HRN 382: West Coast Studio: Kicking the Tires

HRN 382: West Coast Studio: Kicking the Tires

okay I believe that we are live don’t
worry folks this is a test only a test for the next who knows how long I’m
going to conduct a test of the M radio now dot TV West Coast studio again this
is only a test what it looks like it’s working so I should probably get right
into it this is ham radio now episode number 382 West Coast studio kicking the
tires and I’m gonna kick it all here folks so just bear with me that worked I am David Goldenberg w0 DHG your host I
am live and in person in the West Coast studio I think it got this all built out
I think it’s all working right spend a lot of time on the phone with Gary or on
skype trying to get all this stuff to work I got a camera I got a second
camera what’s that one doing right now that’s doing a close-up of the of the
mixer board I got a couple monitors and and we’re here and we’re live and I just
wanted to check in with everybody and see how this is all working so a couple
things I did just try to ping Gary I’m I know he posted this morning that he
wasn’t going to be doing a drive along he’s on his way to Orlando Hamm keishon
right now we’re tracking him on the APRs looks like he’s just outside of
Charlotte going 71 miles an hour headed westbound and I did text him see if he
could jump on skype and say hello and we’ll just see if he responds it’s hard to see him moving there though alright well we’ll stand by and see
what’s going on there just cover a couple cover a couple of other things
including tongue tightness I’m live in studio here spent a whole
bunch of time got the mixer going we can do sound in got a fancy new microphone
stand get a little closer got to work on the spring sound but I think I’ve got
something to fix that up what with a little faster higher PC so we’re not
pegging the CPU all the time and looking forward to doing this and I
hope you all will stick around as we transition from Gary to me and I hope
I’m able to bring you a fun and exciting content that will meet both his and your
expectations in the months to come again this is just a test we’re gonna just do
a short segment today again I want to see how it looks I want to see if it
goes up to Facebook okay and looks alright I want to see what the recording
looks like here but I did want to check in with y’all because I knew it’s been a
little while since I would put out a show and I don’t want to leave you all
hanging for a long time let’s talk about some news I know the ARL Board did
publish their meeting minutes I’ve read through most of them the understanding I
had was that they are slightly redacted and there’s some other folks that are
working on the the real notes and hopefully we’ll have that soon we
haven’t invited the my ARRL voice guys to come back and talk to us and hoping
in the coming weeks we’ll be able to to make that happen in addition to that
we’ve been talking to the radio relay international folks we’d like to have
them on a show and I think we’re getting a schedule down for that and it will be
pretty soon in the next couple weeks not this weekend but next weekend I’ll be
going to the Southwestern Conference the Yuma ham Fest and I’m actually gonna do
a show recording there live our aries dec regime O’Berry is going to
do a talk on on aries and the some of the services that we provide and talk
about some of the equipment and other stuff that we do and so I’m gonna try to
record that I’m gonna see what it’s like to produce a show from the field just
trying to keep all these things going get my feet wet don’t guarantee I’ll be
covering all the big ham mentions I’m not sure I’ll be able to make Dayton
this year but who knows what will happen in the years to come
so those covers those things what else Oh news from sad news from Beauvais I
guess they got out there and the weather was rough and weren’t able to get the
helicopters off and after a day or two a circle in the island I guess they had
some engine problems and initially they turned back and looked like the last
report that I saw was not only had they turned back but I guess the captain had
decided that it would be safer to try to make land and head for South Africa
which was closer so they did a they did a 180 and then they did a more of a
northbound turn so you know we covered them a couple episodes ago and I’m
hoping when they come back I’m hoping Gary will still be able to do some kind
of documentary on on their experiences there but we’ll hope we’ll be able to
have them live on the show and get to talk about how the trip out to the
island was and and what kind of challenges they had along the way and
what happened when they did get there to cause them to have to cancel the
expedition and maybe what kind of plans they have for the coming years to maybe
try to go back and do it again what else would we want to talk about oh so um I
need your help audience I needed some ideas I need to
know what kind of stuff that that you want to hear about I have a bunch of
ideas I’ve been kind of building my own list but I really am interested in your
feedback on how I’m doing what’s good what’s bad if you have folks that you
know out there that you think would make a great ham radio now episode you
know drop me an email my callsign @ ARRL dotnet and or hit me up in the facebook
