How to wheelie a Mountain Bike

How to wheelie a Mountain Bike

Techniques are things we learn to become better
mountain bikers, and tricks are things we learn just for fun. The wheelie fits somewhere
in the middle, so it’s no wonder that everyone wants to learn to do them. Let’s fire up the sensei music and do some
learning. Getting into a wheelie is a matter of accelerating
quickly. Naturally, you’ll have a tendency to lean forwards while accelerating, but to
wheelie you need to lock your arms and sit up straight. Get into a low gear, go slow, and then try
pedaling in quick bursts. You’ll probably do a little wheelie, but you don’t want
to do little wheelies, you want to wheelie through the trails like a G. To do that, you
need to reach a balance point over your rear wheel, which may be further back than you
feel comfortable with. So, take note of the fact that hitting your rear brake will instantly
bring your wheelie to an end. Try experimenting with this to boost your confidence and lose
your fear of falling backwards. It also may be a good idea to leave one foot unclipped,
or better yet, learn on platform pedals. So your first task is to reach your balance
point, which is really just a matter of practice and repetition. Your second task is to keep
from falling over sideways. Just like riding your bike normally, you need to steer to stay
up. During a wheelie, steering is done with your handlebars and your knees. Try to get
a feel for this very early on, as it’s an essential part of doing a really long wheelie. So let’s summarize. Start in a low gear
that you can spin fast in. Your arms should be locked, and you should be sitting up straight.
Accelerate forcefully and your front wheel will come up. Keep accelerating until you
reach a balance point, and then sustain your spin. If you feel yourself falling backwards,
tap your rear brake. If you feel yourself going forwards, accelerate. To lean or turn,
use your handlebars and your knees. A lot of riders have trouble getting their
front wheel up, and some even say their bike is too heavy, but this is almost never the
case. Usually, they’re just giving up too early. There are situations however, where
your bike is the problem. For instance, single speed bikes may not be easy to wheelie at
low speeds, since they’re locked into a higher gear. Even so, you can wheelie on any
bike with enough practice. Once you do learn to wheelie, you’ll be
totally hooked. Whether it’s to add style to your riding, blast over roots, or to get
your front wheel up before a drop, you’ll be glad you took the time to learn. Thanks
for riding with me today, and I’ll see you next time.

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  1. If you have hydrologic brakes let some air in so the brake isn’t so touchy so u can keep the wheelie going cables would be the way to go if u plan on having lots of control

  2. Great video I got a broken foot but once it heals I’m gonna go on my 26 by 4&1/2 inch fat bike and try wheelie

  3. omg thanks for hellping me i though that my bike was the problem but… yeah. altho i have a problem with my bike my brake is slow like is hard to push down so i can't do it with one hand

  4. Seth, It feels like im doing everything correctly, but I cannot pop up my front wheel to find my balance point. Any suggestions?

  5. 2:07 my bicycle is 21 speed, i wheelie – front 3rd gear, back 6th gear because i cannot switch gears anymore (old bicycle). I can even wheelie at low speeds.
    Practicing is the key!!

  6. I can pop the front wheel up but only stay up for a second because I can’t find a way to shift my weigh any farther back with out falling and getting my leg jammed into my rear tire

  7. Help I literally can’t lift the front wheel up more than an inch. is it because I am a weak 11 year old on a big mountain bike or is it because I have the wrong technique

  8. Please help… u say lock ur arms but they look bent…. and someone else says they must be straight… please explain how my arms should be???

  9. Dude. I been practicing for 1 week. Now I can do a wheelie for 2-3 seconds. I am so happy. Thanks man

  10. My bike has two gears one on left handle and one on right left one goes from 1-3 and right goes from 1-7 which is good for wheelies

  11. Nothing against your video and advice on wheelies,
    But seriously, how old are the people that want to learn how to wheelie ??
    I learned how to wheelie on my BMX in the 80's … @ 48 I still make wheelies look cool 😉 !
    My advice is, wear a helmet , some elbow guards and keep at it !!
    Find a slight incline ,it will help with your confidence 👍

  12. I can't hold my brake when I pull up because every time I pull up i tug it and I come to a stop and suggestions???

  13. What's easier to learn first, manual or wheelie?
    I am convinced I can do bunny hop after watching the other video on it lol

  14. What helped me is not trying to steer until I could wheelie for long ways in straight line then slowing steering sharper and sharper

  15. I can get my wheel up a little bit but can't get it high enough to keep going on 1 wheel, can someone give me any tips

  16. Thanks for the step, Now I finnaly can wheelie for 1 hour. And then, I challenged my friend, and he want a lesson of wheelie. Can you make a classrooom just for a bike class like your video?

  17. i revisit this video every month evan though ive been able to wheelie fro a while. I always get memories of when I couldnt wheelie at all. Its too easy now and this video really helped me. Thanks Seth!

  18. I was about to give up and comment saying it looked easy when you explained the wheelie … Then I went back and failed until I finally get it. It was stupidly satisfying

  19. How can I get my wheel up if my arms are locked and I'm not leaning forward? If you'd want to know, I'm 12 and can really pop my wheel up very high when standing. So, is it even possible at my age to really wheelie?

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