Ice Tyres: Lexus Designs Impressive Wheels Made Out Of Frozen Water

Ice Tyres: Lexus Designs Impressive Wheels Made Out Of Frozen Water

DUNCAN HAMILTON: The idea of putting 4 ice wheels onto a car and driving it along, it’s
a bit crazy really and exciting. 00:12
COMM: Taking the idea of driving on ice to a whole new level, Lexus set out to create
the world’s first set of working wheels and tyres made out of frozen water, showcasing
their belief in the combination of engineering and handcrafted artistry. 00:29
JAMIE HAMILTON: Things that are made by a hand are special because you have the combination
of the tools and the workmen. We have to choose our tools very carefully and when we use those
tools, we are engaging with the material in a completely different way to when you just
kind of press a button and machine makes it. 00:46
JACK HACKNEY: Being a sculptor, it’s about having a good silhouette, bold detail which
is why these wheels are brilliant, because the shape of the rib on the car is a very
strong bold kind of geometric shape. So it really comes out in ice. 01:01
DUNCAN HAMILTON: Most of what we make is one-of and it’s a thrill. For me it’s like a
little journey of exploration. 01:18
DANIEL RYAN: Ice intrinsically doesn‘t have the sort of properties that you need to be
able to support a nearly 2 ton car. So we are looking at different materials and finding
which one will be appropriate to hide and sandwich in-between 2 layers of ice, and take
the actual structural load while from a visual sense the ice will still be on show. 01:37
COMM: The process of research, design and testing took the team of engineers and ice
sculptors 3 months. 01:44
JAMIE HAMILTON: The planning stage is very crucial. I feel I need to know really what
I am doing. So that when I am making it, I feel really confident that everything is going
to sort together and fit. And at the same time that you are trying to get those sort
of technical details right, you are also trying to make something beautiful. 02:00
DANIEL RYAN: To start with, we get a digital design of the wheel itself. After that we
then need to dissect this model and figure out where the certain components that we are
actually manufacturing are going to be. Because of the nature of the real wheel and how it
attached to the wheel assembly, we are having to create a packer so then that attaches to
the wheel assembly. The acrylic then sandwiches onto the mild steel assembly, and the ice
then attaches onto that. 02:23
JAMIE HAMILTON: We’ve never done anything like this before and we are not entirely sure
whether it’s going to work or not. 02:34
JACK HACKNEY: The prospect of actually breaking any of the stuff we’ve been using – the
car, the prospects, the ice wheels themselves, has been high. And we have had few little
problems; we have had some cracks and fractures. It’s a different type of challenging because
you get some things that are more sculptural but actually logistically and kind of technically
it really is up there with one of the hardest things I have had to do. 02:54
COMM: To combat the effects of one of the warmest winters on record, the Lexus NX car
was deep frozen and stored for 5 days at -30 degrees before it was driven down a London
road. 03:08
COMM: LEDs fitted inside the ice wheels added an extra dimension to the finished look. 03:21
COMM: Impressive as it is, Lexus didn’t reveal how long the ice tires managed to last.

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  1. The center is solid acrylic with ice on either side, solid ice it couldn't support the weight without cracking, so it's a semi-false claim/boast in my opinion. Just another stupid idea carried out at the behest of some wacked out VP in advertising!

  2. I would actually think this is cool if it was an ice wheel and tire. But it's more like an acrylic wheel and tire. Not impressive.

  3. Lexus:
    Makes a hoverboard that's virtually useless
    Makes a cardboard car that's virtually useless
    Makes ice wheels that are virtually useless
    "The Pursuit of Perfection."

  4. So they arent actually ice wheels but perspex wheels. Thanks fuckwits for the false advertising. Just like a lexus ! Think youre driving a cool car, but its just another fucking Toyota.

  5. this is a HUGE breakthrough … wow … they've finally done it … they've improved dramatically on the wheel … the most basic invention of human mechanical science launched into hyperspace… ice wheels … genius … what's next? feeding tuna fishes mayonnaise and pickles so when you butcher them you have an instant tuna sandwich? what will these geniuses think of next … yawn

  6. you all are missing the point. It's a Metaphor folks! Lexus is demonstrating their ultra-high profits by selling you a rebadged Toyota for twice the price.


  8. You can see ice cracking the first 3 seconds. What was the point behind this? What a waste of time and money. Stupid people with more money than brains.

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