world and give me an idea make it contact with me or send me somebody’s
information and looking forward to reaching out to some of those folks and
kind of crowdsourcing what we do over the coming year and yours what else can
I tell you I really guess that’s it it’s been a lot of fun making this Wirecast
thing work here and it has been some challenges a built out a pc but it
didn’t turn out to be enough and so i’m on i’m on box number two and we kind of
went whole hog got a big beefy xeon processor i think it has 10 cores and 32
gigs of ram so as I’m looking at the settings here from Wirecast looks like
the CPU is only at about 16% I do see there’s three people in the
Facebook audience watching me and I really appreciate you tuning in and only
eight dropped frames since you’ve started recording so it sounds good
and it seems to be working okay as some of the video tests that I’ve looked at
they actually look pretty good and so we’re just gonna keep at this and mark
yeah yeah I’d I have to email Kelly it’s been so crazy around here I had the flu
and most of the month that January was kind of a nyquil fog for me but that’s
definitely one of the stories that I’m looking forward to following up on so I
think without further ado I’m gonna make it a short episode actually I tell you
what I’m gonna do one more time I’m going to try to get a hold of our friend
Gary actually no let’s just do this let’s just go right to Skype and see if
he answers I know he said he wasn’t hooking the car
up with all of his regular courting equipment but but maybe he’s got his
phone there and it would hey Gary how are you doing excellent hey so before
you say anything I want you to know that we’re live both recording and in
Facebook and I’m I’m home I’m running from the West Coast studio I recorded
about nine minutes for the content and I thought you know since you weren’t doing
a live show maybe uh maybe we can get you in here alive anyways I got you up
on the APR SFI looks like we have important day our radio program we are
you know and thank you cuz I missed that when we started yes yes this is ham
radio now the most important I said that when you do the show you can decide how
you know I like I like doing that I like you net so I see you’re um you’re
hitting 71 miles an hour outside of Charlotte how’s the how’s the trip going
so far it is pouring rain so not exactly fun driving
that’s what Skype is picking up off the windshield in terms of plataforma rain I
I can I can I can definitely hear it it wasn’t sure if it was road noise but
okay rain marine that works so you’re you’re into South Carolina that’s good
how many how many hours do you think you gotta go someplace in southern Georgia well in
southeastern Georgia by the coast and I’ll finish that bitterly disappointed
I’m as usual everything was last-minute I was experimenting and setting up a new
way to do the studio in a booth using wire cast on my laptop and as many
webcams as I can make work and it turns out I can to make three of my laptops on
I’ve got multiple guests in the studio in a booth assuming that it all works
down in Orlando all the way that it worked it’s a great last minute last
night as I was testing it at home and we’ll double some people up on cameras
I’ll have two two cameras shooting people and one on a wide shot to pick
everybody so now it has many interviews and stuff but as I can hopefully very
simple don’t know if I’ll be able to do Facebook live heads-up whether my phone
and it ain’t good enough signal with all the the signal strong but this is gonna
be a lot of competition see I’ll give it a try I’ll have to go see what you
upload so I know what yeah yeah I’ll have to iron out and this will be a good
trial by fire for me to figure out how to get it up on the webpage but I think
somewhere I’ve got the password and stuff to that that’s that’s the hardest
part actually but once I get the Shogun and uploaded
onto YouTube time it takes to set up the website and do all the other Facebook in
Reddit and Twitter and all that stuff seems to take about as long as somebody
else must have them figured out well we’ll see what we can do to streamline
it a little bit and I’ll have to like I said I’ll have to figure out if I know
where all the passwords for all those things are I think I think I can get it
in the YouTube I I know I got Facebook going and marke marke Cartwright’s in
the chat room watching right now about to see if I can remember how to get into
Squarespace well we’ll try that out so what have you been doing up until what
you called me you know I I just did a quick intro I you know I I told folks
that I was you know super appreciative that they were gonna stick around and
hopefully watch me do whatever I’m gonna do and talked a little bit about you
know upcoming stuff I’m you know I’m gonna go to Yuma ham fest next not this
weekend with the following weekend and I’m gonna record our Dec giving and talk
so I borrowed a camera from somebody I’m gonna record that and see if I can do a
show from the field and still talking to the radio really relay folks to see if
we can’t figure out a different date another note to them my ARL voice guys
to see about a date from them talked about the the sad news from the South
Atlantic yeah and you know now they’re headed to South Africa instead of going
