How to Replace Tie Rod Ends in Your Car

How to Replace Tie Rod Ends in Your Car

one, two, three, four! Rev up your engines! It’s time for the Scotty Kilmer Channel does your front whell have play in it when you pull on it like this, well then you
probably got a bad tire rod and I’m going to show you how to replace one today,
first you take off the wheel, then you check the tie rod, and here it is, and it is
worn, now the first thing you do is get a wrench and put it on the adjusting nut
here, then hit it with a hammer to loosen it, then you do the same thing to the nut
on the bottom of the tie rod arm, then you need a tie rod pulling tool
like this, then you hook it under the tie rod boot, and screw the bottom on tight,
then you just keep tightening the tool until the tie rod pops off, and there
it goes, and now you just unscrew the tie rod until it comes off, there it goes,
and here it is, now we just need to put a new one back on, so you get the new tie
rod, and then screw it back on to the inner tie rod, now be sure to stop
screwing as soon as the tie rod touches a lock nut, that way the alignment will
be the same and you won’t have to realign it, then stick the tie rod back
onto the wheel, and put the bottom nut on nice and tight, and lastly don’t forget to tighten the
nut that adjusts the tie rod, so it doesn’t slip, then of course put the
wheel back on, and check it for play, no more play we fixed it, and remember if
you’ve got any car questions just visit Scotty and I’ll answer them.

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  1. Hi Scotty.. In the UK is the 'tie rod' what we would call a 'track rod end'? My car knocks when driving over bumps and I've been advised I need a new steering rack but I think it could just be the 'track rod ends'? If so, is this the video I need? Appreciate the help!

  2. Hey Scotty, going to be changing my inner and outer tie rods tomorrow on my 01 Tacoma PreRunner. Its going to be my first time doing this. Is there anything I should know before going into this? Will I have to hold the steering wheel straight to make sure it isnt crooked when I'm finished?

  3. How much does it cost to pay someone to do this?  Love your video.  I can see exactly what is needed, but I'm a woman who doesn't work on my car.

  4. my 2002 Grand Am hit a curb hard before I bought it. I hear a klunk klunk when I turn the steering wheel . I have been told it needs tie rod, but ABS and Track Off is on . The plug from the wheel hub is gone, probably when she hit the curb, and that I'm sure is why the lights. Question is, could this klunk klunk be the wheel hub and not the tie rod?

  5. Love this guy just simple plain talking no BS, that gets maximum respect from me. Thanks to Scotty he has saved me hundreds by doing jobs myself .  Great following up here in Northern Europe.

  6. Hi Scotty, I have a 2007 Yaris Sedan. Both of my outter tie rods were worn out. I grabbed the tires, I had free play. I watched this video and successfully replaced both outter tie rods. No more free play. This video saved me $150. Thank you Scotty!

  7. Is there anotherr way to get the adjusting nut to unscrew besides the wrench because it wont come off?

  8. hi scotty, i just replaced both inner and outer rod ends on both sides and aligne my 01 escort zx2 and its much better but the steering wheel still finds justt a tad loose, wondering what else could be replaced to make it feel like new again.

  9. Hi Scotty, love your vids!! Will be changing my tie rods soon but not sure which type to buy, greaseable or non. I'm not really a car fixing person but shop cost is going to kill me, attempting to do this myself. Thanks for the easy to understand methods you provide.

  10. Scotty, I guess I have a super noisy tie rod end. It make grinding noise when turning wheel or low speed down the road, in warm weather.

    How dangerous is it? Can I still drive it for a few days? The noise goes away when it's cool out there.

    Also, am I guessing it correctly? I visually inspected it and looks like it's worn on the driver side (the tie rod end's boot looks dirty a little… and metal is that area looks rusted and scraped…)

  11. excellent, finally a video straight and to the point instead of every other video out there which consist of endless horseshitting. thank you!

  12. Hi Scotty, my car's steering wheel vibrates when I'm going 50 mph or more so I went to a mechanic and they shook my front tires side to side and one of em made the clicking sound. They said it was the rack and pinion and they charge me $350 to change it (I didn't agree on them changing it), so I went to my mechanic for a 2nd opinion and he did the same but this time he said it was the ball joints, so I told him to replace it, but I drove it and there was no improvement at all. I didn't have time to take it back to him that day because I am really busy all the time.
    So could it be that I need to change the tie rods?

  13. hey i got one for you how do you change the sleeves on a 93 buick roadmaster. I went for a wheel alignment do to my car going a little to the left and now it goes a little to the right they said I need new sleeves..But after 2 weeks after the alignment now im hearing a loud squeak on the right side everytime I just started to drive and when i turn right it get a little louder. Sometimes when i been driving the car for about 20 mins it gets less noise. Please if you can make a video on that it will help and about how much are sleeves and what do they look like? ty for your help…

  14. Not dissing you, but on another channel they say pretty much to do the same (Count the revolutions when taking off/putting on) BUT head to a place where they will do an alignment…Yes $75 but peace of mind also…

  15. hi scotty, in my country most of the car outer tie rod is upside down. where the castle nut above. is that ok? second question is when i do the inspction on the tie rod where i put my hands on 3 o clock and 9 o clock theres a play and this is on the right side. and i put my hand on the tie rod and have it twist theres no play at all. then when i do it on left put on my hands on 3 and 9 oclock theres no play but! when i twist the tie rod theres a play. please explain i need ur help. thanks

  16. Just did both tie rods and now tires are screeching like their low on air but their not, any advice would be helpful

  17. Hello Mr. kilmer, how are you? I have a question and I want your expert
    opinion. I have a 2002 Gmc Sierra 1500 and Am replacing the tie rods
    (inner/outer) and sway links. My question is, have you ever tried the brand
    "MEVOTECH"? Is this a brand that you would use/recommend? Please let me
    know whenever you get a chance.Thank you.

