How to Upgrade Mongoose Fat Bike Shifter

How to Upgrade Mongoose Fat Bike Shifter

as I’ve been riding this Mongoose out on
the trails posting images on the forums and making videos for YouTube I’ve
actually received a lot of questions about how I changed out the original
shifter for this rapid-fire shifter this is a very simple very inexpensive
upgrade to make and it’s going to change the way this Mongoose performs entirely
as far as it goes it only cost me about fifteen dollars for the shifter you only
need some simple hand tools and it’ll take maybe an hour hour and a half of
your time to do this is a repair that’s really easy to do and really inexpensive
it can typically be completed with tools that people have around the household if
you don’t have any of these tools you can pick them up really cheap at your
local auto parts store to start you’re gonna need a two and a half millimeter
allen wrench you’re gonna need a Phillips head screwdriver
you’re gonna need either a nine millimeter wrench an eleven thirty
Seconds wrench or an adjustable wrench last but not least you’re going to need
a pair of either flat nose or needlenose pliers in addition to the tools you’re
also going to need a way of lifting the bike off the floor but keeping it
stationary so that you can make adjustments to the derailleur I
personally use these inexpensive ratchet straps that I picked up from a local
tool store that specializes in cheap tools so the very first thing I do is I
go to the rear derailleur and I remove the cable from the housing now what
you’re gonna do is you’re gonna need your pliers to pull this end cap off you
just can squeeze it and eventually it’ll pop off and then the next thing you’re
gonna need is your wrench and all you’re gonna do is loosen this nut right here
until the cable comes loose from the clamp and as soon as that cable comes
loose you can snake it out and you can actually pull it back out of the
adjuster with the housing now the next order of business is to remove your
shifter I’ve got the brake lever removed just for ease of view however the brake
lever would typically be right here now to
move your shifter you’re going to take your 2 millimeter allen key and you’re
going to find the set screw on the bottom of the shifter house now once
you’ve got the shifter loosen do you now to remove your grip I did I typically
just use a bottle of water and I just squeeze a little bit under the edges of
the grips and just let it run in there a little bit kind of work it around and
then once you get it in there and worked around really good you’ll see the ripple
basically doesn’t walk itself right off of the bars and there you have it now
once your grip is removed you can simply take your lifter pull it off the housing
and then actually I just pull it all the way through and your cable will actually
come out with it okay good news we’ve got the original
shifter removed that was ridiculously easy the next step is to go ahead and
install your new shifter now what I do is I just slide this onto the bar and I
just tighten it down with my five millimeter just really loosely to hold
it in place while I go through and do my cable routing okay so now we’re ready to
go ahead and put our cable in place you’ll remember when you took this off
you’ll have three pieces of conduit you’ll have a long piece a medium piece
and a short piece now the long piece goes on first and it goes between the
shifter and the gusset here your second piece is the short one and it goes
between the gusset and this one here and then your final piece is the medium
length one and this is the one that actually goes to the adjuster on your
derailleur so all you’re gonna have to do is take the cable and be very careful
with the end of the cable so that it does not fray if it doesn’t if it frays
you’re not gonna be able to get it through the housings and I kind of give
it a little twist there and that just helps prevent it from any sort of kinks
or fray and then you feed it through eventually it’ll pop out the other end
and then you’ll be able to go ahead and install these so now we’ve got to get
those cables routed into place so first thing we’re gonna do is just move that
conduit up and get it into the fitting on your rapid shifter and then it just
sits right into that gusset there and you can see it just kind of sits in and
the cable hangs out you gotta run the rest of the cable back to this rear one
where you’ve got here now center section of conduit you’re gonna hook that into
this gusset here and then into this rear one right here you may have to flex it a
little bit but the nice thing is is they’ll keep it real tight up against
the frame and then finally you’re on this rear one back into this rear gusset
and you push it up tight and then you take your cable and you run
it through the adjuster here and your other run the other end of your conduit
right through there and that’s exactly how it should look so it should be nice
and tight between the shifter and this Gus it nice and tight between these two
and the nice and tight between here and the rear of derail our next step is to
make sure that the shifter is in first gear so if it’s not already just make
sure it’s there make sure I can’t go any further and then what we got to do is we
got to come back here to the rear and we’ve got to set the chain so that it’s
in the right position so what we’re gonna do is we’re simply going to take
the tension off of the chain I’m gonna bring it up into that first year
position and it may be kind of hard the derailleur may fight you a little bit as
you go but once you get it up on there we’re gonna want to take and push it all
the way over so it’s far in board as you possibly can push it and you can see
it’s right about there then what we’re going to want to do is we’re going to
take our cable we’re going to put it into that little clamp fitting in the
rear just make sure it’s nice and tight pull it tight before we tighten this
down we’re gonna take our wrench tighten that nut down and we want to get it
pretty good and tight because you don’t want that cable to slip out as we’re
making our adjustments and that should hold it pretty well in place at this
point means that we have the shifter installed on the bike the cables routed
it’s connected at the earlier and now we just need to make our adjustments just
so it goes through all the gears properly at this point it’s when you’re
going to need to lift your bike up off of the ground so that you can pedal the
bike without it moving and go through and make your gear changes using the
shifter and adjustments at the derailleur so to suspend the bike what I
do is I actually use two ratchet straps but what I do is I take a seat clamp and
I hook it on to this shelf reinforcement right here and
you got to get it on really tight just so just so you can run the ratchet strap
through it and use it as a holding mechanism I run the other ratchet strap
over a rafter just above the bike and then I’ll show you how I hook it up to
the bike so I’ll go into a bit of a wider angle just so you can see what I’m
doing I’ve got my one ratchet strap wrapped around the handlebars and the
step here I’ve got the other one connected to my seat reinforcement bars
right here and basically all you got to do to them and your bike will slowly
lift up off the ground okay so as you can see the bike is suspended you can
now spin the wheel freely without the concern of the tire rubbing on the
ground while you’re making your adjustments okay so earlier we put it in first gear
and basically all we’re looking to do there is to pull the slack out of the
cable while we make our final assembly now when we’re making our adjustments we
actually need this to be in our highest gears so out in your seventh so we can
work our way from top to bottom if you will so what we’re gonna do is we’re
gonna loosen that cable back up and I just hold it on the inboard side of that
derailleur because it’s gonna slip through a little bit and I want to hold
it so it doesn’t lose any slack but I want that derailleur to come out so that
it’s at its most relaxed point your seventh gear and what I do is I actually
just pedal the bike very gently and let it drop out until we hit seventh and
there we go okay so now that we’ve got our cable
loose we’ve got to drop down into seventh gear what we’re gonna want to do
is we’re gonna want to adjust our high limit screw until the entire derailleur
comes over and aligns with our seventh gear so what I do is I just leave this
cable loose and slacked out and then what I’m gonna do is make my adjustment
on this screw and I try to only go maybe a quarter turn at a time while I look at
the rear and I want this thing to align perfectly so that so that the wheels
here align perfectly it was seven almost there and there we go so what we can do
now is we can go ahead and tighten up our cable and we’ll go ahead and start
making our adjustments okay so we’ve got it in seventh gear now we’re gonna need
to run it through all the gears just to see how it shifts and then we’re gonna
have to make our finite adjustments as it goes so what we’ll start by doing is
just pedal the bike get that wheel spinning and then click through the
gears okay so we’ve got an adjustment between seventh and six that needs to
occur we can probably just take care of that right here with this barrel at the
back let’s give it about a quarter turn and see what happens yeah so let’s go to this you know a nice for
nice third good second okay so we’ve got slightly more adjustment to me and this
is what our high adjustment screw is going to come into play because we’re
probably hitting the stop so what I’m going to do is I’m just going to pull it
out about a quarter turn and we’re gonna see what happens that got us real close
I bet you if I went just another a little bit nice and clean okay let’s try
it out here good okay so first or not catch so I try to
make final eight adjustments with that barrel if I can’t get it with those
finite adjustments we’re gonna have to come out more with that screw bring that
stop first there it goes okay so what I usually do
is I run it through the piers I just make sure it got every time you click and then I run it back up just to see a
smooth still need just a little bit between that second and first drop now
let’s give it one more run through the gears six seven six five four three two
one awesome alright if you’re this far it
means you’ve successfully installed your shifter and you’ve gone through and made
your derailleur adjustments now the final touches are still going to need to
be put on so don’t forget you’re gonna have to put on your new grip it’s gonna
have to be a full size because that original one is a half size in addition
you’re gonna have to make the adjustments to your controls just to get
them in the right positions for your hands now on your first test ride if
this thing doesn’t shift absolutely perfectly don’t worry the cable is
actually going to go through a bit of a slacking up process where it stretches a
little bit so over the next 5 10 rides you’ll probably have to make really
minor adjustments so hey I wanted to thank you guys for stopping in and
watching the video if you liked what you saw please go ahead and subscribe hit
that same rate if you’ve got any questions or suggestions go ahead and
throw them down there in that comment section thanks again you guys

