Indoor Bike Trainer

Indoor Bike Trainer

what is going on YouTube world today I’m
coming to you with a video about indoor bike trainers now for those of you that
live in the Midwest or in the northern states where we get a lot of cold
weather and a lot of snow it’s really hard even in fat bike season sometimes
to get out and ride your bike right now it’s like seven degrees outside and
twenty-five miles an hour wind so I don’t think there’s any amount of
bundling up that I could do that would really get me out there to ride so I’m
gonna set up a budget bike trainer I’m actually going to put my mountain bike
on it and we’re gonna see how it does let’s have a look at the trainer now
before we do that one of the things I want to mention is the rear tire on your
bike now if it is a knobby tire like a mountain bike style really grippy tire I
use w TVs and Kenda is on mine they are way too aggressive and they are gonna be
insanely loud and really difficult to use on one of these so I actually went
with a hybrid cruiser style tire now as far as the trainer the one I
picked up is a conquer five-thirty trainer it’s a magnetic style trainer
it’s got an adjustable magnet on it so you can adjust it in and out for
different tire sizes and it comes with a quick-release skewer as well as a front
wheel block that’ll just hold your bike level while you’re riding now I picked
it up for 72 dollars on Amazon I’ve seen in other places as well
I think Dick’s Sporting Goods carries it Kohl’s and a couple other places all
kind of right in that same price range but for seventy two dollars I’m actually
pretty happy with it so here it is and it collapses down nice and flat so it
doesn’t take up a ton of space when you’re ready to use it it just pops out
like that and then the motor itself or the magnet or whatever you want to call
it just kind of flips back and sits on this adjustment screw so that’s kind of
how it’ll look when it’s set up now as far as putting your bike in it it’s got
these two cups and they’re on adjustable screws and basically what you do is you
either take that quick-release that they provide it or if you have a bike that’s
just got standard axles with nuts on it those fitness as well and you basically
just Center those in between these cups and you run these down and once you’ve
got those run down and tight your wheel is centered on the magnet you should be
good to go so it’s really easy setup should only take a minute or two okay so
to swap out your quick-release it’s super simple one thing you need to note
is that you will need some grease before you go back together because the new one
comes completely clean and dry so okay so to take it out you’re just gonna pop
your quick-release here there’ll be a nut on the other side and you’re just
gonna spin it until that nut it’s like a little cap pops off and there’s a little
spring so you see this tiny spring that fits inside that once you’ve got it
loose just pull it right on out now for your new one you’re just gonna take that
same nut off the other end so once you’ve got the nut off of the
end this one also has a little Springs so make sure you pull just one of the
Springs out and the skinny side always fits towards the inside of the frame so
what you’re gonna do is just take a dab of grease nothing crazy
not a ton just enough to get this thing well lubricated because it doesn’t it
actually spins freely inside of the hub so you want to make sure there’s minimal
friction so I just kind of smear it on there real good don’t have to be too
precise and then you’re gonna take it run it through the axle I just kind of
work it side to side once it gets in there a bit just to get that grease
spread out then you’re gonna take your spring with the skinny side towards the
inside and then you’re gonna install your nut and you’ve tighten it down just
like you would your normal Q arm whenever you’re installing or removing a
wheel let’s have a quick look at how easy this thing is to get into the
trainer and I think you’ll be impressed with how simple it is so what you’re
gonna do is you’re gonna take your boy you’re gonna Center it between those two
cups the adjustable cups right here and for mine they have to be run all the way
out because my my dropouts are actually pretty wide and what you’re gonna do is
you’re just gonna lift up on the bike you’re gonna pop one side in to a cup
and start centering it up and what you want to do is make sure that the wheel
is centered on the magnet here once you’ve got that one adjusted in a little
bit you can start adjusting the other side and basically it’ll just work back
and forth to make sure that it stays centered now once you’ve got it in the
right place and you’ve got some good tension on it
it should pull it very sturdy and then you’re just gonna take these inside
wingnut type deals and just thread them down against the trainer and what
that’ll do is that’s gonna lock the rag in place once you’ve got the bike
mounted into the frame the trainer all you need to do is adjust
your magnet so that it makes contact with the wheel and all you do is you
twist this little screw right here little hand screw you’re just gonna run
it up until it makes contact and you’ve got a little bit of resistance so I think one of the best things about
this trainer is the fact that not only is he going to help you maintain that
endurance and stamina that I’ve built up over the past season but it actually
lets me hang out right here in front of my TV and watch my favorite youtubers on
the big screen it’s the same thing pop right up oh oh now I need a jump trainer
so I could get as good as Josh here are my initial thoughts on this
particular trainer I’ve had it for about two weeks I’ve put in several rides and
I’ve kind of got a feel for how it performs now if you are looking for a
high-end trainer where you can hammer and you can you know specify exactly
where you’re gonna tone your muscles at what speed at what range this is
probably not the one if you’re just looking to get something to kind of help
maintain what you’ve built up over the previous season until your next riding
season occurs this one’s probably gonna do the job if someone were to ask me is
this a good trainer I would say it is a good enough trainer not great not
terrible I’m gonna continue to use it the nice thing is is not super loud my
bike fit into it really well I can ride it and still comfortably watch my TV
without headphones or anything else and I get a good workout on it so you know
I’m happy enough with it real quick you guys I’ve got to give it a shout-out in
an extra special thanks to Josh from daily mountain bike rider for letting me
feature his clips in my video if you’re not familiar with his channel its daily
MTB rider and he has some awesome videos you should totally go and check it out
my name is Gavin and that’s all for this video if you liked what you saw please
go ahead and give it a thumbs up and go ahead and subscribe because I’m gonna
continue to come to you with additional videos from here on out

