How to Replace a Craftsman Band Saw Tire

How to Replace a Craftsman Band Saw Tire

The tire is a rubber ring stretched around
the drive wheel that grips the saw blade. If the tire stretches, it slips on the wheel
and doesn’t grip the blade. If the tire is loose or damaged, replace it using the steps
in this video. Before you begin, wear work gloves to protect
your hands. Unplug the band saw’s power cord from the
wall outlet. Open the upper and lower cabinet doors.
Rotate the blade’s quick-release lever to release the blade tension.
Remove the table leveling screw from the front of the table.
Open the blade cover in the upper cabinet. Pull the blade out of the band saw.
Release the upper drive wheel from the drive wheel bracket.
Pull the upper drive wheel out of the cabinet and set it on a stable work surface.
Pry the tire out of the drive wheel channel using a slot screwdriver and remove the tire
from the drive wheel. Work the new tire into one side of the drive
wheel channel. Stretch the tire outward and work it into
the channel around the rest of the drive wheel. Push all edges of the tire completely into
the drive wheel channel. Reinstall the upper drive wheel on the drive
wheel bracket. Position the blade with the teeth pointing
downward and forward. Work the blade into the cabinets and over
the drive wheels. Close the blade cover on the upper cabinet.
Reinstall the table leveling screw at the front of the table. Rotate the blade’s quick-release lever to apply blade tension.
Close the cabinet doors. Plug the band saw into the wall outlet.

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  1. This video assumes the new tire pops on with very little pressure or manipulation. I got the new tire around 65% of the wheel's circumference and even using a screw driver, I can't get it on without the other side popping off. AAAHHRGGHH!! I'm going to try putting the new tire in my oven at 170º for 10 minutes or so to possibly make the tire easier to stretch.

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