How to Stop Steering Wheel from Shaking (Lower Control Arm)

How to Stop Steering Wheel from Shaking (Lower Control Arm)

one, two, three, four! Rev up your engines! It’s time for the Scotty Kilmer Channel if your car is handling strange when
you’re cornering, and if your steering wheel shakes when you brake,
then stay tuned because I’m going to show you how to replace a lower control arm
on your vehicle, now as you can see I took the right front tire off and when I
pull here, you can see the whole thing wiggles, and of course it shouldn’t move
at all, so we got to find out what’s causing the wiggling,
well when we wiggle it here, we can see that the whole bushing here is moving up
and down, now unfortunately in this Lexus you can’t buy the bushing, you’ve got to buy
the whole lower control arm, so we have to change the whole arm off, we’ll start
buy unbolting the lower ball joint here, then it just pulls out of the way, then
we got to unbolt the bushing part, but it’s really tight so we’ll use a long cheater
bar and some extensions, just stick it on the bolts and pull like mad, and out comes the bolt, then go to the back of the lower control arm, and there’s a
big bushing at the back, we have to take this bolt off too, just get a wrench and a
socket and start twisting, then with a little twisting and pulling, the
whole thing comes out, now we’ll make sure we got the right part, it looks
pretty much exactly the same, then we get the control arm and slide the back bushing in
first, and stick the bolt it, now you might have to do some prying to get the bolt
to get into the top, so get a big screwdriver to pry with, but eventually
with enough wiggling and prying, you can get the bolt the whole way through, then
put the bolts on the top bushing and tighten them up, make sure that they’re
really tight, and last but not least, put the bolts on that hold the ball joint in
the bottom, you don’t want the ball joint falling off, and now when you pull on the
wheel, no wiggle at all, so the next time you’ve got a suspension problem, why not fix it yourself, and remember if you have any car questions
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  1. This is great- We attempted this last night , but you only seemed to remove 1 of the bolts from the bushing. My highlander has 2… any suggestion on how to get the bolt that is near the engine mount? Doenst seem to want to come out.

  2. Hey scotty! I have a nissan sentra b16 2008! with a bad front right control arm! i wanted to change it myself but the screws are impossible to take out! it's like welded together! and on of them is behind the stability bar and i dont have acces! do i need to take the stability bar out? the shop charges me 200 bucks for this replacement! i have the new arm already! the car pulls a bit to the right when you accelerate! and the steering starts to shake when you pass 60 mph!

  3. Thanks more thing does it have to be Acura aftermarket a-arms or could they come off another type of car??

  4. If my bushing is torn and the lower control arm is fine. Would I be ok to just replace the bushing. 3rd gen Subaru Outback.

  5. Hey Scotty! Great video! I just did this job on my 1999 Solara. I replaced both control arms, but now I have some insane positive camber on both sides! Why is this?? I have found specialized camber adjustment cam-bolts for fixing this, but I don't feel like I should have to! Did I do something wrong? Or did ImportDirect just build the control arm to the wrong dimensions? I don't want to go aftermarket to fix this problem if I don't have to. Please help! Thanks in advance!

  6. Hi Scotty Im about to do this on my 2008 Base Highlander 108k.  Should I  Replace the Ball Joint as well?  Thanks a million

  7. is it the same process for a 2004 lexus es330. some guy said they have to take out the engine and tranny and its 16hrs labor

  8. Ijust bought a doge caliber 2007 for my wife as a surprise. but i had to buy new tires, aligment. All of the sudden they told me that the arm control is mess up. how can i fix it before she can drive the car…

  9. Putting on the new control arm and the two bolts that connect it to the sub frame are off by a hair and not allowing the bolts to go through. I'm 100% sure I got the correct part. Anything I can do to adjust?! Please help!

  10. Hi Scotty I found out that my mechanic put the right lower control arm to the left and the left control arm to the right. Should I change them to their correct position? Its an 07 Camry. Thanks for your advice.

  11. Replacing the lower control arm on a 2009 Chevy HHR and the bolt that connects the arm to the frame (back one) won't come off.  I snapped an extension bar off trying to get it off but it won't budge.  Lubed it with penetrating lubricant but still can't get it off.  Any tips for a stuck bolt?

  12. hello my 2002 qx4 when driving an i let off gas it moves side to side from the back an when i put gas i feel it pull to the left a bit .what can be the promblem if it only comeing from the back moveing like side to side like a dog when he shakes his behind

  13. hello again in was replacing my low control arm on the right side if my 2002 dodge stratus . The out side of the control arm the bolt broke. My question is how you get the bolt out I seen YouTube video where the cut the housing weld and opened it

  14. My sephia Kia 2000 looks to have a rusty lower control arm thats cracked and feels weird when I break. there is a giant crack because of rust in my lower control arm for front left side and when I break I hear kinda a scarping noise. Does a rusty cracked lower control arm cause sounds when you press on the break because the sound only comes from the side with rusty lower control arm.

