How To Prune A Rubber Plant To Make It Bushy

How To Prune A Rubber Plant To Make It Bushy

Dead leaves and branches can be pruned at any time.
Best time to prune a rubber tree plant is from spring to summer, when the plant is actively growing. For pruning you will need sharp pruning shears. Also wear gloves to protect your skin from the sap. Cut the rubber plant just above a node, that is at the leaf joint. New branches will grow at the cut. Plant the cut branches in free-draining soil to make new rubber plants. Watch video on rubber plant propagation from cuttings, the link is given at the end of the video. When the branches grow 2-3 sets of leaves, cut again above the node. This way the plant will grow many side branches, making the rubber plant bushy. music Please like the video and subscribe to the Channel.

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