How to ride a unicycle – 10 tips

How to ride a unicycle – 10 tips

Growing up, my sister had a unicycle. She didn’t know how to ride it and neither
did I. As far as we knew, it was completely impossible
to ride. Fast forward about 20 years, and i now know
how to ride a unicycle. I learned in about an hour. Maybe I’m more coordinated now, or maybe
I have an easier time wrapping my head around the concept. Maybe I just have a longer attention span. Whatever the reason, I only learned to ride
recently, so the learning process is still fresh in my mind. Here are the ten key things that I learned. First of all, forget free mounting. That’s when you try to start riding without
holding on to something. This is for after you learn how to balance
on a unicycle, so save it for later. Wasting your time on free mounting before
you can ride will only hold you back. Second, forget about idling. That’s when you kinda rock back and forth
to stand in place. I still haven’t learned how to do this, but
I couldn’t imagine it being the first thing I learned. Riding forwards and staying up will be your
first goal. Third, adjust the seat at a medium height,
not all the way up like you would on a bike. This will allow you to move around a bit and
keep your balance. It’ll also be a little easier on your—parts. Fourth, keep the tires at a medium pressure. Of course you don’t want them super mushy,
but you also don’t want them rock solid like a road bike. This delays the movements of the unicycle
slightly and makes it easier to balance on. Fifth, find a wide open area with something
to hold on to. This hockey rink is where I learned to stay
up, as there’s plenty of space and a barrier for support. The space must be sufficiently large because
you’re going to be going all over the place once you learn to stay up. Sixth, scoot along a fence or wall, holding
on. This helps you get comfortable sitting on
the unicycle and pealing. As you scoot along, try to direct yourself
away from the wall and attempt to stay up. This is something you’ll need to do repeatedly
to finally learn. Seventh, keep your eyes straight ahead. You’ll have a natural tendency to look down,
but that’ll only make you fall down instantly. Imagine how disorienting it would be to run
while looking straight down. Runners look straight ahead and so do unicyclists. Number 8: Flail your arms around to keep your
balance. Someone told me this in the comments of a
video and I thought they were kidding. Your arms will be key in keeping your balance
when you first start out, and as dumb as it looks, it works. As you get more comfortable you can ride along
with your hands at your side, but this might take a little time. Number 9: Lean forwards. The unicycle should be tilted in the direction
you want to ride. By pedaling forwards you keep the unicycle
from falling over. This takes some commitment at first, and maybe
even some time to wrap your head around, but it’s the key to actually making some distance. If you throw your weight too far forwards
you can always just step off on to the ground. It’s when you don’t lean forwards that
you end up falling off the back and getting hurt. Number 10: Hold your back straight. If you’re flopping around everywhere, you’re
not going to be able to hold your balance. This is one of the reasons unicycling is such
a good core workout. Your torso is your center of gravity, which
your arms, legs, and unicycle will move around to stay balanced. Now that you know these ten tips, you should
be up and riding within an hour or two. If you practice for a while and get nowhere,
put it down and try again the next day. Riding a unicycle is a matter of learning
to stay up through trial and error, and then doing it enough times to burn it into your
brain. Just like riding a bike, you’ll never forget
how. Thanks for riding with me today, and I’ll
see you next time.

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  1. I got into unicycling about one week ago because this video, and now I can ride
    like 25 meters and ride down from a curb. Thanks for tips and this video in ceneral.

  2. well…you've inspired me. I saw one on the street today and though "I've always wanted to…" but I thought I'd check it out on Youtube first. Piece of cake. lol. The best bit is – they sell for like 20 bucks on eBay.

  3. im on the same boat. i can go forward fairly easily but still cant idle. im working on that though.

  4. I'm interested in a skateboard for street travel but think this might be a better choice since I've seen there are versions with brakes and even handles.

  5. When i was little i learned by brute trial and error, i think i spent at least a month every day trying to learn whats in this video. Cant go wrong here.

  6. if you want to get really good at it try riding with your hands in your pockets on a flat surface and then move on to uneven with your hands in pockets

  7. Hi Seth, I have more confident to learn how to ride my electric unicycle(KS-14D) after watching your video. Thank you~

  8. i would say that learning to ride a  unicycle in an hour is super human.  the average is about 10 hours spread out over days.

  9. I’m horrible at wheelies on a bike. Do you think that learning to ride a unicycle would be helpful to the process of learning to ride wheelies?

  10. It seems to me that if children were encouraged to develop unicycle skills, then in the future they'd be a lot less adults with lower back pain. Core strength is an area of weakness even to many gym fanatics and bodybuilders, not to mention the rest of the regular folk.

  11. I just learned to ride a unicycle 2 weeks ago. You and Mike Boyd inspired me to, and these tips were really helpful. I saw that using your method of learning I progressed much quicker than everyone around me. Thanks!

  12. “I learned in just one hour”
    I just got a uni and I have spent over 3 hours strait and still cant go 10 feet without falling

  13. I like this… If I ever snap my real bike in half, I'll know how to ride the rest of the bich home.

  14. from my first times riding a unicycle (im decent at it now) i would say to learn how to fall on a unicycle

  15. Tank u, have a brain injury an lost allot of ballese, my seribelum got hurt, witch effects my ballense

  16. Guys help I’ve been unicycling all around my city and I’ve been on YouTube trying to figure out how to stop

  17. Hey if you want to be a master unicyclist remove your whole ear because that's what you use to balance your welcome XD

  18. Thank you soooo much! Haven't had a chance to have a go on my unicycle yet, apart from holding onto the fridge in my kitchen!
    I really look forward to it! H from Kent in England.

  19. lesson one for beginner males, keep your junk out of the way before mounting! I bought a $75.00 unicycle on ebay, Idon't know if it was because it was a cheaper one or if all seats are like that, but my first mount was almost my last…
    I'm glad I kept on though, I love riding that thing now

  20. I've been ridding my unicycle for like a year now and I can ride it really good and all your tips I never did.

  21. My little brother when he was in third grade taught himself how to ride a bicycle in 20minutes. He had never ridden a trike or any other type of bicycle before 😧

  22. I bought an 18 inch for my 9 year old to learn on. Does anyone know if I can use it ? Im about 5 foot 9 and 85 kg.

  23. I don't beleive its possible within 1 hour – its gotta be a lie. 6 months later, I'm till trying, but other people's boasts re not helpful..

  24. To be honest, unicycle is like riding a bicycle with no handles to me, when I tried it, it only took me a few falls to master it. I guess I'm used to riding my bicycle without holding onto the handles.

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