INSIDE AMG – Four-Wheel Drive | On-Road and Off-Road Performance!

INSIDE AMG – Four-Wheel Drive | On-Road and Off-Road Performance!

Hi and welcome everyone to the sixth
episode of Inside AMG. By now we already need two hands, we’ve arrived at the letter F. F as in four-wheel drive. A lot of you have asked for that topic. As you know, at Mercedes-AMG we have a lot of cars with four-wheel drive, we’re all about maximum
performance with four-wheel drive. But not only on the road. Today we’re in this neck of the woods in Immendingen at Daimler’s off-road testing facility. And
we’re going to be testing the capabilities of Mercedes-AMG vehicles off the road, on loose surfaces. We got plenty of loose surfaces here, different kinds as
well and we’re gonna take a look into that. We got a very special guest for
this topic today that some of you might even recognize. And I can hear him coming
already. Hey! You’re waiting for me? I’ve been waiting for you yeah. It looks like
you’ve already had quite a bit of fun. It looks like it but I want to have you in my
car so… Marc, nice to meet you! Hi, how’s it going? Perfect. It’s my first time to be here in Immendingen but I know this car and
this is more than a car. You know this car very well because you are actually quite well known as the expert when it comes to the G-Class. I don’t know, my only job is I’m the chief instructor for the G-Class and I call the G-Class my second allowed wife or my office. Okay, so you know this car very
well, you say don’t know the terrain that we’re gonna be driving on today. It’s much more fun for us, it’s a challenge for us this way maybe. So a lot of unknowns that we’re facing today. But we are really perfectly prepared with the G-Class to do everything, you know. Maybe we have the wrong tyres, you see. But it’s more slippery then. I think it will be more fun. Definitely the most beautiful
rims but yeah, not exactly off-road tyres. But I got a feeling that this isn’t
going to be too much of a problem for this car right now. But the important thing is
that you have traction all the time. We have three differential locks, we have “LOW-RANGE Gear” and it’s a G-Class and every G-Class can go off-road, you know. So some people might think this being a Mercedes-AMG G-Class it’s been trimmed for on-road
performance and for lap times but… Of course, but every G-Class
must go off-road. The reason why we launched the G-Class was to build the
best off-road vehicle in the world. This is now really the new one for on-road performance and especially the Mercedes-AMG. 585 PS, you know. Unbelievable on-road performance. If you go to “Sport Plus”, full acceleration, You never have to go to a dentist, you get a bleaching for free. Yeah, I can’t wait. Let’s Go! Jump in! Please fasten your seatbelt. Oh yeah, I definitely will. So you’re the chief instructor for the
G-Class. That’s true. So everybody that wants to learn what it’s all about
driving a G-Class has to… Come to Graz! Now we’ve launched the G-Class Experience Center. But everyone who buys a G-Class always buys the opportunity to go
off-road. Because we have the differential locks, we have the ”LOW-RANGE Gear“ and we
have the typical ladder type frame so really strong. And the Mercedes-AMG is a
little bit special against the normal G-Class. We have off-road modi. So we
have the “ROCK” which you can see here. We can change, then we have the “TRAIL”
package and then, if you’re playing in the sand in the dunes, we have a “SAND”
programme. Crazy! Three bespoke off-road driving modes for this car additionally
to the ones you already know for on-road driving. So yeah you got all the right tools that everybody knows from a regular G-Class plus more performance. Now I want to go up and I think it’s a
little bit slippery, you see. There’s no way we’re gonna get up there. It’s a G-Class! Okay, okay. And now we’re on the top. I can see you’re not messing around. Oh my god. Like it’s been raining for the
past couple days here so everything is covered in mud. It’s a little bit slippery. And we’ve got road performance tyres on. Yes. And this thing climbs up there like it’s nothing. It’s a G-Class. So the maximum that you
can climb up it 100% that means 45 degrees but not on this surface, you know. Oh wow! Like this terrain back here… Oh my god. This looks like it would be
difficult to walk on actually. Yeah but it’s not fun you know. Every G-Class wants to go off-road, also the Mercedes-AMG version. So right now in “TRAIL“ mode, so I figured that’s the perfect mode for terrain like this. Yes, if you go really over something bumpy then we have the “ROCK” programme, maybe we find some rocks. But normally in this area it’s not possible. And then we have the “Sand” programme where you can play in the dunes. Oh my god, that is so steep that I can’t even
see the road over the hood of the car. You don’t need a road for a G-Class, my friend. And we go down, this is 50-55%. Like it feels right now, if I just let loose, if I
didn’t wear a seat belt I’d just be falling on my face right now. All SUV models, they have a DSR. Down-Hill-Speed Regulation. We don’t have it in the G-Class as we always use the “LOW-RANGE” Reduction. It’s one, two, three and we always use the engine brake, because only running tyres
