How to Remove Car Dent Without Having to Repaint – DIY

1, 2, 3, 4! [ENGINE RUNNING] Rev up your engines! [REVVING ENGINE] [PEELS OUT] [SKIDDING BRAKES] It’s time for the
Scotty Kilmer Channel. It’s happened to all of us. Some evil swine hits your fender
in a parking lot and takes off. And now you’re stuck
having to fix it. Now being cheap, I tried to
fix it myself with a heat gun. It looked a lot worse before I
heated it up and popped it up. But there’s no way I can
get that little crease out. Sometimes even I know it’s
time to call the pros. There’s a process called
paintless dent removing. And I attempted to learn
it myself one time. But hey, I am not a body artist. I’m a mechanic. I can figure out the mechanical
and electrical stuff. But I’m just not good with
making things perfectly smooth. And here comes the pro from
Dent Dogs to fix the dent. Check out the tools in
the back of his truck. They do a lot of
looking and lining up, get out their special
tools, and start to work with a lot of
careful pushing, and looking, and lining things up with
a light, and heating. Now don’t try this at home. I tried, and it didn’t
come out too good. [CHUCKLES] It can be a tedious process. That’s why you pay
someone else to do it. So in this case, patience
is indeed a virtue. A little more heat, then
a little more hammering, then a special leverage
tool to give more leverage to get more power to
get the little dent out. The high spots come out. You’ve got to tap
them down using a hammer and a cool little
punch that’s got rubber in it. And of course, the trick
is to hit it hard enough that it pushes it back in,
but not too hard so that it goes and makes another dimple. So when the car gets hit,
the metal gets pushed in. And the metal’s got
to go somewhere. So sometimes it swells up
around it and makes a high spot. So we push it down to
relieve the pressure on it. [TAPPING] They have to work where the
swelling starts at the back and work their way
up until it’s gone. [TAPPING] They work from different angles
to see where the dents are until it starts to disappear. OK, did you ever think about
a career in percussion? [TAP] Uh, no. How did you learn
how hard to hit it? How did how did you start
to practice on this stuff? We start out with a used hood. And you start practicing on
it and figure out what you can and cannot do to metal. And then when you’re working on
a car, each car is different. And so when you’re working
on a car, you start gentle. And then you figure
out how hard you need to hit in order
to get it to move. And just over time,
you get it to go. If you look closely,
you can even see the dent being
slowly propped out. There’s all kinds
of special tools to use to get these dents out. Then there’s the final touches. Now you have to
realize that this is a very labor-intensive process. How long did it
take in real time? This dent took me
about two hours. But look at the results. It’s all smooth again. My wife will be happy. So the next time somebody bashes
into your car in a parking lot, don’t get mad. Find yourself a good
paintless dent removal service to do the job. And remember, if you’ve
got any car questions, just visit the Scotty
Kilmer Channel. And I’ll answer them as soon
as I’m done driving this car. [REVS ENGINE]

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