How to Reset the Tire Pressure Low Light on 2015 Honda Civic

How to Reset the Tire Pressure Low Light on 2015 Honda Civic

how he do it here with special guest
star Connor Sloboda doing 2016 TPMS calibration so the tire pressures said
they were low he just had the tires rotated and when he got his car back
it said the tire pressure was low so we checked all the tires inflated to the
recommended psi and now the light is still on so we have to do the TPMS
calibration any time you change the air pressure in your tires you’ll need to do
this so the first thing you need to get a need to do is you’re gonna have to go
to your vehicle settings and you get this by pushing the I button go ahead
put your finger on it yep okay and then you’re gonna go ahead and
keep hitting the I button until you get to vehicle settings okay and then you
press enter to enter the vehicle settings and then we’re gonna go to TIA
Pia TPMS calibration and then he’s hitting that center button so go ahead
and hit the center button again okay go ahead calibrate so he selected
calibrate calibration started there you go that’s all there is to it
so anytime you change your tire pressures you have to do the TPMS
calibration thanks for watching

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  1. Wow, thank you so much! I read the Manual and it wasn’t as clear as this. I guess I’m a show me visually kind of guy.

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