I have traction alopecia and what i do to hide it.

I have traction alopecia and what i do to hide it.

hey guys mitsurugi here welcome to
another video this video is going to be about my traction alopecia I get
questions on it every now and then I have been suffering with traction on
patients for probably the last pass four or five years that I have been
dealing with this and the main cause of my traction alopecia is braids and just
wearing to tighter braids to tie the cornrows now I still wear braids
I still work or else I style my hair certain ways but I don’t wear them like
I used to wear them because it just takes my hair out every time I do the
braids so I will explain to you exactly how I cover up the thinness I will
explain to you how I style my hair so that I don’t get worse and talk to you
about things that I’m going to do for my hair in the future so first things first
I want to show you guys my traction alopecia out on each side so on my left
hand side my traction alopecia looks like this now this isn’t a traction
health patient this was always like this since I was born but and it looks like
it’s going all the way up here but really it’s just this area right in here
where I just just pulled it out I just too tight of braids cornrows stuff like
that and it’s gone so it looks like this on this side so that is traction
alopecia there’s nothing I can do about that for it to come back I’m okay with
that I’ve learned to be ok with that for the past five four or five years that
I’ve been dealing with this so this is the right side
so this is what the right side looks like very thin um I do texturize my hair
i texturize my edges I do not skip texturizing my edges
because it’s just gets tangling and knots and I feel like I pull out more
hair when it’s tangling and knoty so I make sure that I keep up with
texturizing my edges now my edges is not the first thing that i texturize so it’s
the last thing I do so it doesn’t stay on as long as the rest of my hair does
when it gets texturizer and it works great for me I have no issues with my
edges I just wear my hair and protective styles buns and braid outs twist outs
stuff like that and I will be having videos of how I styled my hair and how I
wear my hair and protective styles like the styles that I do just so you guys
can see what I’m doing to my hair but I wanted to mention this first talked
about my interest first because I have gotten questions on it so I’m going to
show you guys basically what I do to my edges to make them look thicker so if
you’re suffering traction alopecia these tips might be helpful okay so I’m going
to put my hair back so you can see it better now the things that you’re probably
gonna need probably um I have a deman brush to kind of like slicked-back my hair
into whatever style and want it in okay this is the magic the magic I want to
speak about you can use hairspray to make your edges look thicker and yeah I
highly recommend that if you don’t want to use something like this you can use
hairspray it’s not as permanent and well it is I find that when I work out this
runs more cuz it’s more like a liquidy it gets liquidy and runs down the side
of my face more so if you’re not gonna work out and stuff like that then I
recommend that you use this but if you’re going to work out I recommend
this you use this instead and this is basically like it’s an edge control with
pigment in it and it’s hard to see but it’s an edge control with pigment in it
and it kind of stays in place a little bit better it doesn’t run like this does
but I do like the way this goes on better than this so I’m gonna show you
the difference and how these work now there’s two things that you can use to
seal in your hair to seal the color in so it doesn’t like get everywhere first
thing you can use is you can use hairspray now I will use hairspray
because it works really well to lock in the color and um yeah look it works
really good so on the hairspray that I’m using I got this at Walmart it was
probably like seven dollars or something like that
and it lasts you a long long time there’s a lot of product in here the
other thing that you can use is you can use gel today I’m going to be using
eco styler gel but you can use like a wet line extreme I’ve used that and it
works great so you just got to see what gel works best for your hair that’s
gonna keep the color in place so the last thing you need is a toothbrush or
an edge brush to kind of like help with the way your hair looks or brushing it
in so I’m gonna do two different methods and see basically show you the different
methods that I use that they both work great and then one might work better for
you if you have this issue let’s get into this side so on this side I’m gonna
do this mini so basically I just take the toothbrush and rub it into the edge
controller okay so if you can see this is what my edges look like up close so
I’m just gonna take it and start here and drag it back I’m not gonna go all the way to the top
because this is just how my hair was before and it just looks weird if I like
try to make my hair look different from how it looked before so I’m just gonna
get some more and it just depends on how thick you want your hair to look I’m
just going to continue to put it on I’m taking the gel right now and I have
a glob this is about a good amount and I will spread it throughout the sides and
I usually will do this before I stop my hair now I don’t do this all the time
because I just do not care that much and it’s not bother me but if it bothers you
then I would recommend that you do this so I take this just like this brush it
in and then wallah you have thick edges and then I proceed to do my baby hairs
and now I’m going to show you what I do on this side where it is it’s thin but
it’s not that bad now the colors that I got is darkest warmest dark darkest warm
brown um you could go darker than that I don’t want my edges to be black black so
I went with a lighter brown but you can go with however dark one so I’m gonna
brush my hair for it and I have hair here it’s just thin so you probably
can’t see that but what I’m gonna do is shake it up and at a distance spraying
in okay so now that I’ve spray –then in
I’m gonna take my hair and pull it back now now I’m gonna take the hairspray
right here shake that up really well and I have to you have to be very careful
not to put too much hairspray in your hair because if you do it will just run
down the side of your face and get everywhere so you just want to put just
enough to fill in the color okay so now I’m going to take my toothbrush and kind
of smooth everything out and that’s basically what you do um it
works great this is the gel side and this is the hairspray side it’s up to
you which way you like your hair best yeah so I’m gonna go ahead and take this
out so basically I’m styling my hair in a low bun and all I have to do is put
a do-rag on and let it dry in my hair is fine
it lasts for probably like three days two days and then it kind of like starts
to flake off and rub off so it doesn’t last forever so basically in the future
when I save up enough money I am gonna get a hair transplant and I don’t want a
full hair transplant I just want it to be a little bit thicker on both sides I
don’t want it to be like as thick as the rest of my hair is cuz I think it just
doesn’t look right if it’s super thick so I just want it to be fuller so I
probably get the transplant to make it fuller and if I do do that I will take
you guys along with me and show you the process and what you have to do to get
all of this done I probably won’t do this here I probably have to go to like
Atlanta or LA somewhere where they specialize in hair transplants
especially for people who have traction alopecia and I will be doing my research
on that but we’ll see if this depends on how much money I save up for the
procedure but hopefully this video was helpful for those who suffer from
traction alopecia or have little balding spots on their hairline and I will see
you before people later peace and look you

