everybody today is going to be crazy
we’re gonna be taking the wheels off of somebody’s Lamborghini without them even
knowing and getting their reaction if you guys are excited smash that thumbs
up button right now this is pretty much how it’s gonna go down
my friend Michael Lucy is with another youtuber right now and his name is Oh me
watch him step to the blog melissa only has a lamborghini and they’re currently
on their way to a mall that is around the corner from me I reached out to my
buddies over at Carfax they’re gonna be helping me out today we’re gonna be
taking the wheels off of his Lamborghini as he’s in the mall and when he comes
out he’s gonna realize there’s no more wheels on this car and we’re gonna get
his reaction hi guys so me and oh me just pulled up to the mall right now
about it go in check out some stuff see what they got in here for you guys we’re
in the lab all right now we’re about to hop out one day that thing is insane one
day one day all right we got car FX rolling up right now but they get the
job done oh my god guys it is done
this looks hilarious oh my gosh my man is gonna freak out when he sees this
guy’s leave a thumbs up right now this is crazy so we ended up not getting too
much at the mall we’re here come on stop yeah this with this mall it doesn’t
really have much in it only just picked up a few things you got one bag right
there yo how heavy is that chain it’s heavy I
have no idea its a little over a kilo hell god yes pray that mall to come to a
park the Frank are like harsh what’s a hammer oh my god this is fun damn bro they’d left all the lug nuts
and everything go don’t pick on appreciated world and anything my friend
cameras brought my doors open damn got a call friend to chipolina yeah
where how you supposed to get back oh yeah where’s your phone go where’d
your phone go this is crazy we just pull back up to the car and there’s no rooms
in the car at all like acting like literally like fits you in as well yeah
we’re guys we were not even in the mall for that long that’s frankly the same you broke your phone where’d you throw
your phone my dude yo how you getting your car back home no I’m gonna drop it
you down here yo you guys said you could drive it like this yeah me too yo dude you think you could
drive in the car like this she really chucked his phone oh he took a chunk out
of it how’s the screen the screen okay he’s good he got lucky
we threw his back down to back shot oh he’s a good sport about this I’m sorry
man when I came I thought he was gonna like
run after me or something let me go get your don’t worry the wheels are all good
he’s growing up look if it wasn’t me rolling up and it was some random dude I
think you would have probably choked them out problem all right the wheels
are put back on the car now he’s just tying them up with other guys huge
shout-out to car FX once again if you need any car work tell them I sent you
yo guys if you enjoyed this video make this smash that thumbs up bye and don’t
forget to subscribe this is great

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  2. Man I just can’t seem to stop watching you. Your videos always got some kind of fun vibe goin on shit your just so later back and don’t gaf 👌🏼 deadass ima keep watching 🤣❤️

  3. I'm new to your channel. Omg that was hilarious. Thought OMI was gonna have a heart attack. Love your channel. Hope you have an awesome weekend. I found you from OMI's channel

  4. Lmao Omi is usually so chill about shit but that reaction is expected… probably shouldn't have thrown his phone towards traffic tho

  5. Oh lance you really think you are such a prankster but oh let some one prank him and he cries like a fucking lil pussy

  6. Wow not once did he even try to promote omi’s channel 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️ even after he pranked him what a cunt (BTW his channel is OMI IN A HELLCAT )

  7. That's why not always good to prank,things can go wrong, dont know why he tossed phone,but the pranker made him do it,the fact someone put hands on car,I would've been pissed if he came up to me saying pranked,dont like no one touching my car,could've damage somthing

  8. “when he came i thought he was gonna run after me or something” yeah i don’t think you’d have to be worry about him running☠️

  9. This was HILARIOUS Omni was pissed first the shopping bag slam drop then the epic phone toss. Epic 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  10. Hey lance, I just want say I love your energy and how happy you are! I would love to meet you one day, thank you so much for the awesome vlogs/ pranks!!

  11. Not all "humor" is funny. That was disrespectful to play w/ OMI's car like that. Then he damaged his phone due to that prank. You didn't plan for that. What if he lost priceless info on his phone?? SMH

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