  18. one day the tie rod on my car detached i went straight out of the rod thankfully it wasn't that bad
    that's why you need to check on your car from time to time

  19. Hey scotty i have change my upper and bottom control arm just had my tie rods inner and outter change but my car still has clunk noise can it be the stabilizer links or my struts??? Does it on both side

  20. thanks scotty plain and simple as it should be ..not like all the other guys that blah blah talk too much. you got straight to the point. im subscribing

  21. I've got a 1952 Chevrolet pickup and need to replace the tie rod ends. I can't loosen them off the actual tie rod. The rod runs from one wheel to the other.

  22. I know this question is unrelated to the video but, I have a car that had a bad valve cover gasket and was leaking oil into a spark plugs reservoir. I'm changing the gasket and rings and plugs. Is there anything special I need to do to remove the oil or otherwise help with the repair?

  23. ⬇️Things used in this video:
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    4. Adjustable wrench:
    5. Sledge Hammer:
    6. Ratchet and socket set:
    7. Mechanic’s Tool Set:
    8. Wrench Set:
    9. Shop Towels:
    10. Disposable Gloves:
    11. Flashlight:
    12. Steel Jack:
    13. Jack Stand:
    14. Common Sense
    15. Full HD Camera:
    16. My computer for editing / uploading:
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  24. If the inner tie rods are being replaced on a 17 year old Camry, should I replace the outer rod ends too based on their age alone?

  25. Hey Scotty I change my inner and outer tie rod on the driver side now when i hit a bump the steering is crazy or try to turn but it's ok when the steering is straight. Can you help me?

  26. Hi I've been trying to replace tie rod end. If I jack up the car just on the one side that I want to replace…can I?
    Because I got some problem…hard to push the tie rod up

  27. dude is awesome. i have fixed so much stuff myself that i never thought id ever do on my own. i know how pinocchio feels now being a real boy haha.

  28. My inner tie rod boots have been ripped for a good part of 2 years now. I’ve noticed black liquid around the exit point, does that mean the steering rack is bad? If not can I just remove the inner tie rod, clean the socket area that’s probably all sorts of dirty with brake clean, re lube, and then replace it with a new inner tie rod part?

  29. You really do have the best YouTube channel for do it yourself regarding vehicles. Man your a life saver and wallet. Thank you for taking the time and energy to post these videos I really appreciate it.

  30. Scotty Kilmer you make changing parts looks so easy and it is with you – Thank you for the training session.

  31. I went to Les Schwab and they charged me $489.00 for both side plus labor. What a rip off! With the guidance of this video, thanks to Scotty kilmer I can do the job myself.

  32. Wow and a mechanic in Houston just tried to charge me $500 for my 2005 Nissan Murano's tire rod on the passenger side. Thanks.

  33. There is no way you can end up with a car that is aligned properly by just screwing the new tie bar back on in the same nut position.
    You won't be able to drive straight. That's my experience on doing this myself on two different cars. good thing an alignment is $100 so overall a big savings by doing it yourself!!

  34. Hi there , how are you doing? I just had tierods replaced and some bushing by Penn Muffler in my area . Before they were installed my steering was making noise when I turned the steering wheel left and right. They also replace the front strut assembly. I drove the car for a couple days and noticed it’s still making the same noise still. How can I tell if they really put new parts in my car and only changed the struts. I specially told them what was wrong and they said someone took it for a drive. What should do.,?? Take it back. And if they refuse to do more work on my car without me paying for it. How do I know the parts were actually changed. Please help me out . Thank you. I love your videos .

  35. Scotty should of shown you guys how to remove that ball joint with a pickle fork. A rule of thumb, if you're replacing one ball joint replace them all. The best way to do this is bust out the inner and outer ball joints. Leave them attached to the tie rod and measure the length from end to end. A lot of ball joints screw inside the tie rod, so you won't have a bolt as your guide. Screw the new ends into the tie rod and until you get your measurement and reinstall. All 4 ball joints should take up most of your Saturday

  36. What if it's smoking?? I was driving home from school and I started hearing a loud noise and couldn't go faster than around 40 mph, I came to a stop light and saw smoke coming from the right side of my truck. I'm not sure if it's the ball joint or if it's the tie rod but I'm pretty much stuck right now lol.

  37. My Kia Sedona is getting the brakes replaced and they told me the tie rod has play… another $500 to fix it. I watched this video before I let them do anything thank god. I’ll fix it myself

  38. My mileage is 19000. But in repair center they telling should be change Lower arm, rack end & stabilizer bush. Is that possibe to damage this item in low mileage?

    I checked with 3 workshops all are telling same.

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