If Videogame Characters Could Break All the Rules

If Videogame Characters Could Break All the Rules

Okay, whose turn is it? Who cares? Rush him! Ah! No no, disqualified, you’re all disqualified! ARGH, GAH! Why, WHYYY?! Ah? Wha? Bread crumbs? Oh, hey there buddy, wha-what’re you doing? AHH! Oh gah! Oh god! No, shoot me! Kill me! Now is not the time to use that! You’re not my dad, psychic professor! AHHH! Oh nooo! *catching Pokemon fanfare* Woop! I think-a i forgot-a somethin-a back there. Better go back-a left. *grunting* *party music* *record scratch* Ahhhh, shit. So, is this all pot? I’ll take it all! Actually, why don’t we just walk it? Y’know? I was thinking the same thing. So, no one’s seen Sonic or Tails yet? It’s weird. Come on, Sonic! Let’s keep flying! Huh. Neat.

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  1. In donkey Kong country the minekart can’t get stuck and stop, and you can,t walk on rails to you just fall though

  2. Oh another one:

    Zelda series (like Ocarina of time and others): Link learns how to pick locks in dungeons, even on the boss room doors. Sure he could still find the keys, but if he could break the rules, he could become a master at picking locks too, much like the Dragon Born can in Skyrim

  3. Aka me if i was in fnaf world I just rush all the enemys and beat the cheap out of them

  4. Lessons To Learn:

    1. Don’t Attack Until You’re Given The “Fight!” Commands! (No Matter Who’s Turn Is It!)

    2. Don’t Shoot The Dog In Duck Hunt! (He Can’t Jump Out Of The Bushes, And Don’t Ever Feed Those Ducks!)

    3. Don’t Ride Bikes Inside Any Pokébuildings! (Your Mother Set That Policy Up, So You CAN’T Possibly Break It!)

    4. Don’t Go Back (According To Various Mario Games, Even If You PROBABLY Forgot Something, You Can’t Turn Around And Pass That Barrier!)

    5. Never Grow Drugs On The Farm! (Not Just Tobacco, But Marijuana, And Other Killer Chemicals!)

    6. Don’t Even Try To Walk On Minecart Tracks! (Whether The Vehicle Malfunctions, You Still Have To Ride It, Or Go To A Different Level!)

    7. Never Free The Animals By Skipping The Start! (Always Start Near The Far Left Side Of The Whole Level, Then Strategize Throughout The Puzzle To Complete It!)

  5. This game is fun me and my friends play this at school all he time during free time! bad ice cream 3 game on hudgames is great

  6. 0:11 why is duck season in here it’s a horror game its gory, violent and actually a very sad game.

    Yes you can shoot the dog but just warning you don’t do it

  7. Comedy itself is just too subjective to be understood by this population as it keeps growing. Things just cause relevance or irrelevance towards certain jokes giving them various amounts of effectiveness

  8. I finally seen someone shoot that dog from duck hunt. Letting the ducks eat him to death was a bit much. I think you have duck hunt issues.

  9. I would much rather have the ability to walk the train level in Donkey Kong than ride the god damn train cart and save all that frustration

  10. You know, you can actually skip most of one of those minecart levels in DKC by doing exactly what was done in the video. So, that one isn’t too far fetched.

  11. If Video game Characters couldn't break the rules
    Sans: Goes down easily since he can no longer dodge attacks.
    Mysterious Figure/Young Xehanort (Kingdom Hearts) Does normal damage with sword strikes. Isn't OP.
    Inner Agent 3: Is vulnerable when restocking Ink. Can't roll or regenerate health.
    Mario Kart AI: Can't rubberband, so is left behind easily. Mario Kart Wii: Spiny shell fire rate reduced.
    Geese Howard (Fatal Fury): Attacks don't do a ridiculous amount of damage (this boss is widely considered unfair).

  12. After a long time the duck hunt dog comes back in an vr game called duck season murdering everyone you love

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