How To Shine Your Wheels! – Chemical Guys Car Care

How To Shine Your Wheels! – Chemical Guys Car Care

What’s up guys we’re back here in the Detail
Garage with this Tesla. This car hasn’t been washed in over four months
so it is completely thrashed. The paint is covered in dirt and debris but
mainly these wheels are coated in brake dust, grime and road debris. Today we’re going to get it cleaned up and
looking right. Over here I’ve got my bucket full of water
and I’ll place one Dirt Trap inside of it to filter out and contaminants and prevent
them returning to the vehicle. If you noticed I place it in at an angle and
press it all the way to the bottom to reduce air getting stuck underneath it so it can
create a seal which prevents any gross contaminants from coming back through the cones. To help me clean these rims I have three brushes. I have our Green Flagged Tip Brush which is
for cleaning the face of the wheel, the Stiffy Blue Brush for the tire to remove road grime
and previous dressings and lastly we have our new Easy Reach Rim and Tire Detailing
Brush to get into the spokes removing the brake dust and grime all the way to the back
of the barrel. Before we do all that we’ll load up our bucket
with some Diablo Wheel Gel to create foam that emulsifies brake dust and contaminants
to prevent scratching and we’ll activate it using the hose. Starting off by putting all three brushes
in the bucket to collect foam which helps us clean. Before we start I’ll rinse off as much of
the grime as possible so we won’t scratch and then we can start with the foaming process. By using our Jet Stream Fire Hose Nozzle it
has helped take down all the loose heavier filth to prevent swirls and scratches. Gathering foam and lubrication on the Easy
Reach Wheel Brush we are going to start at the highest point of the wheel this way we’re
not dragging the debris over areas that we have already cleaned. You can see it goes all the way to the back
of the wheel taking off as much of the brake dust and grime without scratching. This wheel brush has super soft bristles which
help to take off anything that is stuck in small crevices but won’t scratch the surface. To add some more cleaning power as well as
foam I’m going to spray some Sticky Wheel Gel on here. This helps take off road grime, embedded contaminants
and also anything that has been sitting on the surface because like I said this car hasn’t
been detailed in at least four months and it just got back from a cross-country road
trip so it picked up a lot of road grime and filth that can harm the finish. So I’m spraying a generous amount on here
to help foam and lubricate so we don’t scratch it. As you can see this brush went all the way
to the back of the barrel and took care of the sitting grime and debris and now you’ll
look in here and see a perfectly clean rim. Now we’re going to move on to another brush. We’re going to use our Green Flagged Tip Brush
this is going to take care of anything that is left on the face of the wheel. So I’m going to spray a little bit of Sticky
Wheel Gel into the brush this adds cleaning power as well as lubrication so that again
we don’t add new scratches or swirls to the finish. Working at the top and going around the rim
we are picking up any remaining residues and brake dust to get these rims looking right. So I’m also going to spray some Sticky Citrus
Wheel Gel in this brush because this is adding cleaning power which creates foam that penetrates
the rubber to remove dressings and road grime to bring back a natural black look. Alrighty guys as a last step we need rinse
off all this spent product and grime that had caked up all over the wheels and wheel
wells so we’ll use the Jet Stream Fire Hose Nozzle. Now if you’re wondering why we started with
the wheels it is because on any detail if you are washing the exterior you’ll want to
start with the dirtiest areas and the wheels are obviously the most grime and polluted
area. So we started with the wheels and now that
they are looking right we are going to move on to the body when we come back to the Detail
Garage. Just want to say thanks to you guys for sticking
through, obviously it gets pretty loud and noisey out here. It took multiple takes to get this video perfect
but we appreciate you guys watching. If you guys want to learn more about these
products you can check them out on our website If you like this car or this video give it
a thumbs up. We’ll see you guys next time right here in
the Detail Garage. So for anyone that was driving down Western
at 3:30ish on a Tuesday, thanks for being a part of the video.

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  1. Love your videos- very informative and helpful. I have a question- I have a 2016 2SS Caramo with the "Low Gloss black aluminum" wheels and while I can clean them, I for the life of me can't figure out how to make them pop and stand out after cleaning. A video would be great! Keep up the great work!

  2. Nice video, but your are like a bloody broken record player. By now we all know about swerls and scratches. switch up the script dude

  3. YESTERDAY I received my car & wheel wash kits… after spending $234.92 I only have 1 BRUSH👎 … watching this video shows me I need more brushes … maybe they SHOULD have be included in the KITS ..Yeah I'm a little irritated now… my wheels cost me a fortune.. and now I need to wait even longer to treat & clean… GREAT😩

  4. love your products im from Pakistan unfortunately not all products available here but using your jetseal blacklight and P40

  5. So what's so special about this diablo wheel gel? A few videos ago when you were cleaning the wheel on the blue mustang , you didn't use the diablo wheel gel. Just the sticky citrus spray.
    And now in this video, you use both.
    Just curious as to what to do and which to buy.

  6. Wow the wheels turned out great to bad it was a little loud and you guys had to deal with lots of traffic lol. Anyways keep the videos coming!

    Take care

    Your number one fan


  7. Just one question. When I clean my wheels like you do I notice the bucket gets really dirty very fast. Should I use a rinse bucket before dipping the brush into the soap or just keep changing water? Thanks! 😀

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