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  1. Well done. Clear instructions on set-up. Pertinent opnion on application. thumbs up.
    Your gettin' good at this. Way to go, dude.

  2. Haha I asked for more vids of the drt and you made one! Sweet video. Now I know my bike can go on one of those trainers! Keep it up dude!

  3. Love the video. It was very helpful. Can you use this product everyday without wear on your bike? Just getting into this again

  4. + Budget friendly biking I own a Streetstrider 3i. Do you think it will work with the street strider or another one / version. The strettstrider one is very expensive ! TY !!

  5. Hey Gavin, great video review of the Conquer Cycling Trainer. We're glad it suits your needs for riding during a tough winter season. That was a great tip on adding grease to the QR skewer that comes with the trainer. Also, just so your viewers know, in case your bike does NOT have a quick release rear wheel and your axle won't fit into the cup, we do make an adapter cup that should do the trick. Here it is on Amazon: Thanks again and happy riding!

  6. So im new to this bicycling stuff and i dont recall hearing you say if it will fit a 29" bike, i have a trek marlin 5 and im in Illinois and the weather sucks now so trying to keep my bike riding routine going.

  7. Hey Gavin,

    How are you adjusting resistance on that trainer? I have a similar one but it has a manual adjuster that quick-releases to the handle bars and has a handle (best I can describe is one I saw on the adjustable seat of a spin cycle) that offers even quicker release of the stays Great feature!  

    Another question… I put the skewer on before seeing your video – grease free. Would i be wise to dismantle and grease or can I get away with it?


  8. Can you ride outside with the new quick release that you put in from the trainer? Or do you need to re-swap it for the original prior to riding outdoors?

  9. Informative, thanks. But FYI the rear axle isn't rotating on the quick release spindle. The rear axle itself (next layer out) also isn't rotating! It's the next layer, the ball bearings that are rotating, the body connected to the spokes (next layer out again) is what goes round (on the ball bearings).

  10. Hi I have different bikes MTB,road and hybrid bikes that too with different tyre size from 29 to 26. Is it suitable for all?

  11. My trainer is a cycle ops but its pretty much the same setup. Do you know if theres a way to track your speed, power, RPMs, etc on this?

  12. so would this be a viable option as a alternative to an stationary bike aka gym style cardio bike machine? For me space is a major factor when getting anything for my home gym and i know plenty of people say just buy a gym membership but i hate having to drive to a gym, i hate dealing with the long lines waiting for the equipment i want to use, i hate dealing with human beings in public in general and i don't like the overall atmosphere of a gym. i like cranking out a 3 hour workout sesion in the comfort of my own home, though small as hell and blasting some melo death on the surroundsound lol so would you suggest this as a decent dedicated indoor trainer or no?

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