How to Strip a Car COMPLETELY

How to Strip a Car COMPLETELY

Hey guys! ChrisFix here and today I’m gonna show you how to strip a parts car and I mean STRIP it. So it looks like this: And then I’ll use some of those parts to fix up my other car, and I’ll sell the extra parts to make a good amount of money. How much money, you might ask? Well, you’ll find out. If you missed the last video, In that video, showed you how to actually find a parts car, and buy it, as well as some of the risks involved. I’ll link that video in the description so you can check it out. Now I just got the car, and the first thing to do is to jack the car up to make it easy to work on. It is getting dark out, but that won’t stop me. Now I know I just got the car, but I need to get rid of it as quickly as possible to make room in the driveway, because my driveway gets filled with my family’s cars. So with the car safely jacked up, I have it on ramps in the front, and then I have a couple of jack stands in the back, plus the jack. This thing is not going anywhere. It’s nice and safe to work on, Let’s begin parting this out! [Drill sounds] I’m gonna start at the front of the car, and work my way back. If you can’t tell already, power tools are gonna be your best friend when parting out a car. The hood’s easy enough, two bolts on each side. [Drill sounds] Having a helper makes it a lot easier, since the hood is heavy and cumbersome. Next is the front bumper. [More drill sounds] A few bolts up top, and a few bolts down below, And it comes right off. And don’t forget about those expensive headlights. And now I’m working my way back, and gettin’ the sideskirt off. This is so easy. Remove a few bolts, don’t damage it when you remove it. Good! And this is gonna look awesome on my dad’s Jag. Next, we unbolt the front fender and start removing doors. The doors are easy to remove as well, just a couple of bolts holding it in And make sure you hold the door so it doesn’t just drop when you remove that last bolt, pull the electrical connector out, and that’s all there is to it. The doors are pretty heavy, so be prepared. Just out of curiosity, I wanted to see how much the door actually weighs. What do you guys think? Take a guess, because we’re about to find out. 75 pounds! (34kg) and that’s just ONE door. Talk about weight reduction! Alright, there’s only a couple more body pieces left. We got the trunk, we got the rear bumper, some taillights, the only problem now is there’s no battery power and the only way to open up this Jaguar’s trunk is with battery power. There’s no keyhole or anything back here, and I even tried putting 12 volts to the leads where the battery would be, nothing. The only way to get this trunk open is if this electric button works, or if somebody’s trapped inside and they pull on the safety release. So that gave me an idea! I should go and take apart the seats in the back! I got this seat to lift up about that much and you can kinda see back there. There’s a little hole for me to crawl through, so let’s see if I can do this. If you don’t like tight spaces, this is definitely not for you. I have my cellphone on me just in case, I don’t think I’m gonna get stuck but you never know. Here goes! And I just need to get more of my body in here because I can’t reach it… Alright I’m in and let’s just hope this latch works. Good! And we got the trunk open! So we got the trunk open and let me show you how: Right here there’s a release cable that you just pull… [Pulling intensifies] …and the trunk pops open. And with that little adventure, let’s call it a night. It is now morning, and let’s see what we got done last night. We actually got a lot done, we got that trunk open which is a big deal! And we removed ALL the doors, the hood, the sideskirts, and the front bumper; along with the lights which is big, I wanna do the engine. Im gonna remove a bunch of parts from here which can all be sold or saved for the other Jaguar. But first, let’s finish where we left off and remove the trunk and bumper, the last two body panels we want. We also want stuff like the spare, the scissor jack, and any electronics like the reverse sensor computer, because ALL this stuff has value. And this is probably why he had an electrical issue: because he ran his own speaker system, and probably didn’t know how to do it. Looks like some of his wires actually burned, so he probably had too much current and burned up some wiring somewhere. Who knows? We want to remove these interior pieces too, because we need to get to the bolts to remove the bumper and tail lights. And that is the rear trunk area completely gutted. Can’t forget the weather stripping, which is in good condition; plus the taillights, [Drill noises] And finally, the bumper, which is in great shape. That is gonna look awesome on my dad’s Jag. The rear crash bar is in high demand, due to all the rear-end accidents. And it’s easy to remove, so taking that is a no-brainer. And finally, the trunk or boot, as our British friends call it, unbolts and comes right off. And just like that, the whole trunk and rear end of the car is gutted! And then here’s everything kind of organized. I’ll give you guys the value of everything at the end of the video. You’ll see how much all of this is worth. I’m keeping the rear bumper, but everything else can be sold. Now, let’s move on to the engine bay! I don’t really need engine parts, but they’re good to sell, so I’m spending a few minutes here and getting the easy-to-reach parts. So when