How to use BDX to remove contaminants on wheels

How to use BDX to remove contaminants on wheels

Thanks for checking out 3D products. My name is Don Williams and I am with 3D international. I am here to show you how to properly use BDX to remove brake dust on your rims along with 3D waterless car wash. We can do
this inside in our garage or anywhere else. First make sure you kinda of wash the car down get down to just having the brake dust. then what you want to do is take BDX, spray it down nice and even give a little bit time just to eat away at all the contaminants brake dust. What it’s doing right now is eating away at the rust and iron particles. instantly it starts to turn purple cuz there is quite a bit more brake dust here it’s actually eating away all the black the dark, starting to drip down so you want to make sure
you have a rag that will keep it from getting on your garage floor and staining
your floor. Then you take your waterless car wash and rinse it down because we don’t have a pressure washer we’ll use a towel. just easily wipe this down. I’m not using any elbow grease,
any muscle, no brushes just making sure I get a nice even wipe down. Now if there’s
still a little bit left over I could take BDX one more time this rims dirty. Get in some of these nooks and crannies just to make sure. If there’s any iron particles or brake dust left the purple will still continue to show up. Take your waterless a little bit more – kinda like a power washer here, get some of these crannies out here. Now all I’m going to do is simply wipe it down. So really it’s no different than if I were to take the car, pressure wash it, clean it off and then
dry it off to make sure it has no water spots or any runoff. Now it’s as simple
as that you can do it inside. You can take just waterless car wash, 3D BDX get the car and the finish that you need and you’re all done now for those in need and want to get really get into the rims, We can go ahead and use a tree brush, spray the BDX inside even onto the discs because if you can get on in there you can
see a lot of discs especially after rain you have a lot of rust in there that cause that squeaking you hear when you hit your brakes. We can let that go ahead and penetrate into the brake dust sediments that are in there and you can take a towel and put it on your tree brush rinse it off start inside. Now with the BDX product you can use it inside you can use it outside. some people prefer with a pressure washer, other people prefer saving a little bit of water with the 3D waterless product. You can get a nice clean finish,
remove all of the brake dust. You can do it quickly and easily without a whole lot of effort you don’t need all the brushes that you need except if you need to go through and agitate some corners that may have gotten stuck. Now remember you want to do this in a well-ventilated area. Make sure that you don’t do it in the sun direct sunlight and make sure that the metals been cooled down and you don’t wanna let it dry onto the surface. thank you for checking out 3D products and hope to see you soon.

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  1. Is this the concentrate version? I just seen another video where BDX was used at 4:1, I just want to know if I'm wasting product because the label doesn't say anything about diluting. Thanks

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