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  1. Can i buy a Speed meter ? Becouse my Moms Speed meter broken and its not moving my dad said it wass more to pay for fix than Speed meter so ya. 20 $ Deal ?

  2. Nobody:

    Absolutely Nobody:

    ChrisFix: removes driftshaft

    BeamNG.Drive:mYou’re driveshaft has broken

    Chrisfix: uno reverse card

    BeamNG: RIP

  3. 6:44 I thought the rear seat cushions were already removed when Chris went to the trunk to find out that electrical problem

  4. Ok so you took the car apart to store the stuff somewhere where pieces can get lost or damaged why not keep the car all together and take the pieces off when needed.

  5. I love these videos, so amazing. I learn a lot of things, not only about cars but also about buy and sell which is pretty darn good. Thanks Chris!

  6. 190$ you robbed them. The bastards in my neck of the woods wont pay more than 125.00$ for a running but salvage 2000 honda accord not stripped in good condition. I ended up selling it for parts on Craigslist for 800$

  7. im amazed on the prices of cars out there because im your follower from algeria and the price of that jag (if it was available) it would coast about 24000.00 USD :/ that's so sad really

  8. I've been wanting to learn to work on my car, but part of the problem is I don't always know where to start because I don't even know how it's assembled. Now I'm thinking a good way to learn will be to buy a car for parts, take it to pieces, and sell it off. Even if I don't make a profit, it's a lesson learnt and still cheap!

  9. Imagine the neighbor's panic when he started doing this if they didn't know him well
    Guy in a hoodie strips a Jag.

  10. What’s funny is that his neighbors might see him and he’s wearing a hoodie with gloves and everything it looks like he’s stealing the parts 😂💀 love him though

  11. If your mom is like mine, within 5 minutes she asked you when you're going to get all that stuff out og the garage.

  12. I’m still wondering wtf this unlike are doing there, the guy just gave his time to show something new and inspired to make your On things and envy people unlike it, Cmon guys 👍🏻 please.

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