Installing 32″ & 30″ Sedona Mudda InLaw Tires on our Can-am SXSs

What’s up y’all today, we are gonna be putting 32-inch mutter and lows on our cam-am maverick Sport 1000 First thing I do whenever I start jacking on my unit I always put a block of wood in between The jack and the ATV so that way I don’t have to jack it up as far Get her jacked up once you get a little bit of clearance here Just enough because the tire that we are going to be putting on There is way bigger than that tire so we want to make sure that we have enough Throw your jack stands in here so If anything does go bad that’s there to catch it 17 millimeter So one thing you always want to look for whenever you’re putting on your tires is make, sure that they are not directional as you can see these muttering laws or directional see how the tread comes down and then if you look on the tire itself Can get a shot of it here? There is an arrow that Points which way that your tread should run so you always want to make sure You see if your tires are? Directional or if they’re not if if they’re not then you can put them on any side it doesn’t matter but if they are directional Like these motoring laws they can only go on one side of the unit alright One thing I always like to do and I take off The socket itself and I just put the nut right into it and screw it on by hand before I tighten it down With the impact gun and one of the reasons that that is is it keeps you from putting it on there crooked and then stripping out your threads so every time I stick when I’ve done that quite a few times that’s how I know that you got to Break stuff in order to learn it so What I do is I always put them on just enough to get them on there and I know that the threads are on And you’ll see that I use well you can’t really see it on everybody. I use my legs to lift up the tire To align everything because it’s got to go on there sir way so instead of trying to run it with your hands and Everything else you just use your legs and lift it up a little bit at a time that makes it a whole lot easier Right there you have it that’s one tire changed when I was talking about is I like to use my legs to lift up on the tire to make sure that I have it supported correctly and then I can move it around and my hands are free so that I can I can move the tire wherever I needed to to make sure that everything falls the way that it should and I don’t strain myself more than I absolutely need to So boom you got your tire done that’s one Three more to go I’m gonna go ahead and time-lapse y’all and show you what they look like Saab? I saw whenever they’re done they go from looking cool to looking super bad all in a Matter of seconds thanks to time-lapse but there’s still a lot of hard work that needs to be done Okay guys, here it is Kam sport 1032 inch motor and long look at that oho kam defender We couldn’t run 32s on the defender because they will scrape the sidewalls So you gotta stick with the 30s on the defender but man tell me that doesn’t look awesome tell me they’re not too good-looking machines right there

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