you’re disassembling your engine or even just working on your engine, a lot of times you’ll have to deal with these hose clamps which are a pain to remove. So I highly recommend you invest in a GOOD pair of hose clamp pliers. This is gonna make your life that much easier. For example, we have a hose clamp right here. You can see the lips on the pliers grab right onto the hose clamp, no problem at all. Then, we can easily slide this off, and then we can take our hose off. Just like that! I’ll leave a link in the description for any tools that I use in this video. These are awesome because they just grab on and won’t fling off like when you use regular pliers. And that pretty much covers everything that I’m grabbing from the engine bay, because I only took parts that were either easy to get or had some value to it. Because there are parts, like this alternator, that are all the way buried WAY down there. That’s not gonna be easy to get, its gonna take me more time than it’s worth, so I’m not gonna bother with stuff like that. But everything else on the top that was easy to get to that had value, I grabbed. Speaking of grabbing, make sure your grab ALL your tools out of the engine bay after you’re done working, because you don’t want to leave anything in here. Ratchets, wrenches, anything of value. I hate losing tools. and this car’s going to the scrapyard after we’re done with it. Speaking of tools… Definitely invest in one of these impact wrenches. [Drill noises] It can be a pneumatic one or an electric one, It’s gonna save you a LOT of time because you can easily just [Drill noise] unscrew bolts real quick and get all the parts you need out as quick as possible so you’re not wasting time. This thing will pay for itself with just a few of these parts. And with about an hour, hour and a half of removing parts you can see I got a ton of good stuff. Alot of stuff with value. Ill tally it up at the end and show you guys how much its all worth. And not only are these parts going to help pay for the parts car, but as parts break in my good car, I can just grab these and put them right in. So with everything removed from the engine bay, our next step is gonna be stripping out the interior. Now before we start on the interior, change out your gloves to some nice new ones so you don’t get your interior pieces dirty. We’ll start with pulling the weather stripping off. And lucky for me, the rear seats were already loosened by the previous owner because they were trying to figure out where the electrical problem was in the car. And surprisingly, these Jaguar floor mats are expensive – They’re $100 just for the front pair! When working on the interior, get yourself a nice set of panel clip tools. These things are gonna help you remove all those pieces without breaking them. A little tip: just get some black tape, and cover the tip of your tool so that you don’t ed up scratching any of the interior panels. I’m not sure what it is, but the disassembly, of the rest of the interior, is very satisfying. All we have left is the center console, which comes right out with a few screws removed. And then with everything removed, the carpet comes right out. Even the head liner was easy to remove for once, and it just slides out the rear door. I also want to grab the side airbags, and figured why not remove the sunroof, which is held in with just a couple of bolts. All right! Now we have everything removed from the interior, from the rear seats to the sunroof. Everything is completely stripped, and it’s kind of cool to see how cars are put together. And this is something you don’t really get to see every day. Now there’s one last thing I want to get from this car before I push it into the street and get it towed away. With a few extra bolts removed, we have our driveshaft. Now that the parts car has been stripped of almost everything – the exterior is parted, and the interior is gutted, so now I can get this car towed away. but there’s one big problem: Where do you keep all the parts? Surprisingly enough, a parted car takes up a lot of room, almost as much room as a whole car. so the hardest part of this process is finding space for your car parts. Organization is key, and in this case I’m temporarily using my garage to store all the parts. So what I’m gonna do, is I’m gonna put the larger parts in the shed in my backyard, and any of these smaller parts I will put in the attic of my garage. But the limiting factor to a parts car is definitely space, so make sure you have some place to put all these car parts. The next factor is the actual parts car. I stripped my parts car immediately after I got it, because my driveway fills up real quick and I can’t have this car taking up space. I also don’t want it in my driveway for more than a few days, because it doesn’t look good and I don’t want to upset the neighbors. So, I want this car towed away ASAP. Getting the car towed doesn’t cost you any money! You can actually get paid because this car is worth something. To help you find a company that will pay you for your car, I’ll include a link to the search I did in the description. I called this place up and they asked a few questions, I told them it was stripped, and they scheduled a pickup. The guy handed me a check, and now I’ve made some money, plus the stripped car was towed away. You really can’t beat that. What’s your guess on how much I made from the car? Well… I got paid $190 to get that scrap Jag towed away. I also got all these parts to install on my