hybrid battery fan cleaning Toyota Prius Hybrid (HV Battery Fan Traction Battery Fan)

hybrid battery fan cleaning Toyota Prius Hybrid (HV Battery Fan Traction Battery Fan)

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  1. Do you think it could be a good idea to make a filter, “homemade filter“ and installed it at the opening of the vent? Specificly between the vent and the the plastic grill. Maybe it could prevent the early break down of the battery pack. Of course this filter has to be cleaned up every 100 000 Km or 60 000 Miles. I think Toyota should provide the proper filter for their vehicule.

    Thanks for your video.

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  3. i wonder if i tried putting some of that sea foam stuff for gasoline in the gas tank to help clean up the gas would it affect the engine ?

  4. okay so the fan is clean the engine is running good i just have one problem
    the Transmission going up hill still wants to seem to drop out of gear
    could that be a sensor or the shifter ? or is it the main battery cell

  5. Kauai community collage here has a Hybrid class i am tempted to take it , the course is
    3 semisters at a 150 dollars each semister , what do you think ? not very many people on this island certified to work on the hybrids

  6. This would have been a nice video had there been any hands on work going on… But instead we are just flipping pages on lucious garage like a true keyboard warrior, clearly this guy has never had the fan in his hand other wise he would know greasing the tip will provide zero benefit, it is sealed air tight, and the bearing that needs the grease is a couple inches down, completely inaccessible… This is probably why lucious garage no longer cleans fans, because if it was in need of cleaning like mine the non-serviceable bearing is probably already stiff from grinding dust, their policy now is to replace with new.

  7. Thank you so much for doing this video. My prius was revving high especially on hot days and lacked power. I thought my battery was failing, yet no error codes. My fan was clogged up. I cleaned it as shown in the video. I connected it to a 12v battery to test first. Was running slowly due to build up. After cleaning, it ran much better. Now my prius 2 has more power and battery charges very quickly. Fuel cons. From 6.3l/100 to 5.1l/100 immediately. Mileage is 252,000kl. Much appreciated.

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