If You Buy These Car Parts You’re Stupid

If You Buy These Car Parts You’re Stupid

rev up your engines
today I’m gonna talk about how you don’t always have to buy the most expensive
parts for your car now of course we all want our cars to last as long as
possible we don’t want to use junky parts on our cars but on the other hand
we don’t want to pay a bunch of money for stuff we either don’t need that you
can find somewhere at a lower price know as an example take motor oil this is a
very good motor oil it’s redline but the cheapest I could
find this thing online was a little bit over $10 a quart Wow the Amazon full
synthetic that they now sell on our own it’s less than three dollars and 40
cents of course now they’re both good oils they’re both rated as excellent
oils by the American Petroleum Institute the API actually the Amazon has a little
bit higher grade rating than this does and I do have to say some of my
customers who actually race cars swear by the red line in their race cars that
they’re putting on a race track you really don’t need to buy the more
expensive oil for normal driving let’s talk about synthetic oil itself now if
you got the modern car that needs like a 0w 20 or you can only get that in full
since that actually have to buy synthetic but if you have an older car
that doesn’t need full synthetic oil a lot of times it’s a waste of money for
you especially if you’re like me and I don’t put down any miles on your
vehicles because of course over time they’re all degrades they tell you to
change your oil once a year regardless of the mileage you put on it if you’re
buying $10 quart oil you might be able to get a buck and a half at Walmart for
just plain old normal oil and if you’re only driving three four or five thousand
miles a year you don’t need to buy the synthetic oil
so of course you take all that in consideration when you’re buying oil for
your a car just because you’re paying a whole bunch more you may not need that
as long as your oil has this API certification American Petroleum
Institute you can read about your own car your own engine online and make sure
that that oil has those figures that’s all you need to know now when it comes
to cosmetic stuff like these headlights you really don’t want to get ripped off
and buy the most expensive parts the old lights on this
matrix went bad if I bought them at the dealer the replacement assembly
we’re two hundred and fifty three bucks apiece I got these better looking ones
with the dark smoky plastic on them for fifty five dollars online not only did
they fit perfectly but they look a lot better than the original ones and as you
can see these things have been on for over five years they look perfectly fine
they’re actually lessening better than the original ones they got more style so
you don’t have to spend five times as much for something that isn’t even as
good it’s a cheaper one now let’s talk about expensive tires tires are rated in
various ratings and the real super expensive ones they’re high speed they
have to be really soft so that when you take off with a monster engine
they’ll grip the road and so they kind of erased themselves while you’re
driving down the road if you go fast all the time think race cars 500-mile race
they might go through six sets of tires if your tires were I pit fast you’d be furious
in most cases you don’t need to buy the super expensive super soft ones no you
got a normal car you’re not driving like a racecar driver you don’t need to buy
those tires and if you’re like me and don’t drive that many miles I never buy
the super expensive tires I didn’t buy the expensive tires because I don’t
drive that many miles and long before the treads worn out my tire is always
dry right the ultraviolet rays of the Sun the heat of driving eventually makes
the rubber crack and you gotta replace I remember years ago my wife had a toyota
cressida the tires still had about ninety percent of their wear so I didn’t
think about it but one day she calls me up says I got a flat tire luckily she
was only a block down the street put the spare on drove home then I checked all
the tires and man they were all dry rotted for sure even though they had 90
percent of their tribe left I looked at the dates and these cars were over ten
years old now surprisingly enough the tires on my Celica even though
they’re ten years old and they’re dirty they’re still not crack and they’re
Chinese tires they were really cheap tires their holding up quite well but if you
look at the tars and you see all kinds of cracks going all around them you know
it’s dry ride and it’s time to get new tires and if you don’t drive a lot of
miles like me don’t waste your money on super expensive tires you know
and if you do a lot more driving say you drive twenty thirty thousand miles
here you’ll want to buy good tires of course but when you go to buy tires
your main emphasis is going to be on which ones are gonna last the longest
you don’t need those fancy Z rated tires to racing if you’re not racing around
like a maniac see which one’s lasts longest at the best price and then buy
those now the next thing you don’t waste too much money on is car batteries
throughout basically the same other than some of those fancy gel Spiral ones but
there’s actually only a few companies that we actually make batteries and then
they just put different names on them and sell them to other companies oh you
want to price around when you get a batteries look at the cold cranking amp
for the higher it is the better the battery and price them go on the
internet look around because you may be in a discount auto parts store but their
battery prices might be sky-high I’ve seen batteries that were one hundred and
sixty nine dollars in a discount auto parts store yet you go to other places
Walmart whatever and you find a cold cranking amp battery eighty or ninety
