How to Use Clutch While Braking in a Motorcycle with English CC

How to Use Clutch While Braking in a Motorcycle with English CC

Hello Friends and Welcome to my channel. Many of you beginner riders are facing an issue how to use clutch while braking? Like you can see here how I am using clutch lever while applying brake In this video I am going to cover this for you. First I want to say thank you so much for your awesome love and support. Because of that we reached this far 18 Thousand plus subscribers. Now I’m going to teach you How to use clutch while you’re applying brakes No matter if you use front brake or rear brake method to use clutch is the same. So lets start for example if you’re riding a motorcycle Suddenly you need to stop the motorcycle You can use ‘Engine Braking’ to stop the motorcycle If you won’t press the clutch lever while braking your engine will brake and your brakes also and when three brake force apply together at once your motorcycle stop earlier For Example: Your road is this much long From right side you’re riding and left side you saw the signal Exampled area is about to 100-200 meters long You’re riding from here and you wanted to stop your motorcycle here So what you’re need to do is release your throttle because when you press and hold clutch lever you don’t need throttle or if you just look at here your engine will make noise & heat up Nothing will happen (Engine heating is not good) So always remember this release your throttle while you’re pressing clutch lever. after that use your rear brake (slowly) so that you’re able to brake and your motorcycle reach the proper stopping place. In earlier situation if you apply all three brakes together then your motorcycle will stop earlier then your desired place. So always keep in mind your braking distance and use clutch according to it. Now second situation for example if you’re riding somewhere and suddenly something will come in between your way and you need to apply emergency brake that time what to do with clutch lever? In that situation release your throttle hold the clutch lever for a second & downshift to 2nd gear. You’re not able to put is on 1st gear. because if you try it will shift to neutral So downshift it to 2nd gear The press both brakes together but don’t push them hard because if you do your motorcycle get skid. In the beginning you downshift and released your clutch lever that’s why your motorcycle So it will engine brake and your bike will get slower faster than usual. But please press the brake lever slowly. Once you reach the speed like 10-20 kmph you need to press and hold full clutch with both brakes until your motorcycles speed 0 kmph. If you don’t do that your motorcycle will stall or your engine makes noise reason when you’re riding your RPM is high and suddenly you slow down without decreasing engine RPM So to save your motorcycle from that you need to press and hold the clutch lever once you reached 10-20 kmph That is apt speed for 2nd gear. Other than that here I’ll show you practically I turn on the motorcycle and I am riding it. I’m on 2nd gear Now 3rd gear Now I released the clutch lever you can see my motorcycles speed is decreasing and in this scenario if I downshift you can see the speed decreased If you compare the distance. If you only use the engine braking the distance is high. If I apply both brakes in the same situations lets see what will happen? even in emergency? Let me show you an example of that. Here we go We need to stop there the man you can see. If you press both brake (with engine brake) you can see your motorcycle will stop earlier than we need to stop. You don’t want to do that am I right you need to stop the motorcycle Use clutch and brakes in proper way so that you can stop where you want to. Let me show you the prefect example of it. Like Here we go again. and now we are speeding and now we need to stop So what we do here is press the clutch lever and downshift release the clutch half and slowly apply brakes. There after we press the clutch so your motorcycle will move slowly forward When you are about to reach your stopping position press both brakes to stop the motorcycle. One more example as I showed you guys in my earlier videos Here I start braking and as I said to beginners so many times while you’re learning the motorcycle use brakes while pressing and holding clutch lever why? Because when you do that your motorcycle won’t stall which will give you confident. Many people have this issue while stopping they release the clutch when your motorcycle is slow and it will stall. but that won’t happened with me because I was holding the clutch lever. So clutch is the best way to use while you’re stopping your motorcycle. But if you don’t follow this then your bike will stall. Let me show you one more time How you can do it. Like now. You’re riding a motorcycle like this and you want to stop. If you release the clutch lever then your motorcycle will stop earlier or faster. Like you can see from the bus Final Summary is like this When you need to press and hold the clutch when your stopping distance is far and your speed is like 40kph. and slowly apply the brakes so you’ll reach the stopping point. You motorcycle will stop perfectly if you’re having problem in downshifting you can downshift later even after you stop. Totally depends on you. But in emergency situation. You’re on 40kph then don’t press the clutch. That’s all

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  1. दोनों ब्रेक का इस्तेमाल करते समय क्या करना चाहिए

  2. Thank you Prakashji. Many of your advice comes handy & i follow it rigorously. After a long time i took a high speed highway riding. The main challenge i always faced is braking. I have Avenger 220 that has front disc and back drum. Im not 100% confident while braking at speed of 100+. I follow 1) full clutch press 2) downshift 3) back and front interval brakes 4) full brake press. Can you please guide how to brake high speed in highway (not emergency braking) and exact role of clutch in this kind of braking. Can engine braking help in this situation and how to use front and back brakes in combination of engine braking.