back to South America cuz I guess I guess whatever issues they ran into was
either worried about icebergs or the engines holding out so they’re headed
for land and a couple of days they’ll get there so
I really hope we could get held back when he’s home and and at least have on
a show I don’t know what it means for your documentary if you’re still going
to be able to to do somebody it won’t be a documentary of course but I’m kind of
hoping that often and I’m Hale and anybody else with a video camera is
documenting everything that they’ve been through yeah and well we won’t be making
a DVD I’m sure I don’t need to sell it maybe about I have a different idea I
don’t know but if if it doesn’t think that they’ll begin to sell it from that perspective what what the
adventure was like yeah yeah I saw I saw some little I don’t know how they’re how
they’re uploading I’m I guess it’s over satellite but they’ve uploaded a couple
little clips here and there of the boat in the end the heavy seas and such so
I’m hoping that they are they are catching some video along the way i zoom
howls drone never left the boat with all the weather they’ve been talking about rich enough for that those are some of
the things you’re mark mark Cartwright sent me a connection with someone who
does weather stuff Lisa she was a ham too and that’s one of the things I got
to follow up on but no as I was saying I lost most of the month of January to the
flu that can fin better and it looks like the reports are from the chat room
there’s no lag and it sounds pretty good so I guess I got this all dialed in and
and you helped me get this all up and running and that’s awesome deal over the minutes from the ARL Board
meeting and they didn’t go back and look at the code of conduct to see which
specific paragraphs the he had here at myself slapped back here now yeah sorry
that was my fault no I was I was trying to get the Facebook room I every time I
try to look at the facebook chat room to see if it upgrades I clicked the video
and then the video starts to play yeah yeah that’s what I do I just have to
remember that so you’re looking at the at the my ear all Voice stuff prefer
they’re voluntary I haven’t looked at their commentary the last time I looked
a couple days ago I didn’t see any responses what they talked about
redacted a couple of specific paragraphs and they talked about a number and I
didn’t go back to the code of conduct to see what those numbers work is I was
just looking at it maybe I’ll be able to get some talk to me down in Orlando what
do you think I’ll keep my fingers crossed so you can make that happen yeah would be nice but I haven’t having
a feeling maybe maybe maybe not but you never know they’re welcome to come by
and I’ll go by their booth early and don’t have a lot of stuff lined up right
now so fairly busy but that usually means four or five interviews which
certainly doesn’t tie up the whole weekend I’m not planning on shooting any
air forums okay the year you’re going to hope to see any
equipment you want to look at or any cool technology that doesn’t usually
nobody stuff down there Paco by the wireless holding folks the
VB for mobile that does everything VHF UHF radio that they’ve been promising
for several years and it was going to be well available at 2016 and that maybe
2017 ok 2018 and they’re not even saying for sure so I don’t know exhibiting but
they were last year and see if they’re still around the second I’ve had people
email be disabled you know too bad that radios not going to be produced and I
went back to their website if it still says don’t 2018 but back to the person
who said too bad it’s not being produced and what would what do you know that
that I don’t know that they’re not announcing said I can’t say well you
know there was the connect system 7000 radio that was supposed to do D star and
DMR and that was I’ve been on that waiting list for four years now I think even still promising that I know I don’t
think so I don’t think so I think they took it down last year or the year
before and of course both of these are connect systems I’m not sure how much it
is engineering that they do themselves but I talked to him the the one it on
the interview and I did I got the impression I’m just doing some of the
engineering that he was not an engineer at the
to them and the TV for guys doing on their own engineering and this small
group with him it’s not volunteered but no one’s doing it full-time so it’s not
like they’ve gotten the really deep bench of people developing this very
difficult stuff well you know connect systems uh I know someone I know I know
some folks that know the guy and actually they’re here right down the
road and maybe that would be a maybe that’ll be a show one day I’ll go down
there because I think there are maybe a 15 20 minute drive for me yet were there
where their headquarters is I think mostly do commercial stuff anyways but
he’s a he and the guy that owns a company am we still there
we are still here I’m here I’m here at alotta I hear a lot of pounding on your
side 65 and for the noise and car phone is the headset on just hollering to do
it there’s blaring out my stereo speakers so I’m surprised to be getting
some back it’s hard for me to tell you know I hear you good I don’t hear myself