dollars it’s certainly not gonna spend one hundred sixty nine or whatever at
the high price place for a battery that is equivalent almost half price
but here’s one where you really want to spend more money some of the
modern cars come with these absorbed glass mat batteries they have a longer
storage life more power if your car came with one of these AGM batteries when you
replace it you really are better off putting an AGM battery back in I would
not go back to just an old fashioned battery like this one here to came from
autozone that has battery acid and water inside it you want to stick to the
absorbed glass mat because I’ve had customers that did go from the AGM and
they put in the regular ones because they were cheaper sometimes within a
year or so that next battery would go bad there you want to buy the more
expensive one because your car was designed but even and you can price
around now let’s go on to more complicated things like say your fuel
pump these Toyota’s announced I’ll have these Nippon Denso fuel pumps in and
yeah if you want to replace your fuel pump you want to put another Nippon
Denso in you know one of those cheap Chinese knockoffs
I’ve seen those things not working at all last a few months and breakdown you
got to drop the gas tank to change your fuel pump it’s such an expensive job you
weren’t a good one but you don’t have to go to the dealer to buy that Nippon
Denso pump as an example the dealer Nippon Denso pump assembly for this
matrix is six hundred and fifty seven dollars they’re not giving them away but
you can always find that Nippon Denso pump somewhere else they’re available
here in Houston locally cost me a hundred and forty dollars for one that
start in a trunk now in case it ever goes bad and of course if you’re
planning way ahead you could buy it online find who’s got the best price
because let’s face it if you fuel pump goes out you’re gonna want it fixed
right away so you can try maybe the local guys just gonna say hey I gotta
buy it at the dealer yeah it’s the only place I can get them well
guess what if you got one in your trunk as a spare you don’t have to worry about
that I do all my cars just I don’t wanna be stranded in the middle of no where
with a fuel pump that goes out I’d have to buy some
super expensive thing one for a lot less I gotta have a spare in the trunk now
the next thing not to spend all your hard-earned money on the most expensive
product out there when you’re waxing or polishing your car I like this new
finish it’s not a wax technically it’s a polish but these
bottles you know their like six seven eight dollars they don’t cost much and it
says once a year well that’s nonsense I still do it four times a year but I have
seen fancy polishes and wax kits that are made in Germany for people in their
elite cars and some of these kits will be one hundred and sixty two hundred
something dollars don’t waste your money on that stuff you know it’s just another
scam that whoo you got a real expensive car you need a really expensive wax
there’s all those ceramic nanotechnology coatings and stuff most of that stuff’s
a line of bull, I had people send me this stuff to try out and they said Oh Scotty
you’re so great and then I’d say we’ll you know send me some proof of how your
stuff works let me give me some nonsense I’m never allowed to talk to an engineer
or scientist will say exactly how the stuff works when they’re selling I’m out
of some website or come from Russia and these little bitty bottles will be
like 49.95 keep the money in your wallet don’t buy that stuff it’s a bunch of
junk, it’s just sales gimmicks to try to suck you into buying it cuz oh I want to keep
my car’s paint great shape just use the regular stuff it works fine and it
doesn’t cost that much and the last thing I’m gonna talk about
now waste your money is gasoline most cars these days I make to run on regular
gasoline in the United States they run perfectly fine don’t waste your money
putting in the mid grade or the high test gas they give you all the ads make
your car run better lalala actually if your modern car was made to run on regular
gas it’s gonna run better on regular gas than it is on a high test test they’re
designed to run on that particular octane you put a different octane in it
actually may not burn as well they charge so much more for the high test
gas than they do for the regular gas and the cost of production really isn’t all
that much different listen well it’s our advertising cost that’s already charged
mark if you notice all our advertisements only advertise the
expense of high octane gasoline you check it out that’s still the truth
today you never see them advertising the cheaper gas their eyes advertising the
high octane one makes your car run better blah blah blah blah don’t fall
for that stuff and maybe you want to stay away from the really sleazy
convenience stores in the bad part of town because if they did get bad gas
yeah good luck getting them to pay to fix your car I have actually had that
happen to some of my customers and they denied all responsibility and hey you’re
gonna take somebody to court for something I might have cost you eight
$900 on your car hardly anybody’s gonna do that so you’re better sticking to the
big names because hey you know they got insurance and if they got a station that
somehow got bad gas I don’t know what that station got bad gas in the company
big company it’s gonna stand behind it they have to because it makes it look
bad if they don’t so now you know a little bit more about why you don’t
necessarily want to buy the most expensive things for your car if you
still want it to last a long time and not take too much money out of your
wallet doing so so if you never want to miss another one
of my new car repair videos, remember to ring that Bell

