How World War Z Should Have Ended

How World War Z Should Have Ended

How World War Z Should Have Ended *Gasp*
(coughing) Nurse! Mmmhmmm? You aint Brad! I need to know what happened. Tell me
what’s going on out there. Oh Lord, we got zombies. Can’t you tell? Zombies!? You mean like the walking dead? Mmhmm.
Well these don’t walk so much as run… or eat human flesh, but they are zombies! I guess.
And they are tearing up the place! At least the zombies are leaving alone everybody sick in these hospitals. We got enough problems to deal with in here! Wait! What do you mean they’re leaving sick
people alone? What’d you think I meant when I said they’re leaving sick people alone? I need to use the phone. Do phones still
work here? Of course they do, baby! Oh! So people who are sick are not
being attacked? mhmm. There should be like thousands of
examples, in America alone? mhmm. Okay. Thanks Rick! Okay we figured it out. False
alarm, Gerry. We do not need any more. Soooooo. All right then! All non essential personnel on the chopper to be shipped back home, aaaaaand! Bye bye! Where’s Karl!? How did you get off the helicopter? mmm. That’s good cola. (singing)
I’m just a lonely Brad Pitt. I’m just a lonely Brad Pitt
in this hallway. Hey knock it off! That’s my song. Sorry. Who said that?!

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  1. all the zoombie movies ever did was mock the military. they have tanks ships and jets, cant successfully terminate bunch of idiotic screaming husks. lame

  2. L loved it the most when it's like" hmm, you ain't Brat," Nurse I need to know what happened" "Oh Lord we got zombies"! Lol

  3. presenting: how world war Z should have ended featuring,
    a sassy nurse,
    Walking dead characters and the star of the show,
    Shawn from shawn of the dead

  4. I made a reference to this video in a different world war z video

    I'm so dissapointed in this community


  5. Funny as this is, it completely sidesteps what World War Z was going for.
    A down to Earth zombie film that had a lot of believable elements.

    Gerry was badass, yes, but he never came off as ridiculous or cheesy. He was just a very capable dude doing his best in the situation, and that is what made his character so appealing. As great as Shaun, Tallahassee, Ash and Cherry are; they're ridiculous and silly because those are the movies they come from.

  6. How it should've ended:
    Nature sends in big storm and the zombies are overwhelmed by weather condtions their bodies cannot handle

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