back a whole lot but you know I never know so here what I should do is are you
set to this video if I turn that on yeah if you uh yeah if you turn your video on
for a second okay I’ll switch to you right now you’re switched to a dead
screen I’ll put you on there oh there’s Gary let me see if it’s gonna work yeah
don’t look at me Gary you look at the road will just look at you there’s
gearing up a lot because I don’t a ton of bandwidth got it got it oh so
you got the side-by-side view going and I got you by yourself all right well I’m
working this we gotta get you a Lancia camera mount all right we did it there
you go all thousand feet of it right means is
if I get up to six gigabytes then between there and 15 gigabytes it’s all
the same price so I might as well do it up like crazy but once I went to go go
fly I put myself on a man with diet I managed to live within a gigabyte or two
every month which not to my cell phone bill from 100 bucks a month down to
about 40 yeah yeah well you know we have I have had the same sprint plan that I’m
on for 18 years and we have the unlimited you know we have text talk and
data unlimited and they still haven’t haven’t got every once in a while when
we go out of town when we go into roaming the throttle us down at a
certain point but otherwise in here it’s all we can eat and my kids eat a lot big
they go through a lot of data or look at the report every once in a while and
gigabytes and gigabytes yeah keep looking at the other plans and
Google fly still works the best for me yeah that hourglass and trouble with this
phone because the battery was going bad and it was exhibiting your typical
lithium ion had been wife where it would look like it was doing okay until you
actually asked it to supply some real current and then it would nod that comb but the battery we during battery
indication could didn’t know what to do with that swim and say you got fifty
percent don’t worry everything’s fine and then you would turn on the camera or
something or asking to please they have not cast and it would say I was wrong
you got nothing that shut down but that’s just typical of the abaya and end
of life yeah and that’s not a user replaceable battery well that in theory
dome and I didn’t replace it myself there’s you go online you’ll see plenty
of YouTube videos with people I’m showing how to replace so you can buy
the battery for twenty bucks or so and then do all the rest of the work or for
a hundred get it all done by somebody who’s got all the tools that knows how
and the phone came back is if nothing had happened
now there were plenty of horror stories on credit and other places then said
yeah I had the battery replaced it it still after a couple weeks it was still
the problem so I’ve been about a month now and heavy use and it’s doing fine so
I don’t seem to have that problem tech Nestor day it was running for 12 hours
and hit a bit you’ve been playing a lot of podcasts on audio and and I said I
got seven more hours to go if you want to call for him it’s doing what could expect from a
cellphone battery to do but what I had to do directly the last few months of
its life was to be always near a an external backup battery and so I made
that happen there’s always one standing by so of course just as I get this phone
resurrected Google five ounces the Moto X for price drop from $400 to 250
dollars so that would have been the direction that would have gone in this
phone was recoverable I’m just thinking about it because it’s it’s the only non
Google Google five phone and by the way if anybody out there besides they want
to do Google Phi tell me about it first and you could use
me as a referral and I’ll get something about the service that available
everywhere Google Fiber Leon it was a my my
invitation but you send an email and you got an invitation that’s why I first got
in balance it’s available for anybody but there’s only a limited number of
phones that work with it I don’t think the Nexus folks are on the
market anymore so the pixel homes and that Motorola Motorola MOTO X the only
folks that work with it and most people like a choice beyond that so and it’s
got some limitations but as a surface pretty then it uses Sprint t-mobile and
US Cellular and 95-year I’m not like into the service price it definitely has
better service interesting you’re getting really noisy in a little r2d2 it
was just a couple there were a couple bits of it but it was mostly more than
noise yeah that’s kind of what it sounds like
either that or you’re driving over you’re driving over something all right
well you know it’s this is a half an hour all right it’s a little better I’ll
worry about you driving though well I can’t see out the windshield would I do
this but you know for 10 or 15 seconds the road is pretty straight yep alright
well then look you know let’s let’s let’s close it up and I’ll have I’ll
have one in the can I can put on my belt it’s we’re at about half an hour and was
more than I thought I would get out and wonder what’s gone wrong
what’s that only half hour yeah yeah yep well I told him when I opened when I
open the show I told him that was this was a test only a test yeah most of my quick tests running
about an hour but you’re still getting your sea legs yeah and no one I have and
I have all those other things that I got to figure out but I hey I did it
