How to Remove & Install Bike Pedals | Bicycle Repair

How to Remove & Install Bike Pedals | Bicycle Repair

Okay, we’re going to talk about installing
and removing bicycle pedals. First, since the pedals are already installed
on this bicycle, we will take them off. This is a big issue for a lot of people. We see a lot of customers come in where their
pedals are installed improperly and that can actually ruin your pedal and your crank. So you want to make sure that you’re doing
this properly. So to take the pedals off, what we’re going
to use, is we’re going to use a 15 millimeter pedal wrench. Basically the difference between this and
another 15 millimeter wrench is that it’s just a lot narrower so that it can get in
between the actual pedal and the crank arm, which is the arm that protrudes out from the
bicycle. So you’re going to put the pedal wrench on
the pedal and to remove the pedals you go towards the back of the bike. So they have different threads on both sides. The drive side is right-tighty, lefty-loosey. The non-drive side is the opposite. That’s where a lot of people get confused. So there’s one pedal off. Let me go around here. And do the same with the other pedal. So this pedal, remember, the non-drive side
pedal is right loose, left tight. So, towards the back of the bike is loosening. Towards the front of the bike is tightening. Also a lot of times bicycle, especially modern
ones, will have a hex wrench or an Allen wrench hole right here, which is usually six millimeters
or eight millimeters. Pretty much most things on bicycles are metric. So you want to make sure you have a metric
set laying around. Now to install bicycle pedals you want to
make sure that you have the right and left distinguished. A lot of times they say on them “R” and “L”. If they don’t, then you can look at the threading
or start to try it on the bicycle. If it doesn’t work then make sure to back
off quickly. You want to make sure that you have some grease. This is just Park Tool grease. It’s kind of the most common for putting on
pedals. And make sure that your threads don’t seize
and you can’t get your pedal off. So when installing the pedal make sure they
have the proper pedals. This is the right side, or the drive side. And make sure that you use just your hands. You don’t want to use the tool until you’re
almost done. So remember, towards the front of the bike
is tightening. So I’m going to do righty-tighty. And I get all the way until it’s flush with
the crank and then you can use either your six millimeter or eight millimeter hex depending
on the size of the pedal. Or your 15 millimeter pedal wrench. And you make sure you put about 50 pounds
of force on the pedal. Not too much; not too little. You don’t want make sure that it’s on there
for the rest of its life but you also want to make sure that it’s not going to come off. So then taking the left pedal and making sure
that you’re threading towards the front of the bike. This is the pedal that most people get wrong. They try to do righty-tighty, lefty-loosey. That’s not the way it works. And they’ll cross thread the pedal. So this is important that you’re using your
hands to make sure that you’re not putting a tool on it and cross threading it. So also what you can do is you can hold it
right there and it makes it so you can just spin backwards like that and it spins right
on. So you can see where the tool is well, where
you just spin backwards and it threads right on, on both sides, drive and non-drive side. So then make sure you get the proper amount
of torque and that’s how you install pedals.

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  1. hi i had a question my bike all it does is it just keeps peddeling it doesnt work as it should idk why, i wanted to go use it but i cant 

  2. My bike pedals don't have an allen wrench hole and it didn't even budge when we try to loosen it with the 15mm wrench HELP

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  4. Good explanation, favourited because I bet I forget "loosen" to the back when I next have to change a pedal in 6 months 🙂

  5. One of the easiest to follow, most explanatory videos for pedals changing. It perfectly worked for me.. thanks a million

  6. Thanks. Feedback: the part about the hex head was unclear. 2 diff. kinds of tightening? Maybe show a clear example of the different kinds at least?

  7. When i put my right hand peddle on as far as it will go, I can see that it's still not all the way in….Do i simply need to greese the peddle?

  8. thank you so much Howcast especially the young guy in the video your tips worked like a dream easy as thank you mate….

  9. Thanks, i was aware that the thread are left and right handed but I wasn't a 100% sure which way to turn to undo.

  10. Bruh I’ve been trying to take off pedal off my bike and damn my pedal on there for life. Literally can’t take it off

  11. This was helpful thanks.

    My right pedal fell off and I can't get it back on so my bikes just been chained up for a couple weeks now. It seems like I may be missing a piece.

    Whatever that little piece i saw between the part where the pedal is inserted…i don't have that. It must be gotten lost when it fell off, and I didn't realize

  12. 5 miles from home, my right pedal came off and I could not put it back on because threads were damaged. I think the grease made it come loose. Then a good Samaritan came to my aid and I got back home.

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