give you the possibility to handle the car. So we have enough ground clearance. What the… Oh my god, there’s just… There’s just holes in the surface here. So now we feel the slippery tyre. So we lock the centre and the
rear. Now we have three spinning wheels. Wow! One in the front and the whole rear axle. But now I lock all three. That means all four wheels have the
same rotation all the time and for the G-Class there’s only one way. Only forward
if one wheel has enough traction. When you lock the third differential it’s
just go time. And always disengage the third one because if you fill up all three,
the turning circle will be – I have no idea – 20-25 metres. Every G-Class gets the differential locks, you pay for that, use it! You should use it. So first gear, engine
brake and only running tyres give you the possibility. Then we now have the
360-degree camera where you see everything in front. This is so crazy, it feels
like we’re gonna tip over. This is my favourite, this is really cool. That is just unbelievable. I’ll never forget when I drove the first
time in the Mercedes-AMG G 63. What, this is a G-Class? Unbelievable! I can remember I
experienced the acceleration on the road for the first time, it feels like a
sports car. Yes! It’s just this instant punch. It’s a Mercedes-AMG! But still I mean, driving on this surface with a performance car. Is it fun? Yes, it absolutely is! That’s just crazy! That defies everything that you think you know about vehicle dynamics. So now we do the same in “HIGH-RANGE”. We’re leaving the normal road. This is also a highway for a G 63, you see what I mean? This feels like we’re doing the Paris-Dakar! The Mercedes-AMG is not only for the race tracks. Oh yeah, I can see that! Lots of fun here. Oh my god. I had no idea we had this much off-road
expertise. I definitely know now that there can’t be just one favourite Mercedes-AMG model. Like this thing, you have to have in your garage. In your collection, yes. When you are a petrol head, when you consider yourself a petrol head you
have to have this car! It’s an icon. Wow Marc, that was deeply impressive.
I feel shaken, not stirred. What an amazing car, what an amazing machine! I hope you enjoyed the little bit of off-road track for you and I hope to see you soon
in Graz that we can play a little bit much more with the G-Class but I think
now it’s time that you will change your surface and I will stay on the better
side. Exactly, I don’t know if it’s the better side, it’s a very different side.
So now it’s time for me to step back onto the road to experience some 4MATIC+ on-road performance. Another four-wheel drive car, a very different kind, though, and a different expert for the next segment. Felix! Hi Felix, good to see you, how are you? Good to see you too. I’m pretty good. Welcome to the new Mercedes-AMG GLC 63 Coupé with
a 4MATIC+ four-wheel drive. It’s an intelligent four-wheel-drive system and
today, I’m going to show you what this car can do on-road. All right, I’d say let’s go for it right now. Let’s jump in and start! This is the so-called “Mountain-Road”. It’s
a track usually used for Daimler colleagues who are testing their
shifting programmes. Today we are going to use this a little bit differently. I mean this looks like a normal country road and it is within the premises of this
testing facility. We have exclusive booking on this track right now, so we
won’t be bothered by anybody else. So let’s have some fun! I have to say, like coming from the G-Class back to back now onto the smooth surface, it’s so different. Yeah, I can imagine. Although the G-Class
is also quite performing on-road, its main track is the off-road track. And
this car here is significantly different. It loves the track. What is our 4MATIC+ in this car? 4MATIC+ in this car is pretty similar to the same system as it is in
the E 63 S or in the GT 63 S. Yes. Because we have seen that system in the GT 63 S in a couple of videos actually and it’s amazing how much grip you get. I
mean, the level of grip in the GT 63 S is just nuts, but I mean that’s a sports car, it’s
a four-door sports car. Whereas this, the GLC, started its life as an SUC. And it somewhere still is. Yeah, it is lowered, it is stiffer, it is more
performing but, as you said, it is somewhere an SUC. But due to the fact that it is equipped with the 4MATIC+ four-wheel drive system
this one is really performing. So do you know how a standard
four-wheel drive system in a Mercedes-Benz is working? I got a rough idea how it works. In the typical Mercedes-Benz you have a
so-called planetary differential. So it’s a central differential system
that distributes the torque and power from motor and engine between the front
and the rear axle in a given ratio. In a Mercedes-Benz it’s typically either
a 45:55 ratio or a 31:69 ratio. The majority at the back of the car. Yeah. This system is not really related to this. So
the housing looks a little bit different but the interior is way more different.
