How to Super Clean, Decontaminate and Protect your cars wheels.

How to Super Clean, Decontaminate and Protect your cars wheels.

I’ve already blasted the surface dirt
off with the pressure washer and now we’re ready to clean and decontaminate
the wheels. I prefer to clean the wheels first before washing the car, but it’s up
to you which way round you want to do it when cleaning wheels make sure that the
wheels and the brakes are cool as this will stop any cleaners drying too
quickly. First I wet the wheel which allows the
wheel cleaner to spread easier on the surface. The wheel cleaner I’m using is
Chemical Guys Diablo diluted 1 to 6 which is a pH neutral acid free cleaner
which is safe to use on all types of wheels. You always have to be careful
that you use a suitable cleaner especially with polished or diamond cut
wheels as acid based cleaners can prematurely corrode the wheel surface.
Spray the cleaner liberally over the wheel and let it set for a few minutes. I
like to keep my brushes in a bucket of normal wash soap with a grit guard at
the bottom. If you’re cleaning expensive delicate or new wheels as an extra step
you could employ the 2 bucket method for your wheel brushes in the same way that
you would for the bodywork. I always spray the brush or cleaning tool with my
chosen wheel cleaner in this case I’m using a Wheel Woolie. Starting at the top
I clean the back of the wheel first working my way down. Whilst cleaning the back I also clean in
between the spokes as these are the dirtier areas of the wheel. The medium
Wheel Woolie is ideal for cleaning wheels that are dirtier and that need a
little more agitation; Whereas the larger headed Woolie I find is better if the
wheels aren’t so dirty. I tend to use them backwards and use the larger brush
for the face of the wheels as it holds more soap than is softer you can also
use a cone brush like the EZ detail brush for cleaning the back of the
wheels and the spokes. Using the smaller Wheel Woolie or detail brush clean all of the areas of the wheel that the larger brush couldn’t reach. This
includes the back of the spokes and the lug nut holes. Then using a larger soft brush I clean
the face of the wheel the front of the spokes and around the rim. Rinse the
dirty water off thoroughly, if your wheels are extremely dirty you may need
to rinse a few times in between the steps above. The next step is to dry the
wheel with an old drying towel. I dry the face of the wheel first and then the
back of the wheel after. Next we’re going to use a fallout remover to remove the
bonded iron particles like brake dust that’s etched into the wheel surface. In
this case I’m using Troll’s Breath from Pro Kleen, which is an amazingly
effective fallout remover. Spray the fallout remover liberally over the wheel
surface let that set for around 5 minutes to react with the iron particles. The iron particles that have bonded to the surface of the wheel will start to
turn purple as they react and dissolve with the fallout remover HOWEVER: do not allow fallout remover to dry. If you feel it needs more time either apply more or
rinse and repeat. Once the reaction is finished, which is
normally after around five to ten minutes, rinse the wheel thoroughly to
completely remove the fallout remover. As an extra step you can clay the surface
of the wheel however the above step should ensure
that the wheel is as clean as possible and after claying you may need to
polish the wheels paint or coating to remove any marring left behind from the
clay. Finally we need to protect the wheel to make it easier to clean in the
future. I dry the wheel thoroughly again, then I spray the surface with car pro
HydrO2, which is an extremely easy to use silica sealant it’s activated by
spraying with a pressure washer or high pressure hose. You now need to dry the
wheel for the last time and you’re done your wheels will now look amazing and
will be even easier to clean next time because of the sealant. You can also use
a wax or paste type sealant but I prefer the speed from hydrO2, I find that paste
type sealants are easiest to apply when the wheels are off the car. And that’s how easy it is to deep clean your car’s wheels. I hope you found this video
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you clean your wheels please share them in the comments below thanks for
watching and I’ll catch you next time

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  1. Also hydro 2 is recommend with a strong jet of water but not a pressure washer. People on the car detailing Reddit have said a pressure wash has ruined some paint when using hydro2…. I just use the hose with a nozzle

  2. Nice to see a vid again, 5 months was a long time 😊 I was afraid that your business had taken up the time and you wouldn’t be back at all. Looking forward to seeing the next vid, thanks for the upload 👍👍👍😜

  3. Hi mate I know this is a wheel cleaning video but wanted to know when making my own ipa can I use Auto Finness citrus power instead of the autobrite product?? And also do o have to just double the amount if I wanted to fill a bottle the same size you used??

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