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  2. We use to sale a service to dealers for new cars that had a 3 year Teflon polish guarantee. People bought it because as you know nothing sticks to Teflon and it will last forever. The only problem was that one time we had a chemist tell us that our product and guarantee was as you say a lot of hoop-la! He said in order to get Teflon to adhere to a surface the temperature would need to reach a minimum of 600 degrees. Do know what that would do to the car paint he ask? We got the point…..it was a lot of hoop-la.

  3. You're right about most things, but what you say about the tires are absolutely wrong. You don't need good tires just to be driving around normally, it's in a case where you have to stop the car quickly you need good tires and you never know when that might be. Difference between cheap chinese tires and proper tires like Bridgestone or Michelin could in some situations mean the difference between life and death both for you and whoever you might hit.

  4. Castrol GTX 10W-40 conventional oil for 33 years and 470,000 miles. Burns less than 1/4 of a quart between 5000 mile oil changes. Still runs and idles smoothly with OEM injectors.

  5. Nu Finish might last 2 – 3 months depending on conditions. Meguiar's Gold Class Carnuba Plus Paste Wax lasts a good 6 months. I don't care about price, I want the best. You're gonna pay for it, but Meguiar's Carnuba is the very best wax out there hands down.

  6. Walmart made deal with johnsons controls to exclusively sell there batteries but they sell at 50 dollars price point…they work great so walmart is best place to buy battery by far look into it

  7. Yet again Scotty don't know what he's talking about as usual … You (WILL) see a difference when using higher grade gas !!!! Hey Scotty your car is not going to run better on regular gas the high grade gas has more octane meaning more power …

  8. Scotty.. since you keep a fuel pump in your trunk, would you kindly make a video on things you should (and shouldn't) keep in your car's trunk? Cheers!

  9. Wow ! I learned something new and useful from Scotty today. Buy a quality fuel pump and store them in the trunk of your car even before it breaks down. What a great idea. You certainly don't want to start searching for the correct fuel pump only when it has broken down.

  10. lots of birds 3:40 😀 , hey Scotty what about winter tires ? is it worth buying one pair or should be ok to just use all season tires?

  11. In general this is a great video! The 2 i don't abide by are, 1 – i use 91 octane because my car was made to run on it and it runs rough on 87. 2- I use full synthetic because i live in cold weather and it doesn't get as thick as basic oil which means less friction on startup in the cold months. it also helps keep my PCV valve from plugging up as that is an issue my car model has.

  12. I respectfully disagree with your take on tires. No, you don't need Z rated tires, and yes, if you don't drive 5k miles a year, tires will dry-rot, BUT most of your subscribers are not in these categories. You DO get what you pay for with tires; don't be misled. Buy cheap crappy tires and your ride will suffer AND you will be replacing them quickly. Do yourself a favor and buy Michelin tires – they cost more but are worth it in the long run!

  13. You know Scotty never drives that car, if the tires are dry rotting before the tread wears out!!
    I don't even think it's possible for a tire to dry rot here in Michigan!

  14. Fun fact. If you buy a walmart battery, take it to a walmart without a service area right before the warranty expires, no questions asked free new battery. If they have a service area they check to see if it's bad first. Normally I would feel bad exploiting a loop hole in a product guarantee but in a world of core charges where the new battery you buy is just a remanufactured old one, the seller is the original scammer.

    DONT buy a fancy Interstate Battery. They have a warranty but what they don't tell you is their warranty is pro rated. Meaning if you buy a $100 battery with a 4 year warranty and it dies after 3 years they charge you $75 for the replacement. And shockingly enough, at the Interstate store they never have the standard battery you bought in stock but they have the super premium battery and will gladly use that one…if you pay the difference. So you go in thinking they are going to stand by their expensive battery and you end up paying them 80% of the original battery cost.