  15. Hi Scott,
    Nice video for replacing the lower control arm on the 2005 Lexus RX330. Now, how do you remove the engine mount that is trapped between the transmission and the subframe. The lower control arm (driver side) won't get out unless we remove the engine mount. Your advise will be really appreciated.

  16. ok, am I missing something? My dealer wants 1600 bucks to replace the Front Lower Control Arms. If I Iook for parts online, they are less than a hundred bucks each and your awesome video makes it looks pretty easy to do. I just replaced my rotors and brakes, so I'm guessing I can tackle this, but why so much? is it labor intensive? I have a 2006 Hylander. thanks for your video!

  17. Hey I got a 2010 Mercedes e class and I don't have wiggling but I do have a light clonk sound when I go over certain big bumps , I jacked up the wheel and it does move and I see some slipping where the lower control arm connects , would it be this same problem?

  18. Hey Scotty,
    I have a 2013 Ford Focus and I can't find any information on whether or not the bushing/rubber is separate or attached to the control arm as one part; just like in your video with your vehicle. My local shop is telling me it's all one part. Before I dive under, would you happen to know? If it's separate it would definitely help the wallet and the shop it's pulling a fast one.

  19. So, I had this Ctrl arm issue. when I pulled both sides out, they were very worn. i swapped both side and the end link kits as well. truck (99 Rx300) has a lot of play. It now seems too dangerous to drive. not sure what went wrong. fyi…. for a stubborn bolt such as the one securing the ball joint, cut it with a sawzaw. the new ctrl arm and ball joint will replace it. The nut on 1 ball joint stripped so I cut it. The cutting took me all of 3 mins. Any advise would be helpful. Does swapping a pair of ctrl arms require an alignment?

  20. I realy like your youtube channel, very informative.
    I have a question. What do you think needs to be fixed on the car if the car feels like a boat when you are moving the car on the road? It's good road holding when i drive straight ahead, but when I drive to the other side/drive past someone, it feels like a freaking boat. It's an opel astra f 2.0 gsi

  21. Hi Scott, do I need it on the ground first then torque them down according to the manual? Do I need to torque the bolts within spec or just pull like mad? Thank sir.

  22. Wow. that looks so easy… Will you have to reset your alignment yourself after doing this? On my Lexus IS300 the alignment is off too because of the worn control arms and ball joints

  23. I replaced my ball joint on my LCA but I had to grind it off so I put everything back together, the truck rode rough. I did have to go back and loosen the LCA and make sure it was level and then tighten things back up. What can cause the vehicle to bottom out after this repair is done 09 Traverse?

  24. Hi Just did 2010 toyota senna, 2 1/2 hrs, yes you need good breaker bar and 17,19,22 mm tools, doing it your self saves $$$ and on my vehicle I had to loosen motor mount and raise engine a few inches. Always use proper jack stands and wear gloves and safety glasses. Thank you.

  25. Hey Scotty, great videos! I'm working on 2nd lower control arm in 1998 lexus es300. Having a real problem with rear bushing bolt as it was totally frozen, bought electric impact wrench for the job…stripped the bolt! What is best idea to remove this? sawzall? tight spot for top of this mount. How about sawzall through the metal part that surrounds the bushing? Any help is greatly appreciated, thanks

  26. I do have another questions though for the 98 ES300. What brands are okay for the replacement to ball joints and lower arms? I'm looking at Detroit Axle..are they a good after fit? Or am i better off with autozone?

  27. Scotty, your video was extremely helpful, thank you. One limitation; it does not apply to 2004 era Lexus ES330 front control arms. For the driver's side control arm, it is necessary to unbolt the front engine mount and the engine mount over the control arm, lift the engine several inches, and remove the left hand engine mount to access the control arm bolt it hides. The control arm can then be replaced, and the reverse procedure applied to put it all back. On the right hand (passenger) side, this simple workaround is not feasible. I could not life the engine after an inch. Unless I report back differently, I plan to hold the engine using a wooden brace across the strut towers, drop the subframe, remove the engine mount hiding one of the left control arm bolts, then changing the control arm. FYI for others with 2004-era Lexus ES300 who needs to renew their control arms.

  28. But I am curious about Ball Joints for the 98 es300..I head bad things about aft market ones..should those be oem? or does generic brands cut it for ball joints?

  29. Hi Scotty if the lower control arm is bad that is posible to hear a real bad clunk when you pass tru a pathole

  30. Hi Scotty I have a question what cost the problem I replace the the new brakes and rotor also the ball joint but the rotor star with a groove on top and no time this happens like a few weeks after I change this parts

  31. @Scotty I replaced that same control arm and new ball joint on my 08' toyota Avalon. Now my steering feels really touch and feels like the wheels are riding on the outer most edge of the tires. Almost feels unsafe to drive. Any idea what I might of screwed up? Did my Camber get thrown out of alignment? Thanks for your great videos.

  32. Scotty, thank you for the videos, you have helped me out ALOT!! Scotty, i am going to do this on a 2004 Toyota Highlander, 2WD, i see that you did this on a Lexis, what year is it and model . Appreciated the help. Best to you, my man!!

