How to Repair a Bicycle Tire : Installing a Bicycle Tire Patch, Step One

How to Repair a Bicycle Tire : Installing a Bicycle Tire Patch, Step One

In case of using your patch kit, you’ve located
where your hole is, let’s say it’s right next door to this seam and it’s a puncture from
glass so it’s small, you can use the smaller of the patches, the smaller is the better.
This seam has to go away so you utilize the sandpaper to make this seam go because the
edges of the patch can’t be lifted over the seam. If it does air is just going to leak
out from the puncture, past the seam and the patch will not be effective. This may take
some time to prepare so be patient,
don’t be afraid to sand more area than you need. Check this against the size of this patch,
it seems like we’ve got most of the seam away from where it would go past the edges, this
orange feathered edge is what you want to have seated nicely against the tube.

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  1. All these videos that are titled 'fix bicycle tyres' are all basic puncture repairs ie. innertube repairs. How about a video showing how to repair a minor split or cut in the tyre itself ~ cycling over glass or a stanley blade (as has happened to me) has not only punctured the innertube but has also split the tyre leaving a new innertube vulnerable to further punctures. I have since attempted a tyre repair by cleaning the split and bonding it with superglue recommended for rubber & plastics.

  2. @Tony07UK if your outer tire has a split or cut in the Side wall you will need a new tire. Not all damage can be repaired on a inner tube. Splitting the outer tire as in what you explained happen to you with the glass or a stanley blade means you need to buy a new tire! Just ask yourself how mush do I value my own life?The price you pay in safety is well worth the money spent.Do not be cheap when it comes to safety.Patches are only temporary to get you home.

  3. The actual patching takes place in Part Two. This here is the preparation, just so you know. I don't like the fact that this video was split in two. Partitioning of a video material can be done in many different ways (an easy one is to simply pause the video and display a text saying something like "Part 2 – Patching" instead of just splitting a 3 minute video clip in two 1.5 minutes smaller pieces. Other than that I recommend watching both parts since the first one if omitted and if indeed required can totally screw up the actual patching leaving you with less glue, minus 1 patch and taking your tire off of the bicycle again just in order to patch it again at the very same spot. Thanks for the demonstration. The position of the camera was great and it was not a problem seeing everything.

  4. Why don't these people properly describe what they're attempting to fix, the tube, when they write the tire. How many videos on applying a patch kit to a tube when the video description is for the tire. Somehow I can't believe you are an 'expert' or if you are then perhaps in the village of the blind, the one eyed man is king.

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