How to Quick Flush Your Cars Cooling System

How to Quick Flush Your Cars Cooling System

Hey guys ChrisFix here today We’re going to flush the coolant on this 2000 BmW 540I go through all the steps to get all the old Coolant out then flush the whole cooling system, and then put brand new antifreeze in so let’s begin We’re going [to] start by removing all the coolant from the system, but before you remove the coolant from this system What you want to do is you want to make [sure] that it is cold You don’t want to touch a hot cooling system the cooling system is Pressurized [if] you undo any caps or you loosen any hoses [you] could have hot coolant shooting out at you, and that’s never good So you want to make sure the coolant temperature is in the blue area or below? So now we’ll go under the car and look for the radiator. Petcock. Which is a drain plug for the radiator So here’s one corner of the radiator. There’s the other corner in this case It’s on the driver side Corner the [petcocks] are almost always located in the corner of the radiator and this blue thing right here is what needs to get unscrewed And the coolant will drain out of that next step. We’re using one of these baking pans aluminum. It’s disposable Slides underneath the Bmw BmW is pretty low. We didn’t want to jack it up now. We can go underneath and drain the coolant As we wait for that to drain let’s check out what we’re going to need to do a coolant flush So here are all the tools you’re [going] to need you might need some basic hand tools, so get your toolbox We’re going to be filling up with 50 50 antifreeze make sure you check your owners manual for the correct type of antifreeze that you Need to use get your paper towels [final]. We’re using distilled water to flush out the cooling system Make sure [you] use distilled and not filtered We’re going to be using a anti rust sealer and protector And when we’re doing the flush We’re going to be using a chemical flush that will help flush out the radiator even better After the coolant drains out make sure you collect all the coolant and dispose of it properly, so animals don’t drink it You don’t [flute] the area then we can put the drain plug back and tighten it up all the way So we could fill the cooling system with water So on this Bmw we’re going to fill up this reservoir here with water you can see it’s emptied. Just get your funnel this system takes three gallons After you fill it up all the way like that go start your engine With the engine running [add] the rest of your water the water pump will suck the water into the engine and radiator Allowing you to fill it [completely], so there’s no air in the system Now we’re going to add our chemical flush and the whole thing Okay, let’s go for a ride On our ride the car is running great and maintaining operating temperature We’re going to drive around for at least 10 minutes So the water and chemical flush clean out the cooling system as we drive pay attention to the temperature Make sure that you don’t have a problem with air in the system that could cause your engine to overheat You want to make sure that you’re blasting your heat all the way You want to feel the heat if you don’t feel the heat then you have air in your heater core? And you might not have edit enough water We’ve been driving around for about 15 minutes the temperature has [been] stable So we’re going to head back and flush out all the water and then add our antifreeze and go for another ride Now that we’re back from our ride let’s go drain the water out of the cooling system get all the crud from the cooling system flushed out as We wait for the engine to cool down We’re going to fill up the old containers with the old antifreeze so we could recycle it. So you want to take your old coolant Fill up your containers that you’ve been using so you can recycle it Your local auto parts store your town recycle center and many other places take this stuff So you’ll have no problem recycling it once your cooling system is cool to the touch and the temperature gauge is on low Now we go underneath and drain the water So to have the coolant come out faster. Take off the radiator cap or in this case the reservoir cap and That’ll just allow air to come through here So there won’t be any suction if the water stops draining And you don’t think you got it all out? Start up the engine this will cause the water pump the poorest out any of the remaining water into the radiator. So it could drink You give it some guests as you can see we got most of the water out. Which is good Make sure you get all that water out of there. You can see It’s pretty clear we went from this coming out of the radiator to That which means our cooling system is pretty clean and now we’re going to add the brand new 50/50 antifreeze mix Before we do that. Let’s install the drain plug Make sure you lock it into place. So you don’t have any leaks Now we’re going to fill up the cooling system with a 50/50 antifreeze mix the stuff We’re using is compatible with all cooling systems, but make sure you check your owner’s manual [so] you know the correct type of antifreeze you should use we know that we need 3 of these [1] gallon? Containers to fill the cooling system, so if we don’t use all the containers We know some water is still stuck in the cooling system [a] little water is okay But you don’t want too much because then your water [to] antifreeze ratio won’t be close enough to 50/50 we have our last bottle of antifreeze and when you can’t add any more antifreeze start the end And it’ll suck it right down, and you just keep adding it make sure your heat is on A Little trick is if you turn this sideways and then you pour it out It’ll pour out smoothly so it won’t splash all over the place now we’re adding our anti rust and sealer additive this engines old and the additive will prevent any leaks due to the flushing of the cooling system, [and] then we’ll finish our third bottle of antifreeze and we’re almost done, so [we] know that it’s filled up all [the] way because We added the correct amount of coolant so we could take this out And you can actually see it’s filled up right to the top where it needs to get filled So now we’ll put the cap back on and we’ll go for a ride [on] our ride the car is running great and maintaining operating temperature We also have the heat on and I could feel the heat coming up right now Which is good that means the heater core doesn’t have air in it, okay? We got back from a ride and if you look the coolant temperature is exactly where it’s supposed to be 106 Celsius and we look here the coolant temperature gauge is right in the middle where it’s supposed to be and That’s a job well done That’s how you flush a cooling system in a car. Hopefully this video is helpful If it was remember to give it a thumbs up also consider subscribing I’m going to let my bud do the top tip what’s the top tip for this video top tip for this video is make [sure] You check the weather [before] you go outside and start a project because you don’t want to end up outside and rained all wet especially when it’s 40 degrees