yeah so Stan I can’t I can’t wait to get to the hotel today don’t watch it yeah
take a look so so tell him who you are Gary Pierce wait I’m gonna put you up on
the Google on the APRs Tom who you are I’m Gary Pierce can 4aq what have you
calling me now founder no I oh yeah founder yeah founded flounder
pounder no I spelled it right didn’t I fo u nder yeah founder I still have you
guys editor host and producer okay and founders did you are the founder right
well we’ll change it up as you as you want and and I’m David Goldenberg w0 DHG
what what my preferred title would be host emeritus host America okay I’m on
that stuff to help I spell it right host Emirates all right you uh you get to do
the lead-in for the further clothes over and out did my first show Gary yeah now I
discovered exactly the trials and tribulations you were going through
trying to make the mixer work into where cast audio well you had several problems
yeah was switching the the windows audio recorded two stereo 48k 16-bit it was
defaulting defaulted to mono something and mark-ass didn’t like that at all so
I got selected it was it would say yeah that’s the codec that’s everything
you’re using here you speak but i’m not hearing anything while
windows was happily bobbling along with audio and then as soon as i switched it
to stereo 16-bit 48 kilohertz broadcasts on to field least an hour to get there
well like I said I told you I had that I had a couple of days there where I was
ready to throw this all out the window I was thinking about one of my kids is
gonna get a really awesome minecraft PC a second mixer just like the one I sent
you oh did a dyke you know when we were when
we were playing with it last week the light the light was flickering on and
off that power line just put the studio it used the old one on the road because
it’s going to take a pounding so I tried to set it up yeah that’s not so bad
I would think the bigger thing is going to be the PC you know the the $800,000
PC hope you get a couple years out of that this laptop where caste system work
right I will probably buy a gaming laptop you know the the thing I wonder
about that the difference is for from the couple that I looked at yeah they’ve
got the cool awesome gaming card and you’ll get a nice GPU but a lot of those
don’t have the xenon process you can get you know six or eight or ten
or twelve cores and I think that’s a big I’m not really I’m not really fully sure
in the new box I got is it the 10 cores I got and the 32 gigs or is it the 2 gig
yeah really high end video card I put in there both yeah yeah that’s the thing
I’ve been watching the whole time and like right now it hasn’t gone above 16 yeah that’s what I read that’s what I
finally read because I’ve been trying to still troubleshoot that getting a third
camera on there I ordered one more USB 3 card cuz I still have one slot open but
yeah but that’s what they said is you really kind of just have to do one
purpose and I said even with the USB 3 and they said yeah oh I think we lost
Gary oh let’s see it’s on hold Gary are you there I’m not sure what on-hold means I didn’t
do it you’re bashing oh yeah was it primarily responding to the buttons yeah
well I get Cindy takes priority okay all right well you know you just
keep driving safe and we’ll touch base I don’t know I’m actually out of town for
the weekend this weekend but you have fun at ham Ben ship and I was going to
bring you in is that Friday or Saturday okay bright Friday Friday during the day
I could probably make that work okay cool see whether I can get a Wi-Fi
signal not Wi-Fi on the phone so the fold will be Wi-Fi but we’ll be sitting
right next to you see broadband signal and there’s a towers right outside the
place I get a plenty of signal they’ll have a Cydia app on big events and I’m
100 megabits anyway I’ll see all right well that sounds like fun
congratulations thank you thank you momentous day yeah and what quite the
journey quite the journey all right what do you say if we’ll talk
to you soon factory all right Facebook thank you for
hanging in there with us and joining us and again please comment and let us know
what you want to see and I’m gonna hang up now 7:3 all and stop the recording

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  1. I don't understand when your on facebook live, I always miss that. Do you have a set time and day or post it somewhere at least a day ahead? Work on the audio. Glad to see you managed the flu. Kicked the tires and they where a little flat. Keep trying, waiting for your next show.

  2. I honestly watch you both for EME. I am trying to get better at being able to support the cause. I am ex-military and was the Non-Combatant Evacuation Official face for Alaska (on youtube; But I am new to what amateur radio can support.

  3. Welcome to HRN! I agree that ARES sounds good. Would like to know about MARS (Army and Air Force). I really enjoyed the On the Road series when Gary had those. Demos of the new technology and products such as both conventional and SDR radios. Something on audio enhancement devices that integrate with the mixer board but would connect to your transceiver mic. Best of Luck! 73 de AA1JV from Jim, Cape Canaveral, FL (grew up in Los Alamitos, CA).

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