In this car, nstead of a classical differential gear set we have a multiple clutch system. This means how much torque we are
moving to the front axle is defined by how much pressure and how much slip we
have in this clutch. And this clutch is controlled with an electric motor. And some cool and fancy mechanics in between. This enables us to control
exactly in which situation we have how many Newton metres of torque on the
front. And this enables what we see right here – a car that is able to steer into
corners more like a sports saloon or a sports coupé than an SUC. I hope you guys can see this but I can’t believe how quick we’re going with a GLC around this road, it’s crazy! Something pretty special about our
4MATIC+ system is that it’s an active cooled system. So it is equipped
with an oil heat exchanger and is in the same coolant circle as the
gearbox. And no other manufacturer has that? Not that we know of. And this
really is a benefit because it allows us to keep that high level of performance
of the car for a very long amount of time. And to be thinking that this car, the regular GLC, such a high car, high centre of gravity, and what Mercedes-AMG has made of it, it’s absolutely unbelievable. A completely
different car. A normal GLC could’t do this at all. It just wouldn’t, even if you turned off all the electronics it couldn’t corner like this. So when you push it back into “COMFORT” mode and just let it do its thing, it remains the same, comfortable, perhaps you find a family
car. This is so crazy! And I think I haven’t promised too much. This track, this mountain road here in
Immendingen, it is pretty much the perfect track to show you the
capabilities of our four-wheel drive system. We have small turns, we have large turns, we have fast turns, we have slow turns. So you really see and
feel the difference in the performance. And this is a perfect showcase for
on-road 4MATIC+ four-wheel drive performance for sure! Right now I talked a lot about our central differential. So the major
component of our 4MATIC+ system but to be honest I need to tell you about
one component more in the car. So this car is equipped with a rear axle
that has an electronic limited slip differential. So we are not only
having an intelligent four-wheel-drive system but also we have our high
performance limited slip differential that is controlled by an electronic
motor. And the combination of those two systems is what really empowers the car
to behave like it behaves and to perform like it performs. Without the electronic
limited slip differential the car wouldn’t be so quick in reactions. So you can also with that electric motor influence the difference in rotational speed between the left and right rear wheel. You can also actively control how much slip you allow the rear wheels and how much not. Wow! So two intelligent differentials pretty much in the car. Yeah, and they know what the other one is doing. They
are not really communicating with each other but they know what the other
one does because they are linked over the chassis network that is communicating all over the vehicle. And this enables those
two systems to know what the other is doing and therefore they can react
on the performance of the other one. An interesting figure maybe for people
to get some sort of feeling – the time that needs to pass between the
situation where the central differential system has no torque on the front axle and
the maximum torque that it can apply is less than 150 milliseconds. So this
one is fast. It is fast! As fast as the car. This is crazy! I think we’re going to have to let the tyres cool off for a while. Yeah, and the brakes. Wow! So this was the dynamic part of our 4MATIC+ system. I hope you enjoyed our little trip around
the Immendingen test track. Definitely, that was really impressive, but what is this? This car has a special feature, so we said okay, let’s include this special
feature in the challenge, and for this, we have Hannes. Hi Hannes. Hi Felix, nice to meet you! – Very impressive car. It is indeed. It is also a multi-purpose car. That’s what Felix
told you with the challenge. We looked at the dynamics features but it
also has 100% everyday usability capabilities. And it also has a
trailer hitch. There’s another system in the car, the so-called trailer manoeuvring
assist. Trailer manoeuvring assist? And it allows you to fully control the car
automatically. You only have to do the pedal stuff as driver and the car does
all the steering. So I don’t know how much experience you have with trailers. I have none. Exactly none. Never driven with a trailer before, okay. Then it will be something between hilarious and really exciting what we’ll do now. But
first things first, let’s maybe attach the car to the trailer. Okay, that sounds like manual labour. Maybe just turn it a little bit more.