  15. I've needed a new electric motor for my driver window for my Prius C 2013. the dealer asked me 700$ for a brand new one without all the frame and gear for the window. quickly found one in a nearby scrapyard almost new…. for 160$ with the frame and shipping included…

  16. The problem with buying cheap head lights is they all don't have proper/good beam quality. Had a head light replaced with and reputable head light and 1/2 the price of the one for my 2002 Honda Civic. Boy it was I disappointed. Driving at night the replacement beam pattern was like a shot gun blast- all over the road. The stock one very well aimed and focused. Could see twice as far and jut the road and not the top of the trees and 10 feet in front of the car. OEM for headlights for me only! Unless you don't drive at night and you want cool looking lights. Sorta like fuel pumps. Buy a cheep one and its a crap shoot!

  17. Ahh, yes. Tell people they're stupid because you have an opinion before you even say a word. That's smart if you want people to listen to you.

  18. I put 93 in my 2013 Sonata with a 2.0t and the ECU advances the timing, giving me a little bump in power…I've also consistently gotten better mileage per tank since switching from 87…just my experience

  19. How do you not drive many miles? I put 25K miles a year easily. At least 500 miles a week to and from work and errands, plus a couple thousand miles a year for vacation.

  20. I would choose to spend what I can max afford on tires and brakes as they could save my life and money if I ended up in a crash simply the tires aren't stop fast enough

  21. Cheese grade, rock hard chinesium tires on my hatchback already make one of the rear wheels pop off the ground when i'm taking a hard corner, and then i had the genius idea of putting some sticky michelins on it that one season.
    Midnight Club for 5 seconds, soiled pants for the rest of the commute.

  22. As i'm collecting more cars in my older age, which I all love dearly (even though many of them are not worth much), I do end up putting "the good oil" from the local garage into all of them, and driving them 10k a year. Not worth it, as you say. What a legit money saving tip! Thanks Scotty!!! Looking out for the people 🙂

  23. Here in Europe we have all the tires are rated by fuel eficiency, brake distance in wet conditions and rolling noise, and most of the times the chinese tires have best ratings than the cheap tires from the big brands, about durability I don't know but i brought my car with chinese tires and they dured 35000km in front and the ones on the back have 60000km and they still have alot of threat, they are starting to dry but they have more than 5 years old. My father new car come with hankook prime tires and they are destroyed on front after 4 years and 10000km.

  24. So now that I just payed for my first synthetic oil change at my local Monroe is it true that I should not switch back to regular old oil. 1999 Lexus rx300 135,000 miles and I usually have 4K mikes per year on it.
    What would Scotty tell me?

  25. The best battery deal you can get are the interstate batteries at Costco. They're some of the best batteries and they're half the price of most other batteries and have a 5 year warranty.

  26. Hey Scotty, have you ever done a video on an easy way of removing hard water spots from car windows? There are plenty on the tube but none that are easy actually work.

  27. A lead acid car battery with a higher Cold Cranking Amp (CCA) rating is NOT a better battery, nor will it give a longer service life than a battery of the same group size, with a lower CCA rating – the opposite is true. This is why auto manufacturers have different CCA ratings for southern cars and northern cars.
    To achieve higher CCA in the same size battery, the battery manufacturer has to install more lead cell plates in the battery. To fit more cell plates in the battery, the cell plates have the be made with thinner sheets of lead. The thinner lead cell plates do NOT last as long as a battery which was manufactured with thicker lead cell plates.
    Don't take my word for it – look it up!

  28. Scotty, so true. Wax: I was using DuPont's spray wax for the car after wash and touch ups. Brought out the shine. I don't they make it anymore. But, I found that Lucas spray wax is almost as good. All under $6. Kudos!

  29. Had to buy new coils for my 4.6 3v

    118 dollars for 8 at the local parts store

    25 dollars for all 8, on Ebay. all OEM spec. Runs like a top now

  30. What do you do with all of this "motor oil?"
    I have twice been corrected, informed that my car doesn't have a "motor." It has an "engine."
    I never see "engine oil" in the stores.
    Someone needs to let General MOTORS, Ford MOTOR Co., Harley-Davidson MOTOR Co. know about this. It should be "General ENGINES," Ford ENGINE Co., Harley-Davidson ENGINE Co., and that they make ENGINEcycles, not MOTORcycles.
    My car does have motors: starter motor, heater fan motor, radiator fan motor, etc. They don't call for oil. There isn't any provision for putting oil in them. If I did take them out and oil them, they could all be oiled with a few drops.

