How To Restore Faded Plastic and Rubber Trim – Tire and Trim Gel – Chemical Guys

How To Restore Faded Plastic and Rubber Trim – Tire and Trim Gel – Chemical Guys

What’s up what’s up everybody! Matt here from the Detail Garage, and today I’m gonna reintroduce you to the
brand new New Look Trim Gel. You’re all familiar with New Look Trim Gel. It’s great for rubber tires and textured plastic trim that you find on a lot of cars. The new formula is even more refined, and gives an even deeper, blacker shine, and restores the black look to faded trim. This trim is really porous, and it’s susceptible to stains from things like wax, sealant, and certain degreasers that are not appropriate for this type of material. And if you leave it out in the sun for too
long without protection, it will actually fade and make the whole car look older than it
really is. New Look Trim Gel uses highly-refined oils
that penetrate deep into the plastic, and moisturize the
material so that it turns deep-black again. It also has shine enhancers to make trim pop
and look wet. It gives a crisp, wet look on trim. It makes your car look great again. Plus it has UV inhibitors and sunblockers
that protect the plastic to keep the black look longer, and resist fading, staining, and degradation like cracking and breaking over time. It helps your car look better longer! To use it, I’ll set up a sample here. You see that I already wiped down this area with some NONSENSE and a towel, so it’s nice and clean to the touch. There’s no dirt or anything gross on it. I’m gonna do a 50/50 right here so you can
see on the camera. You can see we have multiple colors going on… It’s basically all faded, we have some white and gray splotches. I’m gonna put some tape down so we can see a stark before and after we treat it with the Trim Gel. To get started with the trim restoration,
all you need is your New Look Trim Gel, and a foam applicator pad. Now, you hardly need any. I’ll just put one small dab on this pad for
this demonstration. Take the gel, and massage it into the plastic
area that you want to work. While I do this I want to mention that New
Look Trim Gel works great on this textured plastic, it works on trim pieces around your car like door mirrors, around the windshield, around windows, door trim, door panels, bumpers… You see a lot of cars with this plastic on
the bumpers. New Look Trim Gel also works great on tires
as a tire shine. If you want that very wet, bright shine, this is the product for you! Work it in a little bit… …and now that the area is treated, the product is already dry to the touch. I have this towel, but I don’t even need it! There’s nothing on my hand. I’ll just take off the tape and show you the
50/50 difference and right there you see the big difference
between the untreated side, and where we treated it
with the gel. Now we have an even, black, crisp wet shine
where we treated it, and it’s all chalky and white and stained
and sunburned where we didn’t. I’ll take a little more trim gel, one more little dab right here, and I’ll go down to this tire. We have this black rubber, and all this brown junk and stuff stuck on the tire. It looks really bad. I’ll just dress this one little spot right
here so you can see the bright shine you get with
New Look Trim Gel. That’s all you need. As with any other tire dressing, the trick is in the application. If you don’t want sling, you have to apply
it correctly. No tire dressing actually slings if you put
it on correctly. Wipe off any excess, and make sure you don’t get any dressing stuck in the treads. That’s what slings all over when you start
driving, and that’s bad news bears. Now we have a super-wet shine on this spot, and the rest of the tire that’s untreated
is all brown, dusty, dirty, and looks gross! So if you guys have any questions about the
all new New Look Trim Gel, you can find it on our website, the link’s right below. If you have any questions on how to detail
any part of your car, subscribe to our YouTube channel: we have over 600 videos showing you how to
detail just about anything! I’m Matt, happy detailing, I’ll see you guys next time!

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  1. Once applied, will it attract dirt? I have tried other products on my Avalanche's trim and in a windy day I'll have all kinds of dirt stuck to the trim.
    Thanks C.G's

  2. I don't wanna buy your product anymore… This guy is not enthusiastic enough as greg.. He can sell the product like greg can :p jk jk but I miss greg. No homo

  3. the main thing I hate about all these types of products is that if it rains, you can see where the product actually runs down the side of the vehicle (if you do the door handles)..

    I also find it odd that one person says that you use water based so it doesn't attract dirt like oil based products do, then you have another saying that the oil based product doesn't attract dirt… bleh!

  4. I've used this product several times on 2 vehicles on both tires and trim and like it. My question is: After restoring exterior trim with trim gel, do you top it with Jet Seal for extra protection? Or no, let the Trim Gel be the final coat? Also, is there a compatibility issue with this product being oil based and other sealants such as Jet Seal and V7 Hybrid are water based?

    Lastly, what's the best cleaning process for these pads? I'm applying the Trim Gel to tires with your Durafoam Countured Foam Pad. Even with clean tires, after applying the product to 4 tires, the applicator pad is really black and needs to be cleaned. For trim application, i'm using the UFO applicator and the So Fast Pad Cleaner cleans it cleans up that pad quickly and well when using the pad brush to agitate. Not so much with cleaning the tire pad the same way. Thoughts?

  5. what would you recommend to clean the tire,to remove the brownish dust BEFORE applying your product?

  6. Will this work on my 2000 suzuki grand vitara's trim? and will it work on my mom's 2005 hyundai tucson's trim? because both are very faded. They are a light gray color because of the fade.

  7. Will the cause the product to have a runny affect after application? I have used a different brand trim restorer and since i live in Washington it rains every day, so after i put it on it looks great but the next days i see even worse water streaks

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