Inflate swimming pool with hair dryer. No pump or compressor needed!

Inflate swimming pool with hair dryer. No pump or compressor needed!

[Music] hey guys we baked here and I have with me this 10-foot family pool which I got from Walmart and it goes by the brand name play day sells for about 15 bucks and I got this without really thinking about how I was going to inflate it and after getting home I realized that there was no way on earth you could like blow air into it and I had a cycle pump which I use to inflate my cycle tires that is also useless so it took me some time but eventually I figured out a solution which I would like to share with you guys but first let me just talk about all the instructions which the spool came with so you have this warning label here it doesn’t really tell you how you are supposed to inflate it but if you walk around the pool you will eventually find these two holes where from where you are supposed to inflate the pool so if you look here on top and bottom you see those two big holes with the black you know cork on top of that that’s where you are supposed to inflate the pools so here so what you need is a water bottle and you take the water bottle and cut out its base and what we are going to do is that we will use this water bottle once we cut it out we will use this in conjunction with you know hairdryer which we will probably find in your bathroom and we will use our hair dryer to blow this poley it kind of sounds funny but trust me this works and I was able to inflate this 10 foot pool in I would say like 10 minutes you need to do is take this cut out portion of the bottle and you slide it on top of your hairdryer and so that this will funnel the air from the hairdryer into the pool so that’s what I am doing here just make sure that you have the hairdryer set up so that it does not blow hot air otherwise it might melt the water bottle or you know damage the pool so as long as you are not blowing hot air this thing is going to work so as you can see it immediately starts inflating the pool and the water bottle any water bottle the mouth of the water bottle size actually fits with the size of the you know the hole which they provide in the pool so you just tightly hold the hairdryer next to the opening and it will blow the air in and it took me about ten minutes well I actually had two hair dryers so me and my wife we both started working in parallel and you don’t have to but since this pool has two holes one on the top and one on the bottom we were able to inflate both of them together and so that’s all you need to do actually this is the cheapest solution you everybody has a hair dryer in their homes you know you can always find a plastic bottle so you don’t need to spend money buying a fancy compressor or some fancy pump which they sell this cheap and effective solution works so here as you can see this is the cut out portion of the water bottle in my right hand and since the hairdryer almost all the models have a tapering mouth the water bottle easily slides in and you don’t even need to tape it you just slide it in and just press it hard and it just fits so no need to use a tape or glue that thing just slide the bottle and just start pumping and it’s fun you know my kids where around say they’re really having a lot of fun I just make sure that the here the hairdryer is not blowing hot air because if it does it’s going to damage your pool so yeah as long as you’re not doing that you are all good you

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  1. Well, my pool is still flat, and now my hair dryer is broken.
    But for the sake of science, I want to buy a hair dryer just to try that technique again!

  2. thank you so much! this is a great idea! I have been blowing up the bottom ring for over thirty minutes!

  3. I tried this, but even on the 'cool' setting, the hair dryer became very hot! I saw that other people had the same problem.

  4. Which of the nozzles did you use. From the video angle it looks like you were blowing the air in the deflate section? Is this correct?

  5. Of course my family thought to buy a bike pump, like you said it was useless. We thought lets look t up and so we found your video and suer enough it works really, really well!
    Thank You Vivek Chaudhary

  6. amazing!! Tried with a foot pump for an hour and nothing and was up in 10 seconds using this! Thank you!

  7. Worked for me once I took the black stoppers out!!! Lol did it for ages with them in. And yes use the deflate side bigger holes. Just be ready to put them in soon as is inflated.

  8. Wow, it amazing thank you so much I was trying the compressor and it was taking forever your idea took 20 mins to blow up My children thank you!

  9. This is a awesome and ir worked for me! Pool was inflated within 10 minutes. Thank you so much for sharing!

  10. This is the best idea in the world! You are a genius! Mine was also from Walmart and it filled up in 30 seconds!

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