  33. Scotty, I'm trying to replace my control arm for a Toyota Corolla 2004 from the drivers side but the transmission is in the way of taking off the bolt.. Any tips on how to remove it?

  34. Thanks Mr Kilmer i fixed my Daughters HHR … The Mechanic wanted $600 .for one side .. I bought both on Amazon for $31.79 Each…. it took me and her Husband to be 3hr of work to do Both sides… Because of you I look like Hero in my Families Hearts… How can a Poor Man Like me Pay you for what you Did…?

  35. Great video dude!!! Simple, informative, to the point and lively. Thank you for your service sir, and please continue to enjoy working on cars; that's the way it's supposed to be.

  36. Can’t say I’m impressed for a mechanic of 46 years, No Loctite
    on the bolts, after all you did say you didn’t want the ball joint falling
    off, and no mention of getting the tracking done, When I done mine the tracking
    was a mile out, how could it not be with a new part fitted ?.

  37. Hey scotty, I unfortunately hit a curb while I was on a turn and my wheel is bent in… I had a guy look at it and he told me my control arm is bent. I really don't know if that's then issue but it could be. Hoping to get a little advice on it. I have pictures I could send you for your input on this.. hopefully you can help thanks

  38. Hey, next week I'm going to change out mine also in a 2016 nissan versa note on passenger side… Is there anything to be aware of when i do this myself? and if i change the one control arm is it usually best to change both sides at once or does that matter

  39. for my crown Victoria 1987, BOTH the front wheels wiggle like the one in the video. Do I spend $500 bucks on both the upper and lower control arm assemblies, (as suggested by the alignment shoppe after a tow alignment, mind you the cam is still off) or just replace the bushings and ball joints on said arms? Much thanks. I want to make sure from the best, so I do not overspend $$$ if it's just the bushings and ball joints that need fixing

  40. just got an inspection and barely passed a couple things. they are on my list to fix. i knew i had suspension issues and it turns out i have bad control arm bushings. he showed me.

    the quote was $388. $75 just for the bushings, $235 labor (2.5 hours), and $80 alignment.

    it seems i can get 2 control arms (with bushings) for $110. i could buy the tools and do this myself or call a guy on craigslist to do it for $25 an hour. he's helped me with struts before. alignments can be done anywhere.

    so instead of $388 i can do it for around $250 or less. i would pay the guy more than what he is quoting.
    or cheaper if i do it. youtube has walked me through crazy repairs before thx to people like Scotty!!

  41. so glad you are getting so many views and subs. you deserve it!!! just don't sell any shirts with your name on it like all the other tubers trying to rake in the money. unless its a cool design 🙂 i can design something for ya. booyah!!!!

  42. If only it was that easy took me 4 hours to do one side ended up breaking all my extensions getting the bolts out haven't even done the other side rather have a shop do it

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  44. I hit a curb in my friends car and bent the control arm, thankful for guys like you that help me save money by doing the repairs myself. I appreciate it!

  45. Thanks Super Scotty, keep on learning automotive repair best thing on the net.Thanks for sharing.and remember everyone be kind to others and yourselves. Peace

  46. Same symptoms, similar noises, but it ended up being a loose bolt holding my cv joint
    I'm know I'll have to replace it one day, but for now I was able to tighten it up 👍

  47. Hey scotty great videos!
    You know where I can find 1990-1993 celica gt 2.2l suspension parts?

  48. Lol… I know you got a hard head scotty! But you gotta wear a helmet on the bike at the front of the vid…case you go airbourne like that decal on your tank!! Luv ya brother

  49. Hello thanks for your video please i need advice me I wanted to buy Ford Taurus 2006 with 80k miles on it, is it advisable to purchase this vehicle or rather buy Toyota camry 2005 with 80miles in it.. from new york.

  50. do we have to change the ball joint? I Noticed that they sell some lower control arms w/ ball joints. thanks in advance.

  51. My steering wheel turns and shakes when I hit bumps and holes and I somewhat lose control. Do you guys, or Scotty, know what it might be? I suspect it's either my tie rod or some control arm, but I'm not sure

  52. This just fixed my 1999 camry after 7 years of steering wheel shimmy over 65mph. No mechanic could figure it out. There was no visable play even when prying on control arms.

  53. Hey Scotty. Is there an oem or aftermarket brand you can recommend for 2007-2012 Toyota Camry control arm? Original toyota part is over $200 each.

  54. Hey Scotty. Is there an oem or aftermarket brand you can recommend for 2007-2012 Toyota Camry control arm? Original toyota part is over $200 each.

  55. Scotty, when living in the northeast, those bolts do not come out the easy. On m bf's Cobalt, I can't break loose that rear control arm bolt. Even with my breaker bar. It's torqued in good.

  56. If I replace a new original Lower arm how long does it last long? I have replaced it for my Honda city GD8 1.5 year ago. But now they said it has to be replaced. @Scotty Kilmer

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