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  1. Hi Chris, hope you're well, I was thinking, since in the UK the distilled water is expensive ( for my pocket), is it all right to use the water from dehumidifier? It supposed to be pure water as distilled, if not better than distilled water… What's your thoughts on this?

  2. how i can flush the cooling while thermostat exist
    i have 2 thermostst one in uper hose and another in lower hose next to water pump
    thanks alot

  3. Great video as always Chris! Could you just use the mixed coolant to flush through the system instead of using just distilled water first off, might be more costly but will it ensure the whole system has a better 50/50 mix throughout?

  4. So when you run your car to get the air out , having the heater on full blast isn’t a requirement ? I always thought that was a step in it ?

  5. Hey Chris, I’m having an issue with my cooling system where my temp gauge will rise and fall, I’ve bled the air out of the coolant, but there is constant bubbling coming from the coolant in the radiator whenever the car is started, Will this be a headgasket leak? No white smoke.

  6. Great video. Did this to my 96 jimmy years ago to flush out the nasty dexcool crap and swap to green coolant.

  7. "Always check the weather before doing a project"

    Couldn't agree more… Especially when you're underneath a car changing out mounts in 30 degree weather in a pouring storm. I couldn't stop shivering

  8. When adding the distilled water wouldnt it be better to add the chemical flush first and then fill it with water? Cause what if i dont get it right and fill it with water all the way

  9. Judging from that lit-up dash, coolant is the last thing to be worrying about. Great video though and thanks for breaking everything down for us! I just may give it a try…

  10. So can you flush a turbo engine the same way with distilled woooder? Also, can you use the additive sealer in a turbo car?

  11. What is wuter?? Or did you say water? I have a hard time hearing things. I'm from Texas , and I guess things are said way different here.

  12. My water pump on my 2005 Chevy Colorado just bursts all at once and leaks the fluid everywhere every 1-2 years even faster way to flush.

  13. Rememer u flushing the radiator only but u forget to flushing at jacket cooling system bro .. unscrew bolt at the block and removed .. take out the radiator return line cooling hose and blow it with fresh with aircompressor … U know we need do this .. if the thermostat opened ..cooling water remain on that block will flow the radiator .. with rusty and dirty..and it will reduce quality cooling and make u radiator little bit dirty… Nice video bro ..

