How to: Volkswagen Touareg Spare Tire Replacement | Eich Motor Company

How to: Volkswagen Touareg Spare Tire Replacement | Eich Motor Company

Welcome to another Minutes with Meansy. Today we’re going to go over how to change
a tire if you get a flat on a Touareg. Bit of a different animal, the spare tire
comes deflated, you take the tire out, you inflate it, and then you put it on your vehicle. So here’s your spare tire, this is actually
a tool to unbolt the securing bolt. Here’s your compressor, here’s your tow hook,
this is an aligning tool. A wrench to take off the lug nuts, tire chalks,
so your vehicle doesn’t move once you lift it up. You have to hook up the compressor, your positive
terminal, negative terminal. Take your compressor, put that right on the
end of the valve cap, and then the fun begins. It needs to be filled up to 50 psi or 3.5
bar, both of those are displayed on the compressor. First, find the jacking point of the vehicle. Here’s what they call a jack flap, take that
off, looks like that, it’s just clips in. And underneath there is frame rail to jack
the vehicle up. Chalk the vehicle so it doesn’t roll. The next step is to remove the lug caps. And now before jacking up the vehicle, just
crack loose the lug bolts. And this is gonna go right into the lip for
your jack point. Put it under there. Okay, so you can see we have clearance under
the tire. Okay, at this point, this is when you’re gonna
want to take your alignment tool out, just put it in one of the holes you took the lug
bolts out, and then you take your last lug bolt out, get the tire off the vehicle, get
your spare tire and put it right onto the alignment pin. So once you got them all kind of hand snug,
we can lower the vehicle back down. Alright, so you just want to tighten down. You want a star pattern just so it looks on
there evenly. You’re only going to be able to get a certain
amount of torque on this. Okay and after you get all done, get on the
road, you’re gonna want to get to the dealer as soon as you can just to get your torque
and a pressure check on the vehicle for safety. Have a good one!

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  1. Great video. I recently purchased a Touareg, and I feel much more confident changing a flat tire after watching this video. Thanks for your efforts. Well done.

  2. I did not know about the plastic covers over the jack points under the frame. Wow. That is good to know. I probably would have really messed those up trying to jack up the car, but now I know to remove those. Thanks.

  3. i own this jeep and i never knew about the jacking points also the European ones do not come with the alignment tool which is a great idea for getting the wheel back on when its dark. great info here keep the vids coming

  4. Thank you so much I was stuck in the middle of the street under the hot sun but your video helped me change the tire safely

  5. I own the same VW Taoureg and they made this particular one very difficult in every way there is. A simple battary change is difficult and unnecessarily labor tedious and really stupid. It's located under the driver's seat. One must completely remove the driver's seat entirely and many other other panels underneath the seat must be removed as well. That includes some of the original flooring/rug. The screws holding the seat and the iron bars below are not the typical. They require you to spend a lot of money on special tools you wouldn't use otherwise.

    It's not DIY and user friendly this SUV was not designed with the average DIY enthusiast in mind. There's no transmission dipstick either. It cost $972.54 for tranny oil change/flush because mine leaked out through the cooling system. The tires are of very odd 255/55/18 and not easily found. The battery is a specialty and only special order to name a few. Never buy German bullshit cars they make everything super difficult for no reason other than to have your services done at the rip off dealership. The spare tire this man showed will not fit in the little spot made for it if fully inflated. They stopped making this hefty work of electrical difficult too. Every time I refuel, it will not start. I've to pump the gas pedal while pushing start simultaneously.

  6. Thank you for making this video. Very helpful! I particularly appreciate how you kept it brief and to the point, thanks again!

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