails that we have
are a little bit thicker than what the mounting hardware planned for. So these are the original bolts right here,
and what we ended up using is an M8 – 1.25 x 65mm, which is just a tiny bit longer because
these bolts that came with the kit weren’t long enough to fit over this bar. So these are the 65 mm that we went and bought
at Home Depot. I’ll try to link some down in the video description
so you can just buy everything at the same time. But yeah, maybe other bed rails will work
with the kit hardware, but ours did not. Alright, everything should be mounted up. We have the tent attached to the bed rails,
and the bed rails attached to the truck. Brax, is it going to fall off? [Braxen] No, it’s solid. [Zack] Let’s get the cover on and get it a
try. [Rock music playing] Alright, so we have it hooked up. I just unfolded it like you saw from the drone
shots. The ladder is super sturdy on the ground. It looks like it can extend a little bit more
if I needed it to. These metal bars right here that are holding
up the flaps above the windows, they go in these little holes underneath the frame right
here. And we have the windows from the outside and
everything. And everything is super sturdy when you’re
inside. I mean obviously you want to park on some
flat ground so you don’t have to worry about rolling into the next person while you’re
sleeping. And then how does the inside look? [Braxen] Oh it’s ready to go. I’ll show you. You got your sun roof there. If the rain fly is off, then you can actually
unzip this zipper. You can look through straight to the sky and
see the stars. There are two windows on each side. I guess this would be the back door…front
door. Pretty comfortable pad. You could probably fit 3 in here, comfortably
too. Pretty sweet. [Zack] So obviously it’s pretty windy right
now, but actually taking this camping when it’s night and not windy I think is going
to be pretty fun. It’s just one more way to accessorize a vehicle,
an off-roading vehicle that you already have. If you have any questions, leave them down
in the comments. We will be around to answer all those. And if you haven’t checked out Braxen’s channel,
I’ll leave a link for that as well. Thanks a ton for watching, and I will see
you around. [Rock music playing]

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  1. that same exact tent costs over 2.5K€ (EURO) in Italy…. kinda makes it inaccessible… would absolutely love one

  2. Thank you so much for demonstrating set up for this tent. It was most helpful. We are looking to purchase a similar tent, but possibly mount it in a different fashion. You chose to set the tent up over the bed of the truck. I’ve seen other examples where the tent is set up on a rack on the roof of the truck. Is it possible to mount the tent there verse the bed of the truck? Do you think the truck can handle the weight of the tent? Do you think the wind drag would be too unstable and inconvenient? I’d appreciate your feedback. Thank you for your time.

  3. Is this type of vehicles available in Bahrain (my country) and i am looking forward to get the same addes you had done to your Tacoma.

  4. Why did you orient the ladder side of the tent to the driver side? If you turned it around you could pull over just off the trail and setup the tent without it hanging over into the road or trail.

  5. You should look into the KB Voodoo bed rack to replace your current one if you want a lower profile bed rack and easier to take off if you want your bed of your truck to fully functional again.

  6. Daaang I love both those trucks. I'm looking to grab a trd off road this summer. Hopefully I can find one like yours.

  7. I have a 2005 Toyota Tacoma short bed with a Lier Shell
    How do I find the brackets to bolt The roof top tent to the shell.
    Thank you very much

  8. Straps on the outside of the cover. The Velcro won’t last long without them and at high winds it could blow off.

  9. You seem like a tool that simply reviews products and discards them, or a babied little bitch that had a shop/business 'left' to them and uses it as a cash-cow. Or you're trying to be both or either. I don't care how you slice it, you don't come across well.

  10. If you have someone else in the shop that is articulate enough to do videos, you should have them do the videos. You reek of privilege and I don't think any self respecting southern man, who has ever worked for his bread should pay you any mind.

  11. Built this then fell in love with a paraplegic. I cannot wait to see inventions/innovations thatll come with something like this!! Your off road wheelchair has already changed the game and when you combine something unique for camping with your other thing, a paraplegic can really enjoy the world as they should!! Fuck yea buddy

  12. I’m building my own rack on a budget first get build. I’m gonna make it tall enough to match the height of the cab so I have full bed access.

  13. You can fit 2 more people at the bed of the truck just put some comforter, really cool mod this is why I love pickup trucks

  14. Great video! I'm picking up the same bed bars. Did you guys mount the bed bars the wrong way? It looks like they should have been installed the other way around to give you the ability to mount the gear plates.

  15. can you tell me the brand of the rack? the link you have for ebay are not the same rack it looks like. or do you know were i could get the same bars as you have? thanks

  16. That's a cool tent, makes the truck look good too. How many inches of lift do you have, I like the look. If I could make one suggestion that you would really like, have the front windows tented to match the back and put 15% tent on the windshield. I've done that to all of mine and my wife's since 2007 and we really like it. My parents and kids all liked mine and did that to their's. I'm good friends with the owner of a window tent shop so he told me about it. It looks damn good and I've never had trouble from cops.
    I currently have a 2017 that gets 15 MPG with the new 3.5 engine (that gets better economy). I've taken it back to the dealer and they say it falls within the guidelines, it isn't modified at all other than tires. The JBL premium sound isn't as good in the 2017 as my 2013 either. I've driven 4×4 Toyota trucks since 1992 and every one of em got 19 MPG until the 2017. Rig a way to put the 4.0 engine in the new models you'll be a hero.

  17. That would also be an ideal setup for camp with your car style music festivals, cause no need to set up your tent on the ground, just pop it up and as an added perk, you're well above the crowd so your tent is always easy to find, just gotta close up the ladder when you're not there and ideally some locking bins underneath the tent for food and other valuables.

  18. Same tent gang🤘, also you should put the poles just through the rain fly and not the door when you have the rain fly up and roll up the door or zip it shut👍

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  20. Look up week_ing on instagram he sells rooftents and wrap cars and does custom bullbars and many other things u should come to sweden so he can customize ur toyota

  21. Era of showing whole world what u are doing in u personnel life and get paid …
    Me see my shit it's watery let's get started

  22. This is a goal of mine! To have this Tacoma in the exact color with a tent up on top!!! Does the truck have to be lifted to support the ladder that comes down?

  23. I know this is an older video but, do you think you could have mounted your RTT to where it opens to the rear? I ask because I MTB and carry two bikes on my bed.

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