dad’s Jag, so let’s get that done now. Let’s start at the front by removing the front bumper and headlights, and since I couldn’t remove the welded crash bar, I want to prevent this one from rusting, so I’m gonna hit it with some spray paint. Let’s add the new headlights and front bumper… Check that out! What a difference that makes. No more crack – that bumper looks awesome! Let’s move to the sideskirt. I can’t wait to get rid of this sideskirt with a hole in it. With the old one removed, pop in the new one And again, look at that transformation! SO much better! Now let’s move to the interior pieces. First, let’s get this old, scratched up glovebox changed out… … for this other glovebox, which looks way better. Next, we need to add the cover to the rear-view mirror. It pops off, just like that… Then we add our piece, push the mirror back in place, and that completes the interior. Now, let’s go under the car… …and replace the driveshaft. When we got the car, we noticed vibration, which I thought was from the wheels… …but it ended up being the driveshaft. Just look at all that play in the driveshaft – it isn’t supposed to move at all! So to replace the shaft we need to unscrew the bolts on the front, the rear, and the center. Then, the driveshaft falls right out. Out with the old… …in with the new! When you torque the bolts, torque them down in a criss-cross pattern, to evenly seat the driveshaft. Here’s a tip to keep track of the bolts you’ve torqued: mark the torqued bolts with some paint. Tighten down the center bearing, and it’s that easy. Now that the wobbly driveshaft has finally been replaced, we’ll see if the vibrations are gone after our test drive. But first, we’ll need to swap out one last piece… the rear bumper. Out with the old bumper, and in with the new! [Bumper clicks into place] With the rear bumper done, we have one last thing to do, and that is install our reverse speaker, which will hopefully allow the reverse sensors to work. The speaker is located right below the rear glass… …right under here. Just push this little cover off to the side, unplug the old speaker, (I’m pretty sure this is broken) so let’s replace it with the one from the parts car. Cover it back up, and we are DONE! That’s all it takes. There we go! With that reverse speaker installed, we are done restoring this Jag! I can’t wait to show my dad this car and go for a ride in the morning. There she is! Day three. Gonna go and show my dad the car. Check out the rear bumper, it’s looking amazing. Look at that reflection! Oh, man! It looks so good, especially comparing it to the old one. Coming around to the sideskirt… …Wooo, look at that! No holes, that looks nice and clean. Coming over here to the front, unfortunately, the fenders didn’t match. I’m just gonna leave it like this, plus, this one has the pinstripe. I’m gonna work on popping that dent out, I think that’ll make a good video. If we check out the front here, look at those headlights! Oh, man, they look so good! Nice and clear… AND level. And then we have our front bumper, I’m gonna do a little patchwork on this and make it look nice, but for now, that bumper looks awesome. So let’s back the car off the ramps, Alright! You hear that? That is the backup sensors working. So it was that little speaker. Beautiful! Oh, I just heard my dad. Alright… Wow, the front looks great. It looks like it’s new! Right? I say we should go for a ride. The hole is gone, it’s amazing. It looks great from the outside. The crack is gone, the back bumper, all the scratches are gone and the dents, and it rides nice and smooth, it’s better than when we got it. I loved this car, and I love it even more now. If you can’t tell, my dad is pretty happy and that’s what it’s all about. Now let’s wrap this video up. I’m sure you’re wondering how much value is here in car parts… …to give you an idea of the value of the parts here, I printed off an inventory sheet with all the parts and reasonable prices I found. They’re so reasonable, I already sold $500 of these parts in the first week alone. That’s awesome. Check out the engine, It got us about $425 worth of parts. This is where you can make a lot of money: Body parts aren’t cheap. They’re already painted and in decent shape, so we can get about $2350 if we sell them. The interior got us about $1700 worth of parts. Altogether, that’s $4,665 worth of parts (including the check from the towing company) The car cost us $1,484. With all that taken into consideration, you could profit $3,181 With JUST these parts. Also, remember: we have a Jaguar in excellent condition that we increased the value of by at least $1,000. And finally, you learn a TON about the car that you’re working on. So now if I ever need to change a gauge cluster bulb or something in the Jaguar, I know how to take this all apart. If i ever need to change the radio, whatever – Airbags, anything that goes bad on that car I’ll know how to fix, because I took apart everything, That knowledge is very valuable for a car you want to keep. So there you go – pretty much everything you’ll need to know about parting a car. When it’s worth doing, the profit that you can make from it, the fun you can have with it, all good stuff. I hope you guys enjoyed the video. I’ll link this sheet in the description, along with where I got the car, and the tools I used to take the car apart. If you aren’t a subscriber, consider subscribing for more awesome videos just like this.

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