How To Remove Heavy Brake Dust? Review & Test of NEW Spectrum Reflex Wheel Cleaner

How To Remove Heavy Brake Dust? Review & Test of NEW Spectrum Reflex Wheel Cleaner

Hey everybody Brock Frady here helping
you enjoy your ride. One of the most important things to me in all of car
ownership is good-looking wheels . And the best way in the whole wide world to
maintain a good-looking wheel is to not have all that nasty brake dust on your
wheel. And it’s not just for good looks. It’s for the overall maintenance of your
wheels as well because if brake dust sticks to your wheels and it stays there
it can literally etch into the alloy, aluminum alloy of your wheel and it can
actually damage it. And we’re gonna do something about brake dust thanks to
Spectrum Reflex All Wheel and Tire Cleaner. These guys reached out to me and
they said hey we love your videos. We’ve been fans for a while. We love your
content. We think you’re the best automotive Youtuber in the whole world.
Your personality is so funny, just bring light into our lives. In fact we have no
idea. And this is their first product. It’s called Reflex. I love this stuff. I’ve
used it before and it’s so cool what it does. See the top of that wheel right
there? And here’s the thing about brake dust. It absolutely gets everywhere and
you can see it doesn’t look so bad right there. Look down in there down into that
crevice. The carbon from the brake pad itself is is literally going to etch the
wheel if it’s left on there long enough. Now you’ve seen wheels that look much
worse than this. You can tell when people simply don’t wash their vehicles. You
know that the wheels actually look black. These don’t look as bad until you do
this. Check this out. Look at that! So that left on your wheels is not good.
That’s just, that’s just bad. That’s what my wheel could look like but because
that brake dust it looks blackish. Have you ever noticed that most cars have
dark wheels that are covered in brake dust up front and not as bad in the back?
In fact the back wheels look like they don’t have any brake dust on them at all.
The brakes in the back are what’s called drum brakes and it’s a contained system
so that the brake rotor is not exposed and it doesn’t allow the brake dust to
come off of the pad and on to the wheel itself. It’s contained
inside of what’s called a drum and on any car with disc brakes up front you
can see that reflective looking thing. It almost looks like a mirror behind the
wheel there. That is the brake rotor. And pads squeeze that rotor. The pads are
contained inside of that and they squeeze the rotor. They cause the car to
stop. And what squeezes that rotor is what that comes from. It’s actually dust
that comes off of that pad. So let’s get rid of that mess right now. And here’s
another thing I like. Simple stuff. Look at those directions. Spray. Wait. Scrub.
Rinse. Spray the entire wheel generously with cleaner. Wait until the surface
turns deep red or purple. Scrub any additional grime and surface gunk. And
clean with warm water. Now I would say compared to what that
looked like before I started or you know use the spray that looks absolutely
fantastic. All right so that’s the passenger side wheel and there’s your
driver side passenger side driver side. Passenger side, driver’s side. Passenger
side, driver’s side. Passenger side, driver side. Passenger side, driver’s side. I
don’t know about you but I think this stuff did pretty well. And I love the
fact that it changes colors. It just kind of makes it kind of entertaining for
simple people like me. So there it is. SpectrumRreflex and this is like I said
that first of what I think is at least three products for right now. And I’m
looking forward to testing the other ones in the future. If you want to get
any of this stuff there’s a website that you can go to and that is or you can just go
to the website, buy some of that stuff, and enter
a coupon code howtocarguy for 10% off of your order. That’s pretty cool and
I’ll also be sure to leave a link to in the comment
section below so you can look them up and then get yourself hooked up with
some of this fantastic tire and wheel cleaner. I like it. Thanks Spectrum Auto Care for sponsoring this video. And thanks everybody for watching
and learning how to take care of that disgusting, inconvenient, and possibly
money costing brake dust. And I hope this helps you enjoy your ride. Remember to
subscribe and have a great day everybody!

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  1. So, I have always enjoyed your Toyota/Lexus videos. But, but what you have here is a Honda??? WTH Man?!?!?

    J/k.. Cool and informative video lol

  2. I have the optional 17’ 6 spoke full Chrome Rims on my 2006 Lexus ES330, and I always keep them immaculate and super shiny. My older brother has some nice looking after market rims on his 2004 Toyota Solara Hard Top, and he never washes them! They look disgusting, I’ve payed for countless car washes for my brothers car lol!

  3. Hey, Brock… another very timely video, especially for this time of year. I get my wheels and the rest of the car cleaned thoroughly nearly every week, but this particular product appears to be just what the doctor ordered for those who prefer to clean their wheels at home. Also, I truly enjoyed your ever so modest introduction to this video. You really should not try to be so humble, my friend. Hehe… Take care, bud.

  4. What camera are you using now brotha??? Looks good…seems to follow your face! Great vid by the way!!!

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