How to remove spare tire in BMW X5 E53

How to remove spare tire in BMW X5 E53

Open the upper hatch and the lower tailgate. Lift the cargo floor and locate the retaining
strap. Hook the strap to the hatch gasket. Pull the tire lift up and place it on the
tire. Locate the tailgate brace. Close the tailgate. Pull the lift assembly up and place the bracket
into the latch slot on the tailgate. Open the tailgate. Place the strut into the tailgate latch then
hook the upper end onto the tailgate catch. The spare tire can now be removed.

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  1. Sir…can you share how to remove a engine harness in correct way??for e30..e36..e46..e60 and e90 models..m50/52..m54..tq sir..

  2. I had a bloody coolant leak from loose hose that came off, and the mech charged me 1500. For something that took only 2hours, and then my car started turning off while idling and said it pointed to a crack valve cover. He said he fix the coolant leak but that's still going. What should I do. 2002 x5 BMW (E53)

  3. Fucking worst yuppy psychopath design ever. Especially when all these little parts and buttons and nonsense starts going missing or stops working. Jesus H Christ….help us!

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