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  1. Did you watched youtuber mateyena I believe her name is. She did a hair transplant recently and it looks great. Maybe good for your research. Good luck with your journey!

  2. i woke up one day with a bald spot in the front of my head. doctor suggested steroid shots and i never went back. found a product on ig called edge entity (im not a sponsor) all my hair filled in completely within 2 months. check it out. now i keep it on deck in case i start losing hair

  3. I was just diagnosed with alopecia areata and have been researching it like crazy lol – it's so odd how common it seems to be but not a lot of people talk about it – thank you for this video!

  4. This is amazing!! Thank you- i just find myself wearing head ties and bandanas. So this is extremely helpful. What’s the name of the dark coloured edge control called??

  5. Good job 👏🏼 try mynaturalmychoice before transplanted for hair she makes her own products for this i’m using it same problem and it’s working I use to get the shot with no results but pain and I Thank God for mynaturalmychoice she sale her products on Esty.com

  6. Stop texturizing, you might want to shave your edges and let them try growing without the chemicals of a perm sitting on them. Just a thought

  7. Hey im new to this channel and i also have alopecia for a long time now and im not alone in this thanks for makkng this video

  8. Ive been using pure castor oil that my grandma presses herself for the last few months ( lucky i have family in the carribean who can send it to me) its helped me a lot, but i want my edges to grow back faster.

  9. Make sure you have enough vitamin d. Vitamin d deficiency is associated with hair loss and is common in western countries. Moving to a tropical country, my sparse edges have began thickening up with hair growing out in areas i didn't know i have follicles in. If you have any dormant follicles, it should help waken it up. And i know people say trimming your hair doesn't make it grow but it does for me, so also try trimming the strands already there to see if it makes a difference.

  10. #1 I go be more healthy n stop use gel n fake nonsense in my hair if dat no resolve #2 Get $1.5K to $3000 USD go fix it in the hair doctor. May God rain money down like showers of blessing on me. AMEN

  11. Hi I have your answer. 1 you need to buy Women Regrowth Treatment… black Jamaican Castor oil. Watch my videos.. Im sure they will be helpful also you need Hair and nail gummy Biotin 5000.and take D vitamins..God Bless Broke Socialite on YouTube..

  12. I lost my edges a few years back, to the point that it was bald and shiny on both sides, I ended up wearing a wig with a fringe, while nursing the sides better, once they grew back, I never messed with them again, all I could think about while stuck in a wig was putting my hair back, all because I couldn't, I must say, I could have saved my edges before they went too far, but instead of stopping the braids and the weave, I continued, when I had no hair left to braid, I then started with the glue to hide the patches, I learned a lesson, I'm now natural, I wont even put hair dye on my greys, grey hair is better than no hair.

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