I’m out of Ice Cream and Bacon—Roadkill Garage Preview Ep. 34

I’m out of Ice Cream and Bacon—Roadkill Garage Preview Ep. 34

(up-tempo music) – [David Freiburger] There, rear end is done. Nice! I welded this side way
better than the other side. Now I just got to put the drive shaft in and I think some of the under-car
work is coming to an end. (upbeat music) Now we get to the point where
I realize that I’m going to have to reveal more
than I really wanted to about what our plans are with the car. We are setting this thing
up for autocrossing. We’ve got a really cool plan
that we’re going to do with it. I put together a package
of pretty interesting stuff that I think is going
to handle well without really busting the bank. And these Baer brakes
are part of that kit. And I had these brakes set up with the double drill bolt pattern. See, the studs here are set
up for the Chevy pattern and it’s also drilled for
Mopar or Ford pattern. It’s got both. These brakes are not like
the super, super killer road racey stuff that
you can get from Baer. This is their line of
smaller diameter brakes that are intended to run 15″ wheels so that I can still do that if I want to. But they’ve got a lot more
beef than the stock stuff, they’re a lot more rigid, they’re lighter and look how thick that rotor is. That thing is not going to work. (upbeat music) What I’ve got here is a full
3″ exhaust system from TTI which is the same company that makes the headers on this thing. I’ve put ’em on before. They
fit really, really well, and I got it 3″ so this thing would be good and loud and racey. And to save a few bucks
and make it even louder I got some of these mufflers. The TTI kits come with
a DynoMax Hemi muffler. You can’t see all the way through ’em like you can with these. And so, this is going to be loud! – It’s going to be pretty sweet! Alright I’m reinvigorated. I feel good about working
’till 3 in the morning. – [Steve] What did you say
about three in the morning? – [David] Nothing. – This is what we look like
when we’ve taken a cleat to the nether regions after working
for six days on this garbage. Because we have two major problems, one of which it overcharges so badly it’s going to blow up the battery. So that’s a problem. – That’s a simple fix, – 20 volts – Hopefully that’s a simple fix. The worst part is watch this
when Steve puts the car down. – Woo! Coming down. – Oo, It looks so cool! But… – Boing! – Our lowering springs have completely collapsed the shock absorbers. There’s no travel in ’em whatsoever. And they’re sitting on
the fuel lines over here and the brake lines over there. And when we take the shocks out,
it’s going to sag even worse. These springs have just no rate to ’em. So we’re going to pick it
up, put it on jack stands and put the stock Lee
springs back in it for now. (upbeat music) (drill whirring) (drill whirring) – Okay, Steve. Put ‘er down. – Whoa! – That’s fixed. You’ve got it right? – Enough chitchat Freiburger,
and let’s fire this pooch up. – Let’s do that. (ignition whirring) (engine revving) – Stop. Something sounds way wrong. – The lifters need to pump up. – [David] Oh yeah, that’s
probably part of it. – And there’s going to
be a lot of exhaust leaks because they’re just Tek-screwed together. – Yeah, we got the exhaust
system on last night but not the tailpipes. Then we just Tek-screwed
it all together for speed so it’s going to have
some ticking and stuff. – I came here to eat ice cream,
bacon, and drive fast cars. I’m out of ice cream and bacon. (grungy rock music) (engine growling) – Okay! Now we find out how the vanishing paint actually works. – That was definitely first
gear, I guess 3-0 gear right? – It’s 3-0’s, yeah. I always like the smell of, new engine. New spray paint, – [Steve] Yeah. – Gas concealer burning in. – Yeah, it’s really pleasant isn’t it? – Ah, the front-end alignment is awful. – [Steve] Really? – Yeah. – How’s the power steering? – Really good. – I don’t know why you’d want
quicker ratio than stock. It’s actually pretty quick.
Oil pressure is 60 psi. That’s pretty awesome. – Hasn’t overheated yet
that’s a record for us. – We’re showing 12 volts
on that volt meter. (tires screeching) (engine growling) – There we go.

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  1. are ya going to get those other springs re-arched?…..or is that even still a thing, or is there anybody who's still in business that does that ?

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  3. Stevo Dullstich is starting to look more like E-booger everyday. Give him a few more years and they will be clones. BTW, can anyone send down a crusty, Ol, Shipbox, Challenger like this, to Oz for nix, surely they are worth nothing in the US these days?? With all the late models around an all…….Perhaps MCM can bring one home in their suitcase next trip?

  4. You lot need to stop whining that this isn't free. Do you do the same when you are asked to pay for your dinner in a restaurant?

  5. You guys REALLY need to go back to your roots. Build some stuff that an average guy can afford and then……test it and tell/show us the results. I love y'alls stuff but, these 4 minute videos just aren't good enough. ESPECIALLY WHEN YOU'RE MOTOR TREND!

  6. roadkill SUCKS…. just a buncha overpaid unqualified morons bolting on parts bought for them with an unlimited budget….BORING!!!!!! git a life

  7. I've stopped watching since Motor Trend / Roadkill sold us out! There's no way I'm paying when there's so much great content out there from other YouTubers

  8. Its too bad but I'm unsubbing from my favorite show to avoid an otherwise terrible channel. From the comments it looks like everyone agrees lol

  9. I thought there was a video posted back when when the on demand channel was just kicking off that promised that you could see shows early on the new channel, but full episodes were still going to be released for free on youtube? That lasted for what, maybe a month? Now everything is locked down.

  10. People don’t realize these guys have to have some type of revenue for what they do. Wrenching cost money.

  11. I always wondered why my optima battery hissed and blew up on my dodge d100 must have been the voltage regulator? .. Is In the altenator?

  12. How do you guys change the exhaust system on your cars and so much more and still have it road legal in California? I thought you’d have to keep the catalytic converter? Thanks

  13. Motor trend on demand won't be raping me! I already pay for the internet, and they want to extort more outer me. There's plenty of other car shows to watch.

  14. i used to have an MTOD subscription but i stopped paying when the full episodes came off of youtube, now im unsubscribed altogether. good job motor trend.

  15. Its amazing to see how they put brand-new parts into a car which is basically ready for the scrap metal press. It looks as if the car is disintegrating around the new components. Cool look, but still seems like a waste.

  16. We are fine with sponsors on the show. but we're not paying money or membership to watch on some other platform. Youtube is already here, we're already here. Find revenue in your sponsors and run ads in the episodes, we dont care. But give us full episodes, this is just dumb.

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