How-to: Tubliss Tire Mounting Tips – Tubliss Tire System

How-to: Tubliss Tire Mounting Tips – Tubliss Tire System

Hey guys, it’s Jeff at Slaven’s Racing. I just want to give you a couple tips on mounting
tires on a TUbliss system, especially on the 21’s. The 21’s are definitely harder to do on the
rears and I’m just going to give you a couple pointers here. This is not a start to finish how-to-do-it. TUbliss has those videos out, as well as I’ve
got some old ones out. So, one tip is I use Armor All to lube up
the red liner, so that it pops in place. When the liner gets slightly out of round
or isn’t totally positioned correctly, then that’s when you’ll get a slow leak. So, I start by Armor All-ing. (Sprays Armor All.) Then go to the other side. (Sprays Armor All.) Just grab this (moves wheel spoke). Now, I’ve already got the tire or the wheel
assembly inside the tire. And there’s plenty of videos on that. But just this one little trick here makes
things, makes the end result a lot better. (Spraying continues) Make sure you don’t miss
any places. It’s going to help that pop right in there
and seal up great. Okay, so now I’ve got the tire or the wheel
assembly on my mounting stand here, and I always start opposite the rim lock. So, the rim lock’s here, I’m going to start
over here. I’m going to put that in last. I’m not even going to use any bead buddies
or any of that kind of stuff today. I can push on this with my legs (inaudible). Once you get it going on, it’ll stay on in
there. See how I’ve got it started in there? Now, I’m going to keep pushing this down,
although this can’t go down in there very far because of the tubing system, so you have
to take small bites. I usually just wiggle it a little bit, like
that, grab a spoke to kind of leverage off of. Again, a spoke, not too much. Then you go over here’ got ahead of myself
a little bit. Okay, one side’s in. Alright, so now I’ve flipped it over to the
other side here. Again, I’m not going to use a bead buddy,
but that would be something that would make it a little easier for you. Now, if you’re familiar with those, they’re
on our website. Bead buddies by motion pro. (Continues mounting tire.) Okay, so I’m going to go around here and push
it down some, although, I don’t really want to go down in there because the TUbliss is
in the way. Now, don’t take too big of bites or you’ll
break the bead of the tire and then you’ll have to throw it away. See how I’m just coming up about an inch at
a time here? Maybe even less. Then come back here and push a little bit. Right here, we can put just a little lube
on there. (Sprays liquid) That’s more than a little. (Continues) So, I’m just going about a half-inch at a
time now. Watch there, as you can see I don’t have a
long tire level over here. If you’ve got to use a great big tire level,
you’ve probably done something wrong. Okay, there it is, it’s in. As you can see, taking your time and going
slower, is faster. So just take really small bites. I started out with about inch-bites and went
to half-inch-bites as it got tighter. Now it’s on. It’s ready to go. Just going to air it up and pop some wheelies. That’s all for now.

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  1. Damn, scratched the FUCK out of those things. Never understood the fascination with black anodized rims on all the new stuff.

  2. My dealer recommended Slime in side the wheel and on both inside and outside of the tire bead to help slide it on and add extra sealant value .So far so good ,your thoughts Jeff ?

  3. Small bites is the key especially on the gummy rear tires like the Shinko 505 or 525. Their beads are very easy to tear up, and when that happens, the TubLiss will never seal.

  4. I use soapy water on the entire tire bead when I'm mounting the tire to the rim and it helps, as well as keeping the tire in a warm place before mounting it. The hardest part of the whole process is making sure you don't hook the liner with the spoon when removing an old tire.

  5. helpful step 1: coat the tire inside and out, and tubliss system ( liner and tube) with spray on tire shine (silicon based)
    helpful step 2: switch to a super gummy tire (shinko/goldentire)….. ssssooooo easy to fit then..
    add slime at the end

  6. I don't have a tire balancer have suggestion on how many ounces that will to work opposite of the rim lock to get it mostly balanced out?

  7. How does the Tubliss system fair in faster desert riding? I do a good mix of slow rocky single track and fast open desert. How will this hold up in both terrains?

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