How To Properly Clean DIRTY Wheels & Tires in Less Than 5-Minutes!

How To Properly Clean DIRTY Wheels & Tires in Less Than 5-Minutes!

Hey guys, so in this video, I’m going to show
you how to properly clean some really dirty tires an wheels, This car has been driving
in mud and dirty the past couple days so the tires, well, the whole tires and wheels are
actually dirty. If you can see, I swiped my finger right there,
you can actually see how dirty is it. And if you can’t tell, the fender is completely
covered in mud. Dry mud at that. So this is going to be a great example for
you guys to see how to properly and efficiently clean some really dirty wheels and tires. So, don’t worry about the tools I’m using,
I’ll give you a quick run through- I do have another video on that but I’ll give you a
quick synopsis on the tools that I’m going to use. You do want 3 types of brushes, you want a
brush that can fit on the back of the wheel, that way you can properly clean the back side
of it. So there’s a bunch of tools you can choose
from, I;m going to have a link down below and I have another video on it but Im going
to link it down below so you can see different brushes at price points that you can buy for
yourself. Not necessary for this type of wheel, but
you can use a lug nut brush if you have really complex wheels, maybe aftermarket wheels,
whatever types of wheels it is, there’s a bunch of crevices and nooks and crannies,
then a lug nut brush is perfect for that. Next you need a brush for the fenders and
for the tires, so this is the one I use, but again, check the link below to see all the
tools that I have. This is also another tire specific brush,
I like to have tools with different applications. That way I can use one tool for different
applications, rather than one tool for one application. That’s the way I think. As far as products
that I use, this is an A P C, all-purpose-cleaner. This one is diluted four-to-one and this one
is diluted ten-to-one. Again, just check the link below and you can see everything that
I have. I like to have a very systemized process.
I own a detailing business, so if you do have a detailing business, you do want to have
a system in place so you can work efficiently instead of working over yourself. Because obviously time is money. I always
do the fenders and then the back of the wheels or the tires, either one goes first, and then
the face. Because again, if you start with the face and the clean the back of the wheels,
you’re essentially going clean this part off and then pull all the dirt back and then it’s
going to get back on the wheel. So your kind of working over yourself a bit. So if you have customers or you’re trying
to start a business, this is kind of more ideal to have a systemized process. Let me
take all these out and let’s begin. So, I personally don’t like to use a bunch
of water, just because I don’t like to see a lot of water on the ground, waste a lot
of water. I do try to use the minimal amount of water that it absolutely can. But in this
situation, it is actually pretty bad, so I am going to have to use more than usual. Let’s just start by spraying it down. And
bam, that got rid of ninety precent of all the mud and dirt that was in the fender. So let’s spray some A P C. And again, the
trick to keeping it fast and under five minutes is essentially be just move really fast. Again,
if you have customers or you’re trying to start a business, you don’t want to spend,
ten to fifteen minutes on one wheel. You can if you’re doing high-end high-end work, but
typically, I’m not trying to spend half my day cleaning wheels and tires because in about
one hour they’re going to go driving. It’s probably going to rain and it’s going to get
back into a bad condition. You know, move fast if you want to make money
or if you’re just doing it by yourself and you don’t want to spend all weekend cleaning
your wheels and tires. Some people have aftermarket wheels, some
people like to are car enthusiast so they do want to take a bit more time, which is
understandable because so do I. And then we’re going to rinse that since it
got really dirty, so we just want to rinse some of that dirt off. And again, the next step would be to get the
tires. I don’t saturate the entire wheel, it’s just enough to get a light layering of
it. Then we’ll go from there- I’m kind of in a weird position because of the video. You can technically do this over and over
again to get every single bit of dirt out, I’m actually going to do one pass because
it looks like. If you see more browning coming off, that means there’s still dirt on there.
But for the most part, there’s a little bit of light brown-ish coming off, for the most
part it’s white, which means it’s pretty much clean. I’m not going to wet down the tire because
I’m about to work the wheel, I’ll clean the back of the wheel and the face of the wheel
and then I’ll rinse everything off to get it done in one-go instead of spraying the
tire and spraying the wheel and all that good stuff. Now we’re going to work the back of the wheel.
For this specific type of setup, this is the only brush that allows me to get all the way
back there. If I use this one, the head is too fat. This
is still skinny, but it still doesn’t let me fit as good as that brush right there. Mainly because these are bristles and they’re
very flexible. I have a link down below, I keep on saying that, so you don’t have to
worry about what I’m using. But again, you do want to work fast that’s
probably going to be the biggest thing that speeds up the process. Don’t try to be all
cute for a lack of a better word, or fancy looking to be there all day. The brake here, the brake calipers actually
won’t allow me to clean the entire wheel. Because the clearance isn’t there for me.
So if you find yourself in that situation, all you have to do is literally roll the car
forward or backwards a little bit to move that space out the way and then you’ll be
able to clean it. I’m not going to do that right now because
I’m trying to make a video. If you want, you can hit the brake caliper right there, that’s
why the log nut brush comes in handy- easy access here. If you have multi-spoke wheels or some really
fancy aftermarket wheels, you’ll probably have a harder time getting there. It’s all case-by-case, every car is different.
As you can see, I didn’t really douse the face of the wheel so much, just because there’s
already cleaner from the tire, the brush itself already has some cleaner still, so I’m not
going to waste all my product just dousing down a wheel. Because it’s simply not necessary for me.
Everyone is going to have a different process. Someone else can have a completely different
process than I do and it’s perfectly fine there’s no set standard to this. As long as the entire tire and wheel get cleaned.
But I will say just don’t over work over yourself, because there’s no point in doing two things
over and over just because you didn’t systemize or didn’t have a process in place. And that’s going to finish off, pretty much
the wheel, now we’re just going to rinse it off. Like I said, that’s why I didn’t rinse
off the wheel and tires, that way I can just rinse everything down at once. And for the most part, there it goes.

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  1. Nice video. I use basically the same tools. You have to check out the Wheel Woolies Boars Hair Wheel Brush though. It makes cleaning the face of the wheel much easier. You'll find it handy for engine work also.

  2. Great video thx. What Brands products do you use here. I don't see the links below describing the brands of chemicals and brushes you use. Thx

  3. I love using the cans of foaming tire spray to clean off my rims. It is amazing how it eats through all of the grease and grime that stick to the rims. Usually, I give it a good spray before going through a car wash. It's the easiest and most mess-free way of cleaning the tires!

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