If You See Plastic Bottle On Your  Car Tire ,  Call 911 Immediately

If You See Plastic Bottle On Your Car Tire , Call 911 Immediately

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  1. Or, you could be a SMART person, not call the cops, but secretly remove the bottle, and then all you have To do is see who is following you and report their identity to the police and calmly, drive away.

  2. "911 how may I help you" "hi I'm there a bottle in my car" "sir we don't give a shit" car starts " "WHAT" Drives away criminal talking " bye bitch"

  3. >It is silly for them to do that but why is the water bottle dangerous.?I mean it's not like it is going to explode or anything<

  4. What if they didn't know?????????I don't get it…… Why do we have to do it?Can you get it yourself?? I'm really confused? Why do we have to call them??????What would that do???

  5. I'm sure the tire turning will knock off the bottle before you hear hear it. How are you going to hear it anyway? Radio on kids screening dog barking enraged drivers laying on their horns. Click bait for sure

  6. Tries this California… success! tries this in texas gets shot by the driver, their mother, their handicapped dog, the cat next door, that weird cockroach that said "I wouldnt do that shit if i was you", the driver's sister etc

  7. My truck makes weird noises I bet either the bottle would fall off (can’t stuff it in due to clearance) or I would never notice it

  8. uhmmmm dumbfuck advice spotted. get in the car and drive the fuck away instead of calling cops and get beaten up and your car stolen

  9. Why the fuck are you telling us how to do this? You might as well be giving a tutorial to criminals you fucking idiot.

  10. Carry a gun. Problem solved problem staying solved. Criminal: “It is getting hard to rob people with my plastic bottle trick without getting shot. Sure wish there was more gun control to keep me safer while robbing poeple.”

  11. Wait, so let me see if I understand this.. the crooks could rob the person in the parking lot right away but instead wait for them to get in the car, run over a plastic bottle then get back out. Right

  12. Is it just me or am I the only one who makes sure when I get out of the car I lock all doors 🤦🏽‍♂️

  13. And here we are ready to waste emergency services time,so that a misleading fool can profit of a shit youtube channel. Try reading stories as listening to your voice puts me to sleep.

  14. What's funny is my car has a bad hesitation when you floor it, so you can't drive away fast without it stalling. If this ever happened to me, God help the sorry son of a bitch who tried to steal it

  15. no one:
    absolutely no one:
    not a single sould on this universe:
    facts verse: If YoU SeE A PlAsTiC BoTtLe On YoUr TiRe CaLl 911

  16. Call 911? I would suggest to be a 2nd amendment law abiden citizens. That would get rid of a lot of criminals.

  17. This channel is bull shit, you dont call 911 over a god damn water bottle its not life or death you fuckin queer

  18. Will never work on me. I NEVER leave my keys inside. I turn the car off and get out with my keys in hand. Always.

  19. Yo Verse, you're an idiot. You just spread it to even more criminals, just for ad revenue. Oh wait, i see what you did there, you fooled all the buzz feed millennials into watching your video.

  20. 7,5 mil subs. Wow 😮 but who doesn’t take out the key when leaving the car? I’ve never been in a situation where I wasn’t in the car and the key was…

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