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  1. Hello Friend! All right? Amazing I just post a video on the same upgrade, if you want to check follow the link :
    Very cool your video, congratulations!

  2. Thanks for the video, it inspired me to change out the grip shifter on my wife's bike. Placed the order on a rapid fire yesterday. ✌

  3. Another trick to get ur grips off if they are being stubborn is to use an air compressor and stick the end just under the edge of the grip and it should work its way right off

  4. A bit of solder will keep the cable ends from fraying…but not everyone has a soldering iron. Great vid, BTW…I just bought a Mongoose Malus 🙂

  5. I really like your bike man. Im new to the scene and have had my eyes set on this bike for a little while. My wife gave me the limit of $350 to spend on a bike.

    So far, Amazon has made things look promising. I can get the bike, rapid fire shifter, grips, hydraulic brake setup front and rear, new seat and new pedals for $346. Im hoping this payday to order it all ☺️

  6. Just upgraded my malus, shifts thru the gears fine, but the gear I'm in doesn't show the correct gear on the shifter. I may be in 3rd and it shows 2nd etc, or in 7th and maybe it shows 5th? Is there an adjustment for the shifter end?

  7. Good visual but I can barely hear you. Waiting on my shifter now. Bought the bike a couple weeks ago and hate the current shifter. It just caused me to brake my chain going uphill when i bumped it…

  8. There's nothing wrong with a properly operating grip shifter… it's a preference thing. When adding a dropper seatpost, a grip shifter is advantageous since there won't be a space conflict!
    See the Park Tools videos for the "more correct" method to adjust the rear derailleur.

  9. Duuuuuuude….. no way! I just successfully installed my gear shifter. all just by watching your video. this is awesome. thank you!!

  10. You will need your hand to hold, pliers, and a screw driver. If people do not know what pliers and a screw driver are, I doubt they'd be watching this.

  11. Great video though this with the handle bars I have done, the crank set is something I am interested in changing I have this same bike so can you do a video on changing the crank? Thanks again!!

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