How to Repair a Bicycle Tire : How to Remove the Tube from Bicycle Tires

How to Repair a Bicycle Tire : How to Remove the Tube from Bicycle Tires

The first step in removing a tire from the
rim is to go around and make sure the bead, which is this part of the tire here, is free
from the rim. You do that by pushing down with your thumb all the way around on both
sides. This step makes removing the tire much easier. Now that we’ve done that, it’s free,
I’m going to double check and make sure there’s absolutely no air in this tube by depressing
the valve on the inside. Often the tip of your quick release, and if not your quick
release, your tire lever, is pointy enough to let the air out. There’s absolutely no
air left in this tube. So, your next step is to use your tire lever. Sometimes there’s
a little bit of air left in the tube, you may want to get it out by depressing the valve
with your tire lever. Once that’s done the tire can be removed. The first step with the
tire lever is to insert it under the bead, drop back, if you can, bring it over to where
there is a spoke and hook it under. Grab your second tire lever, insert that under the bead,
flip it up, also hook it onto a spoke. Disengage from the spoke the first lever, I usually
hold the wheel down with my feet, and pull back gently, this will continue to free the
bead on one side from the rim. Once you got most of it you can probably finish it with
your fingers.

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  1. tire levers can be purchased on that auction site. Thanks expert village. This video finally taught me how to use my tire levers properly.

  2. How to remove a tire, the tutorial:
    Step one: let out the air
    Step two: remove the tire using a tire removal tool

  3. You can get tyre levers in a puncture repair kit, normally sold in a little tub with the essentials for fixing a puncture, at a local hardware store for about 3-5 pounds, if you're lazy use 2 spoons, that will work just as well.

  4. of course if your careful you can use a pair of flat head screwdrivers if you dont have a tire lever.
    id also recommend replacing the inner tube when you can, as patches may not always hold for a long time.

    my dad taught me this and a few other tricks a few years ago when one of my tires was punctured, he was a bicycle mechanic a long time before his current job
    was finding this video to help somebody

  5. FAIL: Didn't even show the tube being removed from the wheel. LOL at the cobwebs in the spokes.

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