  3. This is very bad advice. The clutch should only be used when shifting, when coming to a complete stop or when riding slow in traffic. Other than that, it should never be used when braking as it frees the bike from the engine and chances of locking the wheels due to overbraking is very much increased.

  4. Sir me bike Ko downshift krta hu to kbhi lgatar downshift hone se bike neutral me chala jata h aise me koi problem to nhi hoga 2 2 gear AK hi bar me db jata h isko kaise improve Kru???

  5. अचानक कोई आ जाए पिछले और अगले ब्रेक लो कलच नही लेना गाड़ी रुके गियर बदल दो


  7. Instant braking kaise karenge agar raste me achanak se koi insqn ya janwar a jaye.. Kya gear downshift krnge ya pahle back break r sath me halke se front brakes use krnge..??

  8. Aapne jo down shift bola uska matlab peyr ka brake marne ko bola kya aapne.. Aur jab suppose samne ek gari h jab firse gari aage chalta h aapko bhi chalna hota h parr brake dene le baad class pakarne parr bike ko phir se start karna parta h bike ka engine baand ho jata h.. Agar jaab hum traffic mein faase ho tab bhi dheere dheere bike ko chaalu kaise rakhe..

  9. Muje cycle chlana ni aata kya mai bike chlana seekh skta hu pls rply sir agr seekh skta hu toh kitnay dino mai?

  10. Bohot achi briefing diye aap mera ek sawal hai meri height 5:10 inches hai weight 63 kg hai mere liye royal Enfield thik rahegi ya ni kya wo mere se control ho sakti hai? Jawab zaroor den

  11. Sir meh Naya rider hu ..meh new bike purchase Kiya hua.. so as a new rider mere Chala ka time mey kavi kavar bike band ho jata is mey koi problem hoga toh nehi bike k engine meh..kyu ki muje tension ho raha h new bike koi damage toh nehi hoga ?????

    Plzzzzzz reply .

  12. Sir Matlab aap bol rahe ho ki bike ko Aaram se rukaane he liye full clutch press karo aur gear ko Kam Kam karke neeche ka brake dabao right.. Bike ko neutral mein leke aaye tih gaadi bund padegi.. Hamko brake bhi Aaram se maarna he aur gaadi ko bund bhi nahi hone Dena he.. Aur emergency brake maarne ke liye throttle wala brake aur neeche ka brake press kar sakte he kya Aaram se.. Samjo beech mein koi bacha aa gaya, yaa kutta yaa fir khada..!!

  13. Your Explanations in each video is very good. But from my point of view, if you could explain little bit slowly, then it could be more interesting.

  14. Your videos are very helpful, I finally learned how to control clutch and accelerator, I am able to ride smoothly now without any issues, I am also planning to buy Pulsar 150 as my 1st bike, Hope your channel grows fast, good luck

  15. Bhai bina Cultch dabaye break lagane se engine par koi asar to nhi ayega, kya bina cultch dabaye break laga sakte h

  16. Sir do we have to use clutch always while braking? Irrespective of the speed? If Iam driving at 60 and want to slow down to 30 should I use clutch while braking?

  17. Sir ye bataye jam mein full clutch press karna sahi hai aur jab gadi ko chalaun toh clutch dheeme dheeme chodna sahi hai ya galat. Plz help me

  18. Sir ek baat aur speed breaker mein half clutch use karna sahi hai ya full clutch aur sir half clutch use karne se clutch plate kharab toh nahi hogi

  19. your videos have been very useful ones, thank you for that. sir, please would to mind to cover on how to change the gear smoothly

  20. can I hold clutch while downshifting from higher gear to lower gear for example from 5th to 1st gear when having an emergency break

  21. Bhaiya, agar hamne gari ek jage rokni Hai, aur engine on rakhna ho to clutch dabay rakhna Hai kya? And usi samay jab ham accelerate karenge, tab clutch dabay rakhna Hai?

  22. Bro bina gear change kiye brake marnr ke lye clucth dabana hai kya

    And brake marne ke bad jab fir pickup karenge tab clucth dabane ki jarurat hai ?

  23. Sir while riding at 3rd gear and speed is 40km/hr if I press the clutch hard and keep it pressed until the speed comes down to 30km/hr and then release the clutch then is it safe

  24. Only Indian bikers would ask you to use rear break. Any professional biker would never recommend. Use front brakes. That's why manufacturers give disk atleast in front always (if not in rear). Engineers know.

  25. But sir breaking karne ke bad bike ko fhir konse gear se start karenge wapis confusion hai solutions kya hai ki wapis 1 gear se start karna hai kya.

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