How to use a CO2 tire inflator

How to use a CO2 tire inflator

most mountain bikers like to bring as little gear as possible on the trails for some of us it’s a pocket a tiny compartment in a Camelback or a little saddle pouch like this one if I go out with anything at all it’s usually my car keys multi-tools a tire lever a patch kit and a few co2 cartridges the co2 inflator is one of the quickest and most compact ways to pump up your tire after a flat sure you can get a really small pump but you’ll be eaten alive by mosquitoes before you pump up your huge mountain bike tire with that these threaded co2 cartridges are available at most bike shops or even for real cheap on Amazon some inflaters work with non threaded cartridges but the threaded ones are more popular and a lot more reliable in my opinion this attachment just screws on to the end and punctures the cartridge how you fix your flat is your business but I usually use patches when I’m out on the trails road bike tubes are pretty small but mountain bike tubes are just too bulky for me to carry everywhere once you’ve made your repair just tighten the co2 cartridge on real tight and you’re ready to go when you release the co2 the cartridge will get super cold due to the decompression it gets so cold that it could actually burn your skin so you should hold on to with part of your shirt or grab on to something other than the cartridge itself some inflators cover the cartridges that protect you it’s important to note that co2 is designed to get you through the day and you should fill your tire with normal air when you get home the co2 molecules can pass through your valve stem and rubber more easily than air so within 24 hours it will likely be flat again check the description for everything you need to get started and thanks for watching I’ll see you next time you

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  1. I keep an Uber app in my pocket LOL I know that's lame but I never had a problem relying on Uber when I've had bicycle breakdowns

  2. Have anyone use CO2 with their tubeless setup? I've read some folks saying it's gonna mess with the sealant (makes it dry faster), some even claim Stan's don't recommend it. I've not read/seen anything first hand accounts, just heresays. Would love to hear someone who had actually tried it.

  3. Best chanel ever, the way you start your video is so smooth it look like i been listening to you all day, sorry my english im canadian

  4. Great exposition on the cartridges. I kept wondering why I see these at the bike stores. I looked it up and found this video and another one. On the other videos, they guy kept talking about his 'boyk" and completely misspelled "tire". Weird.

  5. how much g for a 2.4 MTB tires?
    I see some partially thread the catridge to the head then, connect the head to the valve first before finally fully threading the catridge in in order not to lose air, I see you fully thread in the cat. to the head before connecting it to the valve, how do you do this without losing air? I don't get it.
    I tried it like that yesterday and lost all air before I could connect it to the valve. Had to walk a long one back.

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