How to reset Tire Pressure Light on Mini R50 R53 – Mini TPMS Reset

How to reset Tire Pressure Light on Mini R50 R53 – Mini TPMS Reset

How to reset the Tire Pressure Warning Light on Mini R50 R53 So if you have got this light flashing on your dashboard when you are driving it means the tire pressure is low on one of your tires. So the first thing you need to do is check the pressures on all 4 Tires. Here are all the pressures listed. Check tire size on the side wall of your tire. Now go inside your Mini and locate this button underneath the Handbrake. Make sure the Ignition is on but the engine is not started. Now hold this button down for 5-10 seconds until that Yellow indicator on the Dashboard lights up. Then what you need to do is start the engine and go for a very short drive.
This will now recalibrate the TPMS system and the warning light will go out. Hopefully that has helped someone out there. The Tire pressure warning light should now go out. Great job people, great job. Thanks for watching. Time for a Cup of Tea. You have earned it.

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  1. great video mate . had a tyre fitted then 2 miles from.the station light came on . check all the tyres pressures and reset and great lights out . cheers

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  3. It's happening to my 53 plate it goes out n comes back on? I put the right tyre pressure in them all and the ABS light comes on but this is only started since the bad weather 🤔
    HELP ME 😂
    My servo is working also my brakes are good (excellent)

  4. My tyre light is red and won't reset. It's a 2006 first gen and it's had all four tyres changed and passed two MOTs since this light came on. Any ideas?

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