How To Remove Spray Paint Graffiti – Chemical Guys Car Care

How To Remove Spray Paint Graffiti – Chemical Guys Car Care

This is Greg in the Detail Garage, and today
I’m gonna show you how to remove spray paint! A note on the windshield is one thing, but this explicit spray painted message “LEARN HOW TO PARK” is another. The owner of this silver car didn’t want to
be identified. She parked at 68th St. and Myrtle Ave. Tuesday
night, and woke up to this. “I know how hard it is to find spots in this
neighborhood, so I would try to leave space if there was space. So it was very upsetting.” Another foul note instructing to “PARK RIGHT.” Police say this car was tagged overnight just
two blocks away from the other. A surveillance camera at a nearby school captured
this image which may be the parking vigilante, walking with spray paint. Residents want this vandal caught. We’re here in the Detail Garage and we’re
gonna try to fix a major problem, and that’s spray paint vandalism. This always happens around Halloween or some
crazy time of the year when kids go out and spray paint a huge car. They usually mess up a car using different
color spray paints. As a detailing professional, I’ve encountered
this problem many times. Recently in the news, there was a guy going
around New York City spray painting people who had bad parking etiquette. They were getting their cars spray painted
with bad words all over them, and it was really messing up the whole car. This car actually got vandalized up the street
in broad daylight, they actually caught him on security camera running away. They were writing some crazy word on there,
but they left just some residue behind. We’re gonna try to clean off this spray paint
the right way. If you go online you’ll see a lot of different
methods for removing spray paint. Some people say to use oil, others say to
use gasoline, some say to use rubbing compound. All these are really bad for the paint. If you use gasoline to take this off, it
can actually stain or mark the paint from rubbing it. It can ruin clear coat or single
stage paint. Another method to fix this would be to use
rubbing compound. This is another bad way to remove spray paint
because rubbing compound is super abrasive, and you’re gonna rub away all of this spray paint and scratch
your paint with the tough abrasives in the rubbing compound. We’re gonna try a couple different ways to
get it done right, and I’ll explain how to do it. All spray paints are different–we don’t know
what kind of spray paint this is, and we don’t know how long its been there,
or if there’s any other problems with the spray paint. I’m gonna show you a few different ways of
how to remove it. You always want to start with the least aggressive
method. This is some P40 detail spray in a professional
bottle. I’ll try to use this first to take off the spray paint. We rubbed pretty hard, and it’s really not
taking it off. It started to take a little bit off right
here, but we’re putting a lot of friction on the there, and that’s just taking off some overspray
residue, not the spray paint intself. Some people grab a compound, but we’ll save
that to last if this next step doesn’t work. I’m gonna try a method I’ve used for a few
years, and that’s using a natural carnauba wax. This is Butter Wet carnauba wax. We’re gonna try to remove this with carnauba
wax and I’ll explain why this will probably work. Carnauba wax has natural oils that break down spray paint and cleanse your paint. Butter Wet Wax is designed to cleanse and
shine the paint a little bit and protect it, but those oils might help take off this spray
paint, so let’s give it a try. Butter Wet Wax is a liquid wax. I like using
cream or liquid waxes over spray or paste waxes because they’re easier to rub over stains on the paint. I’m gonna go ahead and rub this on the paint… Look at what it’s doing, it’s actually taking
the spray paint right off. I’ll keep working over here… You see that? It’s actually removing the spray
paint! Just by itself. Butter Wet Wax is pure carnauba, it has no abrasives in it– it’s just a shine-enhancing protective-wax. I’m not scratching the surface, it’s actually
the natural carnauba oils and wax are pulling off the spray paint and cleansing the paint
naturally. There are some parts that may be more stubborn,
but it easily comes off. Spray paint is often hard to remove and a
lot of people often say to use compounds or heavy abrasives because spray paint actually embeds itself
into the pores of the paint. Paint is actually porous, it’s got a lot of
tiny little holes in the paint, and the spray paint grabs onto those pores and can actually
stain the paint. People then rub it off with compound, and
end up scratching the paint. But I’m easily able to take it right off. I’ll show you it’s not the pad that’s taking off the paint, I’ll show you it’s the carnauba wax. I’ll put a little carnauba wax on my finger,
and I’ll use my finger to take it off. Look how the carnauba wax breaks down the
spray paint. We use ultra-refined carnauba in Butter Wet
Wax. It’s super pure, 100% Brazilian, and it gives
the best results. I’m taking it off right with my finger. I don’t want to sit here all day, so I’ll
go back to the pad. Make sure to use a generous amount of wax
since you’re using it to cleanse the paint. There are some smaller spots here that are
harder to remove.. They’re really embedded into the paint. But I easily got them off just with the Carnauba. I’ll go ahead and buff off the carnauba wax. There we go! Look at what we’ve got. We almost got it all
gone. There are some lighter spray edges on the
top, I’ll go ahead and take care of those right now. But the majority of the spray paint is completely
gone! It came off in just a few seconds. So if you’re one of those people in New York
that got your car vandalized, or you have a crazy ex-girlfriend that sprayed
up your car, that’s not a problem–don’t even sweat about
it because the carnauba wax can easily take it off! Now if somebody keyed your car that’s a little
different, you might not be able to take that off as easy if it hurt the paint permanently. But spray paint is one of the easiest things
to remove on a vehicle. Got that overspray off.. Now I’ll get the
last bit of overspray off over here. Make sure you work it into the paint, you
may need to rub a little bit harder, but it will break down the spray paint. This may not work on all spray paints, I have
no idea what kind of spray paint this was, or how it stained the paint, or what kind of additives are in it, so sometimes you might have to use a compound. Sometimes you’ll have to use a machine polisher
with a compound like V32 or a cutting polish like V36 to take off the spray paint. Spray paint is only on the top layer, so it
will come off. But I can’t guarantee that the spray paint
did not stain your paint. If you get to it fast enough, it may come
off very easily. We were lucky in this case because Butter
Wet Wax took off all the spray paint without harming the vehicle. Plus we didn’t scratch the surface and now
we have a smooth black finish. So if next Halloween your girlfriend comes
to spray your car, you can easily get it off no problem. First try the least-abrasive method using
our Butter Wet Wax. If that doesn’t work you can always grab a
compound or polish, but always start with the least-abrasive method first and try Butter
Wet Wax. Now you know how to remove spray paint from
a car, hopefully you New Yorkers can get it off and
the vandalism stops so you guys can get your cars looking great. You can easily take it off using Butter Wet
Wax! If you want to check out all of our cool products,
go to our website You can also subscribe to our YouTube channel
for more tips and tricks like this one on how to detail any type of vehicle. Always remember: have fun, stay clean, and keep on detailing!

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  1. i have some white specks all over the side of my truck and its on the glass to it looks like spray paint like it was sitting next to were someone painted something and it got all over the side of my truck i dont know how long its been there because it was on there when i bought the truck so what should i try to remove it somebody said something about clay bar thx

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  18. Excellent!!! The wax worked perfectly. It took off the spray paint, tar, dirt and grime. We have a new wax for the vehicles!

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