How to Remove Wheels from a Metal Base Hot Wheels ✔

How to Remove Wheels from a Metal Base Hot Wheels ✔

[Music] [Applause] okay YouTube my next video I’ve seen a lot of people have trouble of removing wheels from metal chassis Zoar metal plate so I’m gonna show you how I do it so first obviously you need to rip it out or drill out the rivets I got a radio showing how to do that I’ll place the link somewhere on the screen and on the radio description so you open up your car and as you can see you have little tops holding the axle there what you need is some wire cutters but this type of wire cutters don’t work they can’t really get in there and some people use them to cone here on the side and I click the axle itself but if you working on the car it has a perfect axle to fit on another car you don’t want to cut it so what you needed notice this type of wire cutters this is actually not strong enough to cut an axle you know sometimes it will flip on top of each other itself here so what you need to do is come in here and grab the tap that’s all by itself try to grab it place it away from you since it’s gonna fly out go out but get in there and you see some oh sweet so so he’ll put out that I just drop the drop the flat tip screwdriver and what you want to do base come in here and your fitted little the other two but and you keep working at it I have to get a bigger please go with it you know and the axle is still perfect and straight and if you want to use a this place again or play some other wheels snap it back in place and I use the same screwdriver to that bring it down a little the two metal touch they’re still there and this method also works on the it actually looks better and easier on a plastic base but you know I wanted to show it on a metal base and yeah it’s a little bit harder so there you go not really that hard you can have to cut the axle because you know if you cut it you have to make a new axle and if you’re working on a cart that you know you can fit this without having to create a new axle there there you go you’re saving some time so thank you for watching bye [Music] [Applause]

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  1. hey i need you help you know when you watch my In store vids is the quality good can you see the cars im going trough i it blurry?

  2. Won,t it be better to bend that metal axle center claw rather then cut it off then you can re bend it down so you can re use that base to be same as factory.

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