How to Repair a Bicycle Tire : Installing a Bicycle Tire Patch, Step Two

I think we’re ready to go here. Open the glue,
it’s a fresh tube so you have to puncture it, apply that, cap it tightly so that the next time you go
to your patch kit it actually still has some glue in it. Sometime using a stick or something
to spread the glue around is helpful, use this little piece of sandpaper to do that, peel the patch away from its backing, apply it over the puncture, pat it down, make
sure again that orange feathered edge is seated. And again, don’t worry about this cellophane,
peeling it away too early often makes the patch lift up and then you end up having a
slow leak. I prefer a glue patch kit over the glueless patches for anymore of a permanent
repair, especially on a higher pressure tire. Glueless patch kits are good to get home on
but they’re not good for long term repair, especially again, on road bikes or hybrids
that have higher pressure tires.

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