How To Propagate Rubber Tree Plant From Cuttings, Tested Guide

How To Propagate Rubber Tree Plant From Cuttings, Tested Guide

cuttings following the simple instructions given on this video. You will grow a rubber tree from cuttings.

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  1. Why is cutting the leaves in half important? Does it help the plant expend less energy on the old leaves and concentrate on new growth?

  2. I tried to propagate some cuttings of my rubber plant without looking it up and failed. It seems the step I didn't do is cut the leaves. Thanks for your informative video!

  3. Do you ever have problems with mold? I had my bag sealed and mold started growing within 2-3 days. I sprayed with neem oil to kill the fungus and now I am leaving the bag open but making sure to keep the soil moist. Any tips on how to avoid the moldy situation?

  4. Great video… thanks for sharing…will try it and post an update in the near future…. wish me luck…

  5. Parece un milagro de vida… lo voy a probar si me sale bien, será un canto a la vida vegetal y a la tuya. Gracias de Nieves

  6. I have planted 4 stems today as per process mentioned in this video (except for rooting mixture which i don't have) . Will update in 2-3 weeks if any progress

  7. Great Video 🌱 we've done this, and propagated 3 Rubber Trees. We cut at an angle and used Root Hormone at stem, then water slightly first week.

  8. I never had that rubber plant. I look forward to get a rubber plant soon in the future when i move…😊

  9. Hi, can the half leaves also root? I see you have stuck them into the soil and new tips seem to be growing from them. If so, do you need to add rooting hormone and at which end?

  10. I Had Planted 3 Cuttings of Rubber Tree and also left two leaf on that cutted in half.. but after 1 week leaf are getting dried and falling.. I don't know whether they'll propogate or not please tell me what should I do..

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