  14. I enjoy your videos. 40° is not cold us old guys worked on cars when it was zero well maybe 10°, and don’t even get me talking about wet , we worked in the rain as landscapers But either way the rain and the cold didn’t kill you. I can remember when I lost two fingers from a bad accident that same day and I continued working . I remember when my friend punctured his eye but we kept on working . I do remember my friend was under a car and it fell off of the supports and his head was cut off but he didn’t quit that day he just kept working. Yes us old guys we’ve got some really good stories to teach you young weasels how to work like real man with no heads fingers eyes or brains for that matter yes us old guys we’ve got some really good stories to teach you young weasels how to work like real man with no heads fingers eyes or brains for that matter .Again good job thanks for the tips. Yes I can also remember a story . OH OH I got to goner early comes my wife she’s the one who actually hurt us all and caused all those terrible injuries, don’t mess with a woman’s scorn. Hope you guys enjoyed on my lies have a wonderful week and happy Fourth of July

  15. How are you assured the 50/50 had distilled H2O and just not well or city water? That is why I NEVER use 50/50. I buy full strength and use my own distilled H20.

  16. Is it true that only the coolant reservoir should be check if below minimum level and top up and the radiator tank cap is ok not to open?

  17. How did you get all the water out from the system just thru the petcock valve? You have to keep the car running so the thermostat opens and more wates comes out from the core and engine block?


  19. I’m a little late but I have a question for the more experienced people. Do you have to drain the coolant from the engine block or is using the drain plug on the radiator good enough?

  20. I don't like this procedure.

    If you change coolant regularly there should be no rust and flushing with chemical is not necessary. I still use anti-leak however.

    If you use 50-50 and do not entirely drain the system, the coolant will be too dilute.

    Use undiluted and after mixing with the water that is not drained (after flushing with just water), resulting will be 60-80%, very good. If 80%, add pure water to reservoir.

    No need to drive the car; just idle will do.

    Be sure to turn heater on all the way, even in the summer, during flush (with just water) and adding back coolant and run with heater on for a few minutes idle.

  21. Method i apply to flushing the system using the garden hose. Ok some radiators don't have drain plug/bottom hose has to be removed from radiator. Loosen bottom hose clamp. Sometimes a hose can be very difficult to remove. I use my home made flat bladed screw driver, end is bent backwards/like a hook. Gently open hose end. Use a can of spray silicone/spray around hose end. Use the screw driver to lift hose end away from radiator hose neck/gently turn hose from side to side, allow silicone liquid to work its way between hose internals & radiator hose neck, this action help with easy hose removal. Be very careful not to damage radiator, especially if your plastic radiator is old = brittle. Remove hose, drain old fluid into a container for disposal. Try to get access to one of the heater core hoses/remove/insert garden hose/slide heater control in cabin to hot = opens heater tap/ remove radiator or expansion cap/ push bottom hose back onto radiator/leave hose clamp off or loose/turn on garden hose to flush system. You are reverse flushing the complete system through heater core, (small radiator inside your cabin that provides heated air), back through 2nd heater core hose/ through engine block, cylinder head, through bottom or top hose depending where the thermostat is located & out of your radiator or expansion tank cap depending on what type of system you have. Remainder of old coolant/ water exists where cap has been removed. You can also have the motor idling with hand brake on. Keep the garden hose going till clean water comes out of system. Flushing is completed. Its the easy way, not so environmentally friendly. So good luck all you back yard mechanics. Cheers from 🇭🇲. 👌🏻👍🏻

  22. So I have a 1987 Acura legend and when i was following your routine. I started to pour the distilled water in the radiator when it filled up. I had only gotten like a gallon in when it was full so I turned on the car but instead of the water sinking it actually did the opposite and overflowed. I replaced the thermostat and it is still doing this. Only when I squeeze one of the radiator hoses does the water seem to go down. Please help and respond with advice

  23. Ahhh no you never put anything in a BMW cooling system except blue BMW coolant. They have the worlds pickiest cooling systems and that green shit will ruin it

    EDIT: Also never trust BMW temp gauges. Except for the live reading you guys had pulled up in the OBC

  24. Is anyone familiar with draining coolant from the engine block? I have a 2008 Eclipse GT and it says I have to drain coolant from the radiator and the engine block. Has anyone had any experience with this?