Perfect! Alright, so you lied to me. You said this car has a trailer hitch. I
don’t see one. Step 1 – Let’s release the hitch. Okay, that is a nice touch. The rest has to be done manually. Last step electricity maybe. And then… We are ready to go. Awesome! Maybe to give a little impression how good the system is – I can start without using the system. Can be pretty hilarious and embarrassing, I
don’t know, and then you will be in the second round, using the system,
hopefully with half of my time. And for this I’m going to take the time because the real challenge has to be a challenge and therefore we need something to measure. You go without, I go with, you take times and if we knock over some cones that’s… All cones you’re going to hit will be two seconds each. Two seconds per cone. Like a dynamic discipline. Tall order, okay. You join me, right? I’m going to join you, I want to see you
struggle in there. This already looks totally counterintuitive. It’s not moving yet. It is, come on. Oh my god, I definitely can’t see me… You’re going almost perfectly straight.
No, it’s turning, it’s turning, looking good. You’re parking perfectly next to it,
though. Wasn’t that the challenge? Okay, I definitely see that I got at least
a few chances of being quicker than you but it still looks extremely difficult. By now it’s pretty much a guessing game. Trial and error! You’re in! That’s okay for me, it’s okay. But I think you went a little too… Okay,
that’s two points off. Or two seconds off for you. That’s why we didn’t get the
wall. But what I could already see is it’s totally counterintuitive, like you
want to steer in one direction but the trailer does the exact opposite of what
you want it to do. Never learned it, it’s not my head, it really isn’t. What’s the time? That’s 1:58 minute. 1:58. Shall we have a little bet? I think Felix is going to do it in less than 1:20 minute. Less than 1:20 minute? Yeah. Okay, no pressure, no pressure, less than 1:20 minute. I’m going for 1:10 minute. 1:10? Okay, even more pressure, nice. I’m just going to give it a go. Okay, so activate the trailer manoeuvring assist. You go into reverse. I go into reverse. Parking mode. Parking mode. And you’re ready. I don’t need my hands, right? Only for the media display. So we’re driving and the car is turning by itself. I’m doing absolutely nothing at
the steering wheel right now. That’s looking way better than my approach. Looking good. Almost got it. Perfect. Look at this. So that’s good enough for me. Nice job! Is it in there? I’d say it’s in there.
I’d say it’s perfectly in there. You missed our little bet just by that much.
It’s 1:22 minute. Okay, I was a little… As a good sports man I have to admit: good job. Thank you very much. But I gotta say it’s
so much easier. I mean, I haven’t tried it without but it looked so
difficult when you did it and with steering it on the display, it’’s
so intuitive. I mean, it’s almost like a video game.
So thanks a lot, thank you for the challenge, really cool. So there you have it, folks,
four-wheel drive does not always equal four-wheel drive here at Mercedes-AMG. We got very versatile different systems. Today we saw the G 63 with its amazing off-road
capabilities. We saw the GLC 63 with its amazing on-road capabilities thanks to
4MATIC+ and we’ve seen that whilst being a track tool this is still a very
capable everyday car, very usable even with a trailer. So if you like what
you’ve seen today, don’t forget to leave a like, don’t forget to leave a comment
as well, tell us what you like, tell us what you didn’t like, tell us what you
would like us to film next, of course. Don’t forget to subscribe to the channel,
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new video. So until the next one. Bye, bye!

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