  31. A friend of mine was using 91 octane premium fuel in his 2001 Mazda Protege. I tried to tell him there was no benefit over 87 octane regular, that they have the same energy content, but he was convinced the premium has 'more power', and 'runs smoother'. Guess I'll have to send him Scotty's video.

  32. Scotty should i order rigatoni or fettuccini? I need another meatball sandwich. Don't forget to bash the Italians Scotty. Do what you do best.

  33. That being said: don't forget that your tires are the only thing keeping you on the road. So while you don't need racing tires, make sure that your tires are well-rated for the conditions that you typically drive in. Oh, and never buy used tires.

  34. Hey Scott. I love all of your videos lots of helpful info. Question for you. I have same es300 sa your. And I need shocks for it. Where is a good place to get them from ?

  35. I have a 2003 VW Golf. The former owners used to put synthetic oil in it. Should I still use synthetic or should I use the normal one?

  36. What are your thoughts on using those lubes to keep your tires from dry rotting? I wouldn't go super cheap on tires. My brother got Kirkland years ago and on turns you could hear them squeaking from slipping.

  37. Is it true that you should not let the level of fuel in your tank fall to a very low level as these electric pumps are submerged which help them stay cool otherwise I think they overheat and reduces its life expectancy.
    Is this true anyone?

  38. My worry about buying a battery from a store where you don't know how long it has been sitting on the shelf, batteries that sit for too long are not going to last to long, i try to get one from a place whdere they churn em out quickly.

  39. In all my cars,when I could afford high premium gas,I always noticed better gas mileage.That's when premium was only like .20 or .30 more

  40. I’m my car 2.5 Scion Tc2 high octane gas last longer than regular I drove my car just same miles same way of driving wether condition road ext not exceptions to my house and work for 2 weeks 31 mins there 31mins back … each week with different gas regular and 93 which is what’s offer in MA .. Regular gas I was 1-1’1/2 days short of the 7th days
    93 octane I was 2-3 days over the 7th day .. and engine felt a lot better and more responsive and non sluggish with 93 .

  41. I disagree wholeheartedly with your opinion on tires Scotty. I am a truck driver, 26yrs so far, and not all tires are created equal. Cheap tires do not provide as much traction in rain and snow and more expensive tires. Tires have a traction rating on them, buy the highest traction rating tire you can afford. Traction means control, and without control you have nothing.

  42. Lots of opinions here on tires and justified by circumstances. For me I live in the rainy Seattle area and to me wet braking performance is at the top of my list. Internet tire seller, Tire Rack, tests a lot of the tires they sell. I search by my tire size then check testing data on wet braking to narrow my selection. Like Scotty I don't drive enough miles to warrant an 80,000 mile tire. I will pay more for a tire that will make a difference in it stopping before colliding with something.

  43. Hey Scotty why does the Lexus LX require 93 octane gas and the Land Cruiser require regular for the exact same 5.7 L engine.

  44. Walmart has excellent prices on batteries, fluids, filters…BUT….It is such a painful experience to pay for it and get out the door.

  45. Dad has an RV and those tires are more expensive than normal car tires. He's had a few problems with cracking and blow outs. Told him to put like armor all every so often and it's helped a lot to prevent cracking. Is this a bad idea?

  46. I have an Avalon King ceramic coating on one of my cars and it has really helped keep it clean and look good. I wash it about once a month and it looks just as good as when I put it on.

  47. i disagree 100% on the tires, countless studies show more expensive tires LAST MORE and are the most important part on your car.

  48. The Americans say we are "the best country in the world"
    "We have the best things in the world"
    "We have the biggest things in the world"

    Americas standard fuel is 87 octane their premium fuel is 91 octane 😂🙃😑

    Here in the UK standard fuel is 95ron (octane) and never less, the premium is 99ron (octane)

  49. Hi Scotty! What do you think of those rumanian Dacias (Renault)? Cheap cars, very popular here in Europe. Any experience with them?

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