If You See A Rubber Band On A Door, Call The Police!

If You See A Rubber Band On A Door, Call The Police!

Whats up friends and welcome to Inform Overload. Im the Information Overlord Johnny Rogers. If you happen to be new to the channel we
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until the end Ill be answering some of your comments from previous videos. Your home at times feels like the safest place
you can be, a lot of people wont even use public bathrooms because they prefer their
own throne. Thats a real sign they value the comfort they
have in their own space. Although theres a reason why we have locks
and security systems where we live. Its meant to create a barrier of entry to
anyone looking to harm us, our loved ones and protect our belongings. The truth of the matter is that as nice as
you think people are even in your small town, criminals exist everywhere and because of
security measures, they will always think of a new trick. A recent trend in home invasions has started
popping up everywhere it involves the use of a rubber band. One woman, in particular, shared her experience
on Facebook warning others to watch out for this bizarre and frightening new tactics to
break into your home. A woman named Kim from Texas had her post
go viral when she became dangerously close to being a victim of burglary. Kim said in her Facebook post – Warning two
weeks ago during the day, a hard knock was at my front door, not a regular knock but
almost pounding. I honestly thought something may have happened
to someone and they needed help, but something didnt feel right. And I do not answer the door when I am here
by myself. So dont bother! After several knocks, they finally left. I glanced and could see it was a man through
the stained glass of my door. After about 30 minutes I walked outside to
look for what I thought would be a brochure but instead found a rubber band around my
knob to hold the door open when I unlocked the latch. (show post https://bit.ly/2EduaLk) At first glance seeing a rubber band on your
door may seem unassuming, but thats the whole catch. If its the proper type of door knob it can
actually prevent the door from locking properly after the homeowner closes the door. Most criminals will ask an innocuous question
like directions somewhere or even for the time. After they leave though and you close the
door, it gives them time to reenter your home without you knowing. Most thieves will then either steal something
quickly or even take your keys to come back another time. Now if this freaks you out there are steps
you can take to prevent being robbed. Something as small as just making sure your
yard is clear from litter can actually thwart thieves. If your property has garbage everywhere it
can give a stranger the impression that youre either not home to clean up or youve been
gone for a while. Another great investment is getting a home
security system, it can be pricy so if you dont want to pay anything even getting a sticker
for your windows that says the home is protected by a security system can actually stop people
from trying to rob you. Lastly and as the title says if you see a
rubber band on any door, call the police. This is still a rare tactic, but it could
start growing so its good to be ahead of the curve. We want to hear your thoughts on this story,
has this ever happened to you and do you have any other secret ways to hide your valuables
or protect your home, we want to hear it all down in the comments below. Now lets check out some of your comments from
the video titled – This is the grossest word in the English language according to Science. Ella Wolfram says – I used to know someone
who hated this word so much and would cringe every time they heard it. This explains it all. Thank you IO
-Happy we could help explain your friends hatred for the word in a scientific manner. Agent 47 says – I didn know that word was
that gross. Thanks for the information Boss!
-It is! And youre welcome Pretty uggly YT says – Johnny, your hair looks
moist, do you use gel? – It could be the lighting because I actually
use wax in my hair Denver C. says – The words moist and phlegm
don’t bother me at all. Fart, and all its synonymous and related slang
bother me. As a kid, those words actually grossed me
out so much that I couldn’t finish eating if somebody said that, or actually did it
-Sooo if I said toot, you would be grossed out by that? Interesting. Frank Insjersey says – Ive never heard of
moist pasta but there’s nothing wrong with a good slice of moist chocolate cake.
-ahhhh you got me there Frank! Chalk one up for moist Thank you for watching Inform Overload, Hit
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  1. Are people really getting THAT desperate for money or something to sell? Seriously people, if any of you are considering breaking into someone's house, you should try to get a job or just start a yard sale 😏

  2. Wait! I…. When the teachers give you a rubber band to tie your hair back the teachers watching you….?

  3. When I first saw the notification I thought it was bright side,

    I then looked and realised it was IO

  4. Calls the Police
    Me: Hello police, a man put a rubber band on my front door!!
    Police: Did you use protection!?

  5. This tactic doesn't work if you lock your deadbolt after your close the door. The deadbolt on my door is always locked at all times. Not to mention I'm paranoid lol so after I close my front door I pull on the knob to make sure it's closed. #ParanoiaFTW

  6. 911 whats your emergency?
    Theres a rubber band on the door
    Where is your parents?
    I'm not even joking please send help
    Hangs up

  7. Or you know, LOOK at your door knob and if you see a rubber band just remove it and take it. That is even more simpler and everytime they put one on the door, take it and you have free rubber bands.

  8. Tbh, idk what everyone was expecting they talked about the rubber band. Why do everyone saying that it’s “bright side.”

  9. about home security systems: putting a sign on what company system you use is a BAD idea. some buglars know how to undo the system if theyre familiar with it. the best thing you can do is put put a sign saying you have a system in place instead of a specific system.

    Police: …..*hangs up* crazy people these days….
    Random Person: “hello?”

  11. I have this secret way that I protect my home….it's the best security system you can buy…….3 German Shepards that only like me .

  12. That doesn't work adt people can hack 😂 and by pass it easily you just told everyone I don't feel safe 😂😂

  13. ah yes, the perfect things about apartments no one wants theme because they're really small and there's so much neighbors that'll hear you scream if your house gets intruded

  14. Police: hello what do you need?
    Me: I have a rubber band on my door
    Police: I don't have time to "get it out" cuz you pot it in the door

    To mins later


    police: are you that person who called us like 2 mins ago?


    Police: have tea

    Me: isn't your job is to get rubbers and criminals?

    Police: nope cuz I Quit

    Me: bye

  15. I see informoverload I click… I see this guy and quit… Where's my potato girl? JP but seriously

  16. Or you can set your alarm system🤷 or you know…….go outside after a few minutes and take it off?🤷

  17. I work with VIVINT HOME SECURITY and I can hook you up so you can be protected hmu on Instagram Globalempire26

    POLICE:what is the problem
    Me:there is a rubber in my door
    POLICE:Why call us if you can call the fbi or inform overload

  19. Would the cops arrest you when you call them and you didn't knew that the rubberband in your door was a prank that your child placed to prank anyone who will go in or our of the door???

  20. i thought the contest was over this past Sunday? im highly allergic to rubber and latex so i guess having it on my door would be extra bad for me

  21. We don’t need to worry about those type of doors in the hood lmao maybe the suburbs but in the projects? Hahaha

  22. Hi Johnny, can u ask charlett were she got that PEPSI jacket she wears often in her video's I love it an would love to have 1 THANKS a bunches been SINCE 1500 SUBZ.An often share you videos with my 6 an 7gr STUDENTS it has great TOPIC an the kids love the channel. The say it gives them great insite an gets them talking about subjects they wouldn't regularly talk about,it all so gives them a break of boredom from book work as they put it. So you keep doing what u do an teaching our kids some great INFO. THANKS to IO👏📑📈📒📚📰✏

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