How to Read a Tires Sidewall

How to Read a Tires Sidewall

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(adventurous music) – All right, what’s up guys, it’s Dakota from Fitment Industries, (mellow music)
FI Garage and we have a bunch of gibberish on our tire here. This is the Toyo R1R, the Toyo Proxes R1R. Just using this as an example, it give you a good general idea of what all this gibberish means and how we useful these numbers actually are
when you’re purchasing a tire. (screen glitching)
We’ll hop right into it and we’ll talk about your tire’s width, which
is the first number here. 225 is gonna be talking about the width of the tire, I’ll
pull up another tire here. Another Toyo we got on hand.
(tire settling) All right, this one is actually a 235. But your width, what that number means is it’s measuring from
sidewall to sidewall. So that’s your width on there,
pretty easy to understand. As you get wider tires like
a nine-inch or a 10-inch, you’re gonna increase that number. If you’re looking to run
a more aggressive set-up, you’re gonna be running
250, 275, and up and up, depending on what wheels you’re running. (screen glitching)
Okay, so moving on to the aspect ratio, that’s this number right here, 40. What that means is it’s
40% of your tire’s width. On this one, 225, 40% of that would be 90. A thing to remember now when
you’re purchasing tires, if you go up, let’s say
for an example, a 275, and you have a 40 aspect ratio, it’s gonna be a different size. You have to remember this
is a percentage of this so if you have a 275/40, this is gonna be a little thicker than a 225/40. Make sure you account for that when you’re purchasing tires
and you’re thinking of how thick you want your sidewall to be. (screen glitching)
Moving on, we have this Z here, now this isn’t gonna be on every tire that you purchase. This goes along with your speed rating, which is right here, the W, on this tire. And all this means on this,
it’s at the manufacturers discretion if they wanna put it on. It means that this tire is rated for over 149 miles per
hour on its speed rating. Moving on and hopping over
to this letter right here we have an R, you’re gonna see
that on most of your tires. Now what that means is
this bad boy was made with a radial construction,
it’s just how the tire was made. And that’s gonna be
your most common letter. You’ll see a few different other ones but it’s mostly gonna be an R. (screen glitching)
Moving over here, we have 18, now that’s the diameter. If you have an 18-inch wheel, you’re gonna be looking in 18-inch tire. What you’re gonna do if you have a 19, you’re gonna get a 19. If you got a 20, you’re gonna get a 20. Pretty straightforward with that one. Moving on, we have the load index number. Right here on this tire, it’s 88. And now, there’s a load
index chart for tires. You can check that out and it just is the full load capacity that this tire can handle when it’s fully
inflated and on your vehicle. (screen glitching)
Okay, moving on to our last letter here, it’s the W. That’s gonna be your speed rating. This tire is rated for
a 168 miles per hour. Now, it’s not suggested to
go that fast with the tire, but that’s the rating that
they have to put on it. (screen glitching)
That about wraps it up and there is some other
information on the tire. You’re gonna look at DOT
numbers and stuff like that. Mostly what you’re
gonna be looking at here is your width, your aspect
ratio, your diameter, your load rating and if
you’re really looking at it, the speed rating if you wanna
get technical about things. But that’s about it for this. If you have any questions, don’t feel bad. Email us at [email protected] We have a frequently asked
questions section too you can check out, and
yeah, just remember that when you’re increasing
your width, you’re gonna wanna check out that aspect ratio too. That’s a big thing to remember
that a lotta people mix up. This was a good example, tires differ from all makes and models, make
sure to check that out too. We’ll talk to ya later.

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