How to Rotate Tires Properly

How to Rotate Tires Properly

How to Rotate Tires Properly. Get on the fast track with these tips to keep
your vehicle running smoothly You will need Tire blocks A torque wrench A jack Jack stands
and muscle power. Never get under the car supported solely by
a jack. Step 1. Turn the engine off, put the car in park,
and set the parking brake. Place tire blocks behind the front and rear
tires on one side of the vehicle. For manual transmissions put the car in gear. Step 2. Loosen the lug nuts with a torque wrench on
the front and rear tires on the side of the car opposite the blocks. Step 3. Raise the vehicle with a jack and lower the
vehicle onto the jack stands. Step 4. Remove the lug nuts and front and rear tires. Inspect the tread on the tires. Most manufacturers build wear indicators into
their tires, so if the tread is as low as the indicator, replace the tire. Step 5. Mount the tire formerly in the rear on the
front and vice versa. Step 6. Hand-tighten the lug nuts first, and then
secure them with the torque wrench. Tighten lug nuts working diagonally in a star
pattern. Step 7. Lower the vehicle and repeat the previous
steps on the other side of the vehicle. Did you know Did you know? Properly inflated tires are not only safer
and last longer, they will increase your gas mileage by up to three percent.

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  1. Loosen the nuts with a torque wrench?!? You've got to be kidding me. If the nuts were previously overtightened you may end up busting the wrench, and why use it more than necessary, it's a precision calibrated instrument, use a regular wrench instead.

  2. @AMMstudios haha i agree. most of the things people take cars to shops for are home doable. people are either dumbasses like you say or just plain out lazy.

  3. @poeticromance it is, lol. you're supposed to criss cross them, put the front right on the rear left, and the left front on the rear right, etc.

  4. @iluvfatchx you criss cross on front wheel drive cars only when the tires are not directional tires… if they are directional tires, like this mustang probably has, then you cant criss cross cuz your treads will be rotating in the wrong direction so for directional tires, regardless of FWD or RWD… its fronts to back and backs to front.

  5. You never EVER break things loose with a torque wrench. A torque wrench is designed to torque in one direction not break things loose.

  6. @maxp8ntballer That's true, but the most important reason for tire rotation is taken care of by exchanging front for the back. The crossover exchange is to address uneven wear due to potential misalignment. If you do this method without a hoist, you would take the added step of exchanging the front tires by supporting the front and then exchanging the back tires by supporting the back of the vehicle after doing the one side at a time steps explained in the video. Also consider Maginel73's point.

  7. they forgot to add that you have to cross em when switching them to the front wheels unless they're directional .

  8. Drive tires crisscross; non drive tires go the the drive tires on the same side of the car as they were.

  9. Go to Goss' Garage (on You Tube) for better explanation. Crisscross rear tires to front for front wheel drive, opposite for rear wheel drive. The idea is to get the tire to turn in opposite direction on drive side. All wheel drive should crisscross both front and back.

  10. Good for U Bob Lavoie, that's how you do it the right way…..never just bring one from the front to the back on the same side…..!

  11. discount tire got free tire rotation, are they any good? heard some bad stories. I don't need to tell them my lug nut torque or tire rotation pattern etc right? they know it? why check for tire movement/play when it's in the air? when there is movement that means something is wrong? last one I only need tire balancing when it's pulls to one side going straight right? if car is fine then no need for balancing.

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