  25. So if you flush out your coolant completely, can you use inorganic coolant rather than that dumbass Dexkill?

  26. I have a leak in my system, I have identified the cause and it seems to be the joint between the hose and the water pump. The hose is not ripped or punctured, what can I do to stop the leak?

  27. You’ve helped me with so much with your channel! Some mechanic tried getting more $ from me but I showed him one of your videos!

  28. Did you have to flush it twice? At 3:56 the "water" is still kind of orange, but then at 4:12 it was clear. Did you flush it twice? Or is that just from the same flush but two different trays?

  29. Only around one half of the cooling system capacity drains from the radiator on my cars so I just drain what's in the radiator and refill it every year. It only takes 10 minutes . It's not as thorough as Chris's method but there's always fairly fresh coolant in there.

  30. I don’t get it: my engine feels hot after I drove but the gauge goes up to the middle and stays there. No overheating warning.
    Still I thought I’d flush the coolant, which might have lost its properties.
    Doing it your way (which is the way it’s written in the manual) but only 3 litres come out. There should be 10.
    Filled with distilled water: could fill only 3 litres. Had the engine turning a bit then drained the distilled water: it was mixed with coolant!
    Where was this coolant and why does it not come out completely while draining. Faulty pump? If the pump was malfunctioning, there would be overheating, no?
    Put again three litres of water mixed this time with a cleaning agent. Drove 15 min. No overheating. Am waiting for engine to cool down and will drain again. Still, this is spooky to me.

  31. Wouldn't the water pump only circulate if the engine is at operating temperature? I don't see how after you've waited the engine to cool down, and then drain the water, and turn on the engine, how the water pump is circulating the coolant… I don't think the thermostat is open at that point.

  32. Hey Chris, while u were draining the chemical flush, that stuff might be hot right? So did you drain it right away? Or did u wait for the engine to cool down? Also does draining scalding coolant cause cracks in the radiator due to extreme temperature change?

  33. Thank you!
    I accidentally put the wrong antifreeze (not diluted) and I am not sure if that will mess up my car or not. 🙁
    So hopefully doing this and putting the right antifreeze will fix my mistake.

    Side question: Will my car mess up if I leave the non-diluted one in there and just add distilled water?

  34. Do NOT use any brand of pre-diluted coolant! All you're doing is paying for incredibly expensive water and giving the manufacturers a huge profit.

    One gallon of full strength coolant – $14.00. Add one gallon of water at about $1.25 and you have 2 gallons of mixed coolant for $15.25.
    One gallon of pre-diluted coolant – $12.00, so basically you're paying $6.00 for half a gallon of water. Two gallons of mixed coolant will cost $24.00.

    So to make 2 gallons of diluted coolant, do you REALLY want to pay $12.00 for the gallon of water in the pre-diluted mix?

  35. Don't you have to drain the engine block on BMW? On Subarus have to do it or else there will be old coolant left in the system.

  36. i dont get it,how didnt you get air in the system if u drained the radiator and just poured water in without airing the system after?

  37. Do you have to use the anti corrission additive and cleaner flusher? My owner manual only states replace fluid..It doesn't even mention the distilled water trick…,which i will probably do any way because I dont see how that can damage anything…but am going to veer away from the conditioner.

  38. Oh no, my father didnt do this to his car. He just cleaned the plastic tank and added the new antifreeze. What harm does is it do to the car if one does not follow this procedure?

  39. Question need HELP: I followed these steps but when I went to drain the water only about a gallon (if that) of water drained from the petcock hole. I also took off the coolant reservoir cap. Also, while the water was circulating through the engine the air coming through my vents was not hot at all (so I guess I also have air in my heater core). How can I fix this?? How can I get the rest of the water in my system out? Need help.

  40. Will this work if my car has been running hot and my heat dont work due to needing a